how many father,s has Jesus got?

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  1. how many father,s has Jesus got?

    only 1 that is God of spirit.
  2. One Father and one step father.:)

  3. Good point. That caused me to stop and think for a few seconds. I like it.
  4. Hmmm...Not sure 'step' is really exactly the right word...maybe more like Foster father?
  5. Well Joe married His birth mother- that should make Him a step father unless I am mistaken.
  6. Good point.
  7. You are right. Though, in my mind, even Mary was just a vessel and more of a foster mother. Though, I guess it's only a matter of technicalities and semantics really.
  8. so Jesus has 1 father which is yahweh right.:)
  9. so God has a body too right,and Jesus has a new spirit,the holy ghost?
  10. Jesus has 1 (one) father.

    Like us.

    I just read in the bible over the weekend - I searched for it now but I can't find it right off hand...

    One man was calling someone "Father" and Jesus told him why are you calling him father? We have one Father, our Father in Heaven.

    I'll keep looking for that. I call my dad Dad. He's happy with that.:)
  11. Wasnt Mary was more than a foster mother.
    Didnt Jesus take His human body from her?
    I dont believe He was implanted as an embryo, the Spirit of God overshadowed her, but it was her egg that was used?
    I have always understood it that way, 100% human and 100% God.
  12. Mary was the mother of His physical body only.

  13. Bro Ban.... I tend to think the same way. Holy Spirit planted the embro. But of course Mary was the vessel. But that you said Bro Ban these are not things to get hung up on. Importantly , Jesus is the Son of man and the Son of God.
  14. Mary was over shadowed by the Spirit of God and became "with child." The assumption has been that God's Spirit caused the child to form in Mary. Since God created humans to have a birth mother and a birth father, I would assume that Mary being the birth mother was fully a birth mother in that her egg was used and her blood flowed through the newly formed child - Jesus.

    Not knowing the mind of God on this, and I don't believe I have ever heard a discussion on the place of Mary's egg in the birth of the Son of God as Son of Man, I don't believe we can say that we know for a certainty how Jesus was actually formed inside his birth mother, Mary.
  15. so to Jesus to say i am the son of man,means that God is a man.
  16. Jesus was fully God and fully man. That is a deep theological topic. However, in His diety, Jesus came to earth. In His life and death, He was fully man in that He was tempted "like as we are", He suffered and was tempted in every aspect the same as all sufferings and temptations that man endures. He was very God and very man.
  17. I wouldn't say that Jesus saying, "I am the son of man" means that God is a man. That's what some cults think. And they think that because they want to be as God is like satan did. No, Jesus is son of man and Son of God. Right?
  18. Jesus is God in the flesh.

    Jesus is the Son.

    Man is flesh.

    Jesus came to save us in the flesh.

    The Son of Man.:)

    I had a lot of trouble understanding that for the longest time. What do they mean, Son of Man? Wouldn't that meant that man was the father? But the Son of Man, to me, means that Jesus came to us in man's own flesh. God in the flesh. Son of Man.

    Like when a kid might make a car out of's a car of play-dough. The Son came to us in man's flesh.
  19. God gave mary the man gene,so God is the son of man.Jesus is then God of the flesh,and says i am salvation,repent to me.

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