How Is Everyone's Day Today? :)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by autumn oddity, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Mine is going ok, it was jumpstarted with a sour creme doughnut.

    How bout you?
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  2. I'm surprised no one has replied. Welp, I woke up really late because I went to bed at a ridiculous time, what are you up to atm?
  3. My day is nice. But I look forward to school starting, so I can meet and hang out with people. :p
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  4. aw are you still in highschool Patricia?

  5. lol. No. I'm going to university. But that's too long to type. lol
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  6. Awesome day! Now time for bed. G'night! [emoji120]
  7. how was your day today?
  8. The time is just after 3 AM. As Dad would say, today has been almost as fine as frog feathers. Nothing can be finer than frog feathers because frog feathers are so fine you can't even see them.
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  9. "Nothin' can be finer
    than to be in Caroliner
    in the mo-o-or-ning!"

    Well, I wouldn't know. I don't think I have ever been in Carolina. Close but not there.

    My day has been going well, except for the fact that I should not be awake. So let me go make some ZZZZzzzzzzs....
  10. made quite a few mistakes

    feeling exhausted, but feeling optimistics at same time.
  11. I'm so good...I can't stand it. Sooo, look out.
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  12. Confess your mistakes to the family of God, and we will forgive you :)
  13. Today? Is it today already?
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  14. I believe so. :)
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  15. Unnnnhhhh. I'm not ready....

  16. lol. Try coffee? I don't know if it works. I've tried it, but I don't feel different. Maybe it's me.
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  17. Get some Yogi Tea! Yes I know, Yogis don't teach the truth. But they make some awesome tea!
  18. My day is FANTASTIC! I started to weed whack my 1 acre lawn cuz my mower broke. I got about 10 whacks in and said I need a new mower. So bought a John Deer lawn tractor. had that lawn dun in 18 minutes other wise I would still be whackin 8 hrs later LOL. TY God for letting me have this to use.
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  19. Pretty busy, but pretty good. Multiple meetings, saying goodbye to some interns, and preparing for some fall events. About to head out for daily mass and then no idea what will take place in the late evening. I'm hoping for an evening in Adams Morgan for some Jumbo Slice pizza...

    Just so you know what kind of pizza we're dealing with here...
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  20. That's like 6 normal size slices combined! :eek:

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