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What is the most unreached area on earth?

  1. Far East

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  2. Near East

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  3. Middle East

  4. Africa

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  5. Europe

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  6. Americas

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  1. There are many places in the world where the Gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord has not been proclaimed. The Islamic world is a case in point. For five years I taught Arab males English. Sharing my Christian faith was illegal, though I did do the few small things I could do covertly. During that time I never once had a conversation with an Arab female. That sector of the Islamic world is by far the most unreached. As the Bible says, "How shall they hear if we do not go?" Try going to the Dave's ESL Cafe website to find job openings into the Islamic world.

    Lastly, you might enjoy the Christmas card below that was given to me by a Saudi policeman.
    C. Slide 004.jpg
  2. Middle East and China!

    I did an audit a while back at a muslim run company. I saw a book they had, it was running down Christianity. It mentioned many Christian beliefs, discussed them in some detail and then stated why they are clear 'heresy'.

    I can see God using that to get the gospel out :).
  3. I'm not sure I necerssarily agree. I spent some in Jordan, which I know isn't representative of the Middle East as a whole as it is a much more tolerant country, and the particular area I was in had a relatively high percentage of Christians (25% I think). But my point is that the Christians I met there were truly on fire and were a huge inspiration to me, and we were told so many incredible stories of people coming to faith. So in my experience, while yes, Christianity may be discriminated against and downtrodden, the Spirit is really moving out there and changing people's lives.

    I would say that the most unreached 'areas' are the pockets of tribes all over who have never even heard of Jesus.
  4. In the world, we have what is known as the 10/40 window. It's a region containing approximately 4.4 billion people, or two-thirds of the world's population and lies across Asia and Africa from 10 degrees latitude north of the equator to 40 degrees latitude north of the equator.

    97 % of the population of the 55 least evangelized countries in the world lives in this 10/40 window, and 90% of the people living in this window have no link or knowledge of the Gospel. 85% of those living in this area are in poverty.

    865 million are Muslims or Islamic, 550 million are Hindus, 150 million are Chinese, 275 million are Buddhists, 140 million are tribal groups, and 17 million are Jewish.

    (From :
  5. Once upon a time there were two men. One of the men comes from a place that has never seen or heard of an elephant. The other man had been raised his whole life being shown a rhino and being told it was an elephant.

    So the first man comes up to the other man and says "tell me all about elephants"!

    Now, the first man is actually worse off than before because while he still does not know anything about elephants - he THINKS he does. Not only will it now be harder to convince him what an elephant really is but he has now just become the local expert on, and teacher about - elephants!

    The point of the story? If you are going to preach the gospel make sure the gospel you are preaching is the TRUE gospel according to the written word of God. It does not serve Christ or fulfill His commission to go into all the world and preach a gospel and doctrine that is false and not in accordance with the word of God.

    Chances are that there are more people in your own country that have not heard the TRUE gospel of Christ than in those foreign countries spoken of here. Do not think that the work of the great commission lies on the other side of the world or across the border. You can be certain that a great many in your own town or city have not heard the TRUE gospel and word of God. But first make sure YOU have.

    Just something to toss in the mix.
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