how many demons are there?

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  1. big speculation time, from me,
    Satan managed to convince a third of the angels to go on strike/ take industrial action/ rebel/ whatever form it took,
    and if saved humanity takes the place of the fallen angels,
    so saved humans throughout history comes to , wild guess...2 billion.
    so lets say 2 billion angels fell and 1 billion were confined to prison in darkness while 1 billion
    were released upon the earth.
    And we know that up to 5000 demons atomically speaking can occupy a single brain feeding off
    the neurons of some poor person who was into witchcraft of quiy boards or other such demonic activity, so maybe a million people on earth right now are demon possessed.
    Jesus everyday for 2 years was presumably casting out demons and Israel in 30AD has
    a population of 1,000,000 ??
    and therein ends my speculation cause I was thinking about something else...
  2. To be honest with you, I wouldn't worry about demon numbers.
    Jesus came across a few demons, yes, but far less than people in number.
    Who did He spend most of His time with; people or demons?
    In my spirit, I believe we need be more interested in our fellow man than in demons.
    Jesus taught us more about people and about God than about demons.........that is who he wants us to learn about.

    Beware the implied warning in Rev 2:24. But to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not learned what some call the deep things of Satan, to you I say, I do not lay on you any other burden.
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  3. First, I would like to say I appreciate your boldness to ask a direct question which needs to be addressed. The unsaved and newly converted Christians have many question for us who have been redeemed by Christ and been believers for a long time. We do not always know the answer. However, the scriptures tell us it was a third. We could speculate. Jesus spoke in Matthew about the Kingdom of Satan, so it is something which exists, regardless if others wish to glaze over it. Jesus didn't. He spoke about it.
    I am so excited that through the Word of God, the blood of Christ, the word of our testimony, and the spirit of God we can overcome Satan.
    Eph. 6:12 tells us our wrestling match is not with persons with fleshly bodies. It is against rulerships/principalities in high places and various orders of dissension of authority, against the world dominators of this present darkness, against hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. That sounds like a very organized kingdom with rulers, and sub rulers, and sub-sub rulers over cities, and right down to individuals. I am sure Satan just copied after God's well ran and organized Kingdom, so the enemy cannot boast about anything; it is just a pale comparison of the real thing in Heaven. It is naïve not to prepare ourselves against a kingdom which is invisible, but yet, real.
    I would like to stress Jesus equipped us for this battle. We have armor to guard and defend us against the enemy. We are protected for every part of our body expect one. Our back is exposed. I presume that is because if we turn our back on the Truth we are fair game.
    Our greatest weapon is the blood of Jesus and our testimony, and not loving our lives unto death (meaning we desire God's will more than we desire to live). According to Revelation 12, this is how we will overcome Satan and all his demons, regardless of their numbers.
    I still like the question....
    It does make you ponder...
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  4. The "high places" and strong holds are in the mind."For the devil has blinded the minds of men that the see not and believe and be saved"
    He blinds the mind by 'immaculate conceptions' that dazzle the imagination but blind the mind to the truth.
    By idols and graven images that put wrong 'pictures'or images in the imagination and blind the mind to the truth.
    Communism is an imaculate conception so too is socialism which Lenin said always leads to communism.
    And every other 'ISM' also.
    There are inumerable strongholds in the mind some lain dormant for years until the truth is preached.

    In Christ
  5. Which means there are twice as many angels as demons.

    Where does scripture say that? Inasmuch as that premise is unfounded, any conclusion depending on it is unfounded.

    No point working any further from a "wild guess" when the intention is to come up with an accurate number.

    Where does scripture say that? Inasmuch as that premise is unfounded, any conclusion depending on it is unfounded.
  6. There is absolutely NO recorded number of angels or fallen angels in the Bible. It is therefore a waste of your time to spend any thought on the subject......IMHO!

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