How is God showering you with blessings?

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  1. Starting another calendar year is often a time of assessing one’s life.

    I believe it is important to recognize on a daily (or minute by minute) basis the wonderful things the Lord is placing in your life.

    First, just to keep the personal nature of our relationship with Him in the forefront of our minds.

    Second to learn about Him and His love through His directing our steps.

    And, third to recognize and explore the things He is teaching us to prepare for what lies in our future, either here on Earth, or in the Earth to come.​

    Some of those things will be positive.

    Some, from our perspective, may be less so. Even those that are very unpleasant can be a wonderful way of developing the whole person.

    So, as I am assessing things that have been happening in my life and preparing some of them to post on this thread, how is the Lord blessing your life?
  2. A related issue, on which I encourage you to meditate is:

    How has God used me to bless others?
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  3. So many ways God has blessed me and even right now He is blessing me and using me to bless others in prayer and serving them, and I get to worship Him and stay hungry for Him and His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I want to know Him more and more every second of every moment, He is so wonderful! I get to put on His armor and see with His eyes, hear with His ears, partner with Him to rule on earth now and forever more! Hallelujah! aaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaa!
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  4. We just moved into our home (renting) and we only asked the Lord that it be by a grocery store, and a shopping center, by a metro so I didn't have to drive in DC, and have tall enough ceilings for some of our furniture. We are in a house built in 2014, the price was lowered 3 times from May (now it fits our budget), is 500 feet or so from a metro stop, 1 mile for Shopper's Food, and 1 mile from in the other direction to a mall! I love the country, my family the city... the house is surrounded by woods, but with the metro right there, they have the city! And the metro is on the same line I work off of! All the houses we lived in over the years we give nicknames. This one sits on a hill, so it's the "house" on the hill! God is so awesome and kind and loving and wonderful.

    So the icing on this wonderful cake is that I asked too that the house be brought to me, not me finding it. We looked at a house up the street. I have hyper sense of smell so I wasn't 100% settled on the house, and the realtor showing the house wanted to show us the walkway to the metro. We passed the house we're in now and I asked him why that house isn't on his list. He said, "it's out of your price range." I told him it was a self-inflicted limit and so we looked at it and loved it. The women folk in the family loved the kitchen, I got an office, we have a family room and my daughter has an art room! Everybody got what they asked for and more from the Lord including bringing the house to me!!

    The cherry on top is that though the rent was a little more than I wanted to shell out since we're only going to be here 2 or 3 years, I got a pay raise right after we signed, and I just to a notice that I'll have another pay raise next week!! So much for being too tight! God is awesome!!!
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  5. Well I've found very little work over the last year, staying with atheistic, socialist family members & things look bleak in general.
    Just a ray of sunshine ain't I?
    BUT I have a place to lay my head, a nice lump sum saved in the bank & food to eat.

    So it could be much worse IMHO.
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  6. I am blessed every time I am in service of God.
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  7. I had intended to talk about some of the everyday blessings that I have been experiencing, but after reading your post, I have decided to tell you about some of the greatest blessings I received in the past few years.

    They are two-fold:

    First, in 2009 when the economy went into downfall, after an unbroken career including over 21 years with the corporation I finally ended with, the government agency that my company was working for made drastic cuts in its workforce. As great as the hit was to direct government workers was, agencies cut contract work even more, including my position. An objective view is that the cuts, including my position, was a good and proper call, but it was not really part of my plan for my final years before retirement. As close as this was to my planned retirement, there was not even a lot of time left to recover from this setback.

    The second blessing was that in the fall of 2011, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. A week before chemo therapy started I received a call from my old company about coming back to work. I could not take the job. The time and travel involved just did not allow for my treatment, nor eventual surgery and recovery.

    These certainly did not seem as blessings at the time. But several things occurred that have shaped my activities in the past few years:

    While looking for work, I began volunteering at the hospital. When patients were being discharged, I would go to their room with a wheelchair and give them a ride to their car.

    After surgery (I had my bladder removed in the summer 0f 2012) I joined the local Ostomy support group. We meet once a month and support each other and the community in many ways. I began volunteering at their supply sharing operation.

    Throughout all this: my early retirement, my health challenges, the re-aligning of my life; my relationship with my wife has been ever strengthened. We had grown a little too comfortable and worried about our separate professional lives. This forced me to rely on her and for her to support me. We are now close than we have been in years, and on a stronger foundation.

    My relationship with the Lord is also much stronger now. I have time to study and to contemplate on Him. I am concentrating on being His tool and being a blessing to those with which I come into contact.

    The point is that through what seemed to me to be a series of calamities, the Lord changed the nature of my life, and readied me for the tasks He has for me in my later years. Financially, I am not having nearly the retirement I had planned, but the Lord keeps providing in unexpected ways, and placing new challenges in my path.

    It is through working through adversity that we are made stronger. I also find that the reward for overcoming a challenge is often a greater challenge. Waiting on the Lord does not mean accepting the current state and waiting for it to change.

    Approach challenges with expectation. Be ready for things you did not see coming!
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  8. Wow.... how awesome! Ask and you shall receive huh? :)
    Sometimes I ask God for something then psych myself out and don't deserve it so he's not gonna do it. So i've never had that sorta thing happen to me before. But it sure is awesome to hear stories like that!
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  9. I'll say God has blessed me by keeping me sane amidst all the madness that has been happening in my life.
  10. I " paid it forward" during Christmas to a lady that had pennys to pay for her food. I looked at the cashier and said "put it on my tab" The lady looked at me in surprise with a confused smile on her face. She then said Thank you sir. I told her Merry Christmas and God Bless you. Doing that made me feel good in my heart (y):love:
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  11. This is my blessing as well. I suffered a major heart attack in Feb. of 2015 and almost lost my life. I had a 5-month leave of absence from work and a long recovery. Through it all, my wife never left my side. From the moment the heart attack happened, even when I went into cardiac arrest multiple times, she was there. She took care of me, showed me love that was deeper than I could have imagined, and was my inspiration. I had been taking her for granted, but not any longer. I thank God each and every day for blessing me with such an amazing, Godly woman to share my life with. God willing, we will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this year. I have known her since elementary school, so she has really been there most of my life. She truly is a blessing to me, as are our 2 kids.
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  12. I've seen this happen several times. Someone who appears to be in a challenged position having a simple meal find that their bill has been paid.

    One local church periodically encourages its members going through a drive-through (like McDonald's) to pay for the car behind them, leaving a little leaflet with encouragement, a verse from scripture, and an invitation to visit their church.

    Little acts of kindness not only makes someone else's life a little brighter, but the one doing it receives blessings as well. Making a habit of this teaches us to be observant of the plight of those around us.
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  13. The biggest blessing has been the gift of life! my second daughter.. and on the side, a little (rather big) salary hike at work.
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  14. Awesome, Ravi! I was given a rather large - and very surprising- bonus in December which allowed me to help out a couple of local Christ based charities. That was a blessing as well.
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  15. The biggest blessing in my life has been God opening my eyes to deceptions of the new age movement. Once I left all that behind and accepted Christ I realized how sinful I was, I repented and God has made me a better person. All of my relationships have improved as a result, old grudges have disappeared.. it's kind of a blessing I used to hope to achieve through new age self improvement therapies and never could. I'm grateful to God every day for bringing me back to Him.
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  16. When I left God, that's exactly where I was headed. And you know the funny thing, researching all that new age stuff,led me right back to God:LOL:

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