How Should I Tell My Teachers I Lied And Didn't Do My Work?

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  1. I go to a Christian school, and the teachers are great, but the students, not so much. Like every kid, I have trouble with doing homework. My Bible teacher asked us to write an essay about our comparison of faith with a character from the Left Behind series which we watched in class. I forgot all about it and it was due Friday. I've just been lying to him telling him I forgot all about it and that I'm having technical problems. Also, I don't know how to write it, which is why I'm procrastinating it. Should I just come clean and tell him I have no idea how to write it? How should I confront future problems like this in school?
    P.S.- A major reason this is hard is because I'm agnostic, and I don't want to sugarcoat it with how great of a "Christian I am." I just feel bad about lying about my faith. How should I approach this problem in attempting to write this paper?
  2. You may not like my response, but it is with great heart felt father instinct, and I only mean well.

    If I was in your shoes, I would boldly stand up tall with confidence and look my instructor in the eye, and honestly tell the truth. I would tell the teacher, I lied, I am sorry, and please try and forgive me. I would like another chance to make things right, please give me a 'make up'.

    IMO, this will speak volumes to your teacher. It will build confidence in yourself, and with your teacher. It will help you transition from being a boy, into being a man.

    It made me think of a saying I heard and use, 'grow some man skin'. In some societies, teaching a young person to be prepared to be an adult has been lost.

    Yes, I looked at your home page. I understand you're not yet of the age adult hood in some societies, but you are of the age that you should start to realize, I am going to be a man, and with this, you will be held accountable for your actions. You have to ask yourself, do I want to be a man of integrity or not.

    I hope you don't take offense to this, but like I mentioned ^^^^ up there, I mean this with heart felt intentions of being helpful.
    Also, I hope and pray, and believe, you will have the best day in school ever yet to be had.
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  3. In my wholehearted opinion, I absolutely agree with what dUmPsTeR said above. I just wanted to add a little something. I'm currently in college and I remember back in my first year when one of my professors told us this story. In short, a student had lied to him about an assignment and the reason why is was not completed, my professor gave this student and extension but then before this student's extension was due, the student confessed to my professor that they had lied and just didn't do the paper. As my professor told, the student was remorseful for having lied and was ready to accept all punishments (at my school, that means academic warnings/dismisses). All in all, my professor to us how much he respected that student, yes -- he did not like being lied to, but he absolutely respected the courage and heart that it took for that confession. Just adding on to what dUmPsTeR said, it's all about integrity and you'll have to show it. Go up to your teacher and explain to them just like you explained to us what your reasons were for lying. No matter what the outcome, I'm pretty sure you will feel better for doing so after words.

    Hope this helps and good luck :)
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  5. I'm confused.....

    You said "I forgot all about it and it was due Friday."

    And then you said, "I've been lying to him telling him I forgot all about it."

    Isn't that the truth? Or is the truth is that you just have been procrastinating because of the topic because you are agnostic?

    I would just be completely honest about your beliefs. There was a time that I was on the fence with agnosticism and atheism. I was pretty honest with what I believed in with people.

    You should just tell your teacher the truth! :)
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