How To Find Peace?

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  1. We will find complete peace only when we express unconditional love, because to love is the true nature of our spirit. When we choose selfishness over love, we go against God and our true nature. This causes turmoil in our spirit. Furthermore when we choose selfishness we hurt ourselves and others by the anxiety, envy, greed, and hate it produces. Selfishness also leads people to violate the natural order established by God. Such violations include contraception, in-vitro fertilizations, abortion (which is the cruelest form of violence), divorce, fornication, adultery, and perverted and sterile sexual acts. Such violations result in breakdown of the moral fabric of the society and of family life; resulting in much suffering, especially to little children.
    Unconditional love is the spirit God which is expressed in selflessness, sacrifice and service. To fall in love is to embrace this spirit; and trust in God enables us to embrace this spirit. Because love is selfless, it frees us of selfishness; which in turn frees us from everything that selfishness enslaves us with. When we embrace love we will love our enemies by our acts of sacrifice and prayers for them, will not speak or think evil about others, offer the other cheek when slapped on one, give to everyone that asks, do not ask back what we lend, give and expect nothing in return (Luke 6:27-30), consider our opportunity to sever others as our greatest gift (from God), live to love and see the presence of God in every human being. We can embrace this love, if we let the spirit of God which enabled him (in the person of Jesus) to sacrifice his own life those who hurt and betrayed him, touch our heart.
  2. This for the believers, unbelievers first need to come to Christ because without Him they will not find peace.
  3. John 14:27 very relevant also.
  4. Praying the rosary has been one of the best ways to find God's peace when I most need it.
  5. Praying does bring peace.

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