How long has everyone been married

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  1. How long has everyone been married

    Just wondering how long everyone has been married ?
    Me ... I have been with my husband for 30 years !!
  2. seven of the best years of my life
  3. Since we are being honest; Almost 10 years of the hardest, most challenging and most spiritually growing years of my life.
  4. 30 years and each one a blessing.:)
  5. Wow that sounds like a story and a half. We have had our challenges and tragedies too and alot of growth. But it is the best because I know I am EXACTLY where and with whom God wants me to be.
  6. 6 months LOL
  7. 2 1/2 years... It's awesome.
  8. 12 years a couple of weeks ago(dec 7th)!:D
  9. 8 yrs today.:)
  10. Fifteen years two weeks ago (4th Dec).
  11. 25 wonderful blessed years!
  12. 41 of the finest years that anyone could ever experience.

    On the other hand, my neighbor next door just mentioned to me that he and his wife have been 'happily' married for 23 years. He also said, "23 out of 34 ain't TOO bad, is it?" :D
  13. I was married for 10 years. I am currently remarried 1 as of September :)
  14. 33 Chaotic years, counting the couple of years before we actually married. We're still working at it though.

  15. WOW ... Pastor Gary you have won the GOLD MEDAL ... you have all us all beat and so be sure to share your tips with us !!!
  16. Happy anniversary Mike!:dance:

  17. Feb. will make 4 years.
    Still love him, some hard times, and some good times but we put up with each other better now, hehe..

    30 years is amazing and a blessing!
  18. Congratulations my friend.:D
  19. I've been blissfully single for the last 23 years. :D :israel:

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