How Soon The Christmas Message Is Forgotten...if It

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  1. Is even remembered?
    Of course I'm speaking of the commercial world, not the Church.
    Today one of the major supermarket chains here is already advertising double value discount vouchers at their liquor outlets until Easter. And based on previous years their rival in things unchristian will have Hot Cross buns on the shelves at least by 2nd January. Of course they will most likely give them a cosmetic makeover by calling them 'Red Cross' buns, and maybe donate 0.001% of revenue to charity, just to appease the Church I suppose. (certainly not their conscience)
    Did they forget Valentine's day? No, that will get their attention just about 2 weeks before the big day.
    No Christian emphasis on Feb 14th so why give it special attention?
    Next biggy on our calendar will be Christmas again with a half hearted go at Halloween, no Christian significance there either but the real focus will be on Christmas immediately after Easter has passed until it too passes again, and so the commercial attack cycle on Christianity will just loop on and on.
  2. They say the first sign of madness is talking to yourself........the second sign is answering yourself:unsure: sigh..Oh well....
    True enough yesterday 2nd Jan the local supermarket chain had 'Easter buns' out on the shelves in the hope of helping to erode the purpose of Easter in the consciences of the mindless sheep goats that are allowing themselves to become desensitized by profiteering commercial interests.
    So Kevin, how is that for prophesy tested and true?:) Nothing to smile about though:(
  3. Dont worry Calvin, I also talk to myself, not sure about answering myself :D.

    Yup the world (Satan's little kingdom) is very effective at commercializing "Christian days". They dont seem to do much over the other religions holidays, but wait Satan has no battle with other religions because he is lord over them anyway. What the church should be doing is to take on its role as the light of the world, not hidden, but placed on a hill for all to see and start preaching the gospel again. Dont know about you, but I am tired of seeing the church doing its own commericalizing and watering down the gospel just to make the seekers happy.

    Where are the Luthers of this age?
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  4. Here me are!!!
  5. "Follow the money"!
  6. Ok! Lets draw up a 600 page document and nail to the door of Bob Jones church with the biggest survival knife we can find!

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