How is your new life ?

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  1. In the 1700s Jonathan Edwards wrote, "They who are truly converted are new men, new creatures, new not only within but without; they are sanctified throughout, in spirit, soul and body; old things are passed away, all things are become new. They have new hearts, new eyes, new ears, new tongues, new hands, new feet; i.e., a new conversation and practice; they walk in newness of life, and continue to do so to the end of life."
    How is your new life ? is it renewed day by day in his word is his word in your actions...
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  2. I have found that my faith has been renewed as a result of adversity. Too often, when I felt most comfortable I was less conscious of how He had blessed my life. Only by looking back did I realize how faithful He had need, even through my faithlessness. It's not that I doubted Him, I have never doubted His sacrifice or His love and care since I accepted, but when the path was smooth I did not lean on Him as in times of trouble.

    I have grown, though and can rejoice in His working in my life. I do not know what He has in store for me, but I am endeavoring to follow His lead in both good times and bad.
  3. My Life In Christ is renewed every single day and just keeps getting better and better. I mean how could it not when you realise how much God loves you !~!
  4. I am everything you said we are!
  5. I find the more that i learn about His love for me, and am able to grasp that Love and grace, i am growing day by day. Taking the time to renew my mind to the things of God, and to His ways, and His Word cause me to be like Romans 12:2 transformed in to what God desires me to be. He is my potter and i am the clay. Joy and peace are mine in abundance.
    Blessings to you!
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  6. I think there is enough scripture pointing to sanctification, John 17, and Hebrews. Sanctification is by Christ Jesus in the will of our Father in heaven. That comes from the cross, and as Christ Jesus died on it once, how does that reflect our sanctification, sanctified once. But we have other things happening continually - spiritual maturity, and to be honest, we can get ourselves in a place of un-saved, so our walk in salvation is a process.
    If you are a believer who will see Christ in heaven, then it is safe to say, your blood line goes back one.
  7. It is like growing. Again. Like when i was a child, everything was new to me and i had to learn how to do everything and each day was a delight cos I just wanted to explore what God had created. It is like that again, and not just in your bones physically but feeling your soul is becoming fat. And that like a plant reaching toward the light...then finding that light is within you..and its glowing and that others are now attracted to you cos you have the light.

    So is pushing away the darkness and just walking with the light at your feet, the more you feed on the Word of God the more powerful that light becomes and you can see more colours.

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