How Often Do You Read Your Bible?

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  1. I think we all know that most of the general population of those who call themselves Christian don't even pick up their Bibles.

    So how often do you?

    Is Bible-reading an important part of Faith?

    Can you be Christian and not read or accept the Bible as God's word?
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  2. Daily
    It's an important part of my faith.
    If you don't accept the word of God as God's word then you can't be called a child of God IMO.
  3. I agree, because if someone did know God they would know the things he spoke.

    The reason they did not accept Jesus was because they did not know the father. In the same way I believe if you do not accept God's word then it is because you don't know him or Jesus.
  4. Of course, we receive the Bible in many ways now, so a dusty Bible on the shelf doesn't mean the same thing it once did. Today, a dusty Bible on the believer's shelf may mean that the believer
    • is reading the bible on the cell phone
    • is reading it on a hand-held
    • is reading it on the Internet
    • is listening to it instead
    • and is receivingb it in so many other ways I have no idea about yet
    For "old people" like me, my favorite way is the book. I like holding it, paging through it, making notes in it.

    The thing is this: I tend to buy Bibles that intrigue me. But after awhile, I am not longer intrigued with that particular one, so it sits. I learned to be ashamed of that. There are people in our world who are crying for Bibles, people who can't afford a Bible. I no longer just collect and keep them. I go through them and give them away. We should just collect unused Bibles.

    Do I read my Bible every day? Of course. In one form or another.
  5. I read at least one verse every day. When I write, I try to find information in the Bible that matches whatever I'm writing about. For example see my signatures.

    As bizarre as this may seem, the Bible is not an important part of me being a Christian. I would be a Christian without the Bible.

    Until recently I thought that Christians need to believe that the Bible is God's word, but I have many relatives who know zip about the Bible, and they are Christians, so Bible belief or knowledge does not seem to be necessary.
  6. I have no idea... I spend many hours a day studying different thoughts or ideas, but to sit and read... it really varies. I don't read the word of God like a novel so I can't put a time on it.
  7. Not enough.
  8. It is absolutely vital.. It is the nourishment for our Spiritual growth.. Jesus said it best.. Man shall not live by bread alone.. But by the Word of God which proceeds from mouth of God. It is manna for our soul.. A lamp unto our feet..

    If we don't stand on the Word, we are standing on sinking sand :)
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  9. To answer specific questions,

    I read a 365-day plan Bible. I do Bible study with my friend on Monday. Bible study at church on Wednesday. I also try to do personal Bible study on a specific book or topic outside of this. That I do based on my schedule.

    Yes, Bible reading is a critical part of faith

    I highly doubt if someone can claim to be Christian without accepting God's word. without reading, that I do not know. That is between him and God..
  10. Daily.

    Always going through it.
  11. I already read the book. :p
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  12. You have read it only once? And stopped? :eek:
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  13. Yeah, I'm like John Travolta in the Phenomenon. :p
  14. Ok, I'm going to reveal something about myself: I love that movie! There are so many impactful truths in it :)
  15. I think I remember him reading a Portuguese book once and then knew how to speak it fluently.
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  16. I generally read it daily. Nine chapters is about the right amount of reading for me so that's usually what I read a day. I haven't been able to read as much since I've been taking care of my grandfather though.
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