How to come to terms with being let down :(

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  1. I was really disappointed last night...

    In my 24 yrs of living I've never had a someone id consider my better half ....

    I'm tires of guys wanting one thing... Or looking to me.for just that ...

    I'dk I just cant have casual "fun"... BC I think,think and over think..

    I dont want fun, I just want someone I can spend my life with and it just sucks ...the majority of guys my age ...dont share my mind set...but instead are just on a mission to get around...

    It just that I can't let these feelings of wanting to love,be loved ...go..

    It sucks...

    I'm starting to believe im probably called to be single lol..or a nun..with my luck...but my heart isnt there....

    I just wish I found a guy that was right for me.

    I guess I just want advice on how to be happy alone. Because I'm gonna be alone for a while...if not forever.
  2. "I guess I just want advice on how to be happy alone. "
    Ask the Lord how He would have you fulfill the two greatest commandments, loving Him with all your heart, soul, and mind, and loving your neighbor as yourself. I know the aching in your heart to love and be loved, and that is a Godly desire, but we are called to serve first. When we give our lives to serve others, we open ourselves up to receive the desires of our heart from the only One Who can truly fulfill those desires.
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  3. You're just nervous is all.
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  4. What's your type of guy? What are your interests?

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  5. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added. Also, you need to look for love in the appropriate places. You cannot go to a grocery store and expect to find and buy a home building equipment.
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  6. Hello pancakes. I can understand your feeling. Do not be discouraged. I think you are still way too young to get into such disappointments. Leave it to the Lord. And focus on Him instead. That will take away such disappointments and anxiety.
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  7. When I was single I told the Lord I "needed" a help meet, because you know your Words says, "it is better to marry then to burn..." I do not want to burn so I asked the Lord to send to me a wife. It was no to long after asking that I met my wife, but before that there were others that people tried to match me up to, and that was not good.
    Ask believing, and see yourself in the spirit with that special person, and he will come.
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  8. I did that and I had a horrible church experience..just someone who wanted to advantage of me :/... So I struggle with trusting well as believing he likes me....its one thing to read it..but another to feel it.
  9. Yeah..i need a mate because I will burn in Sheol xD.. W/o one...

    But I know I need to get myself together before I meet someone...thats probably why I haven't met my special guy...i think my character still needs to be developed as well.
  10. To burn does not mean in hell, but to have a constant lustful desire for something that does not belong to you. Timing with the Lord is everything. You do not need to change for anyone, just be yourself. The Lord changes us as we seek him from glory to glory.
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  11. I guess youre right.
  12. Ya know it's funny that I thought that marrying someone my own age would be good. But found out how I was more compatible with someone a bit more mature. Most guys your age are not ready to settle down, they are still boys. But don't give up, remember that God is the author of a lot of our desires (the good ones) He knows what you desire and has that someone special just for you. And it may not be you that needs all the work, but him too is being prepared for you.

    Keep thanking God for your future husband/mate and begin to think of all the charastics that you would like to find in your special someone. Then as you learn (by renewing your mind to God's love for you with the Word) He will be preparing you to meet your special someone.

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