How important is witnessing and making disciples in your life ?

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  1. I was saved through a Christian group who put paramount importance in sharing the gospel and making disciples. The phase of " where is your Timothy ?" was what many of the team leaders used to challenge us meaning that we need to be spiritually productive to save a soul and build up this individual to save others and build him into any disciple. For the past decade I carried this burden of "save and reproduce " in my spiritual life. Being a reserve and introvert type, sharing your life and be a good witness is counter to my personality, especially to stranger or causal acquaintance. There were times I feel so dry that I just do not want to witness but I did that anyway, as if it is the duty for me to do that despite of how I feel. I start questioning myself how come I do not experience the joy and longing to share. Is there something wrong with me ? Since several years ago, I no longer make a deliberate effort to witness. I witness only when there is a good opportunity to do so. Last time I did it was 2 months ago, while working on a construction project, I started to chat with another fellow and very naturally I shared the bridge illustration. It was just a very short version of my testimony and I ended with a question - " which side of the bridge are you in ?" I felt great and truly enjoy the conversation. I started to think that in the past I treated others as an object instead of a person, more like a car salesman to close a deal than someone who want to share the gospel for the good of a fellow human being.

    I just wonder
    1. what your experience is in sharing the gospel, how important are witnessing and disciple making in your spiritual life.
    2. how do you do it ? friendship evangelism ?
    3. How do you follow up with those you help to accept Christ ?
  2. 1. well God showed me through his Word in the Bible and another christian online, shared with me the gospel in a way that I could understand and also prayed for me. I had joined a support group for depression and she happened to be on it and we started having conversations about faith and religion. I was curious to know more because she shared a testimony that God saved her from suicide.

    I didn't think God could do that in my limited knowledge of Him. I thought miracles did not happen anymore. If God loved her to stop her from doing that, surely He could love me. And I wanted to know him and be sure about Him like she was. The bible was difficult for me to read cos I sort of read it like it was fiction and also I wasn't reading it asking God for help to understand. I had been to church before but my experience did not seem to line up with true belief and there was something iffy about the church I went seemed after your money.

    I didn't want religion I just wanted to know who God really was, as many religions claimed they knew God.

    So that was how it was started, sort of a friendship evangelism that came about cos we in the same group and had something in common.

    Then when I got converted, or rather, finally understood and believed the gospel repenting of my unbelief, I was able to share my testimony with others and tell them the gospel. I didn't pounce on people God just showed me who needed his Word. This girl told me she had prayed to share the gospel with someone and I was an answer to her prayer.
  3. follow up..I don't think she followed up so much as kept responding to my questions till I didn't ask anymore and sort of got out of the way so I would seek God.
    I haven't been in touch with her since, as we both left that group, (there were mean, argumentative athiests on it) but I know she has her reward in heaven. She planted a seed and at that time God watered it and it grew. So she can't take all the credit, God did his work on me. But it was His timing.
  4. Great questions. Sometimes I suspect that Christianity is about asking the right questions more often than it is about having the right answers. And when I say that, I mean that I've noticed that people who "have the right answers" (pointing at myself, too) may be reluctant to ask themselves the tough questions... so keep on asking!

    I think that naming "types" of ministry can potentially be detrimental to being sensitive to the Spirit's leading. God knows how to speak to individuals' needs better than we do, obviously, so ultimately trusting in/insisting on a particular method of evangelism is probably never going to be ideal. As far as methods go, I don't know what God is able to use to draw people to Himself, so I have decided to learn to do my best to look for the work of the Spirit in a person's ministry, rather than judge that ministry by its apparent method.

    1 Cor 3:5-9
    What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, even as the Lord gave opportunity to each one. I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth. Now he who plants and he who waters are one; but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor. For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.

    I know I've been part of groups/churches that seem to say something like, "Planting only looks like this, and watering only looks like this, and planting this way and watering this way is the responsibility of all Christians." The work of the church is really BIG, and each individual is not responsible for doing the entire work of the church. That's why we are called "one body, many parts," 1 Cor 12. If we are doing the work of the church by loving all people, we are serving in many different ways, but we are still united in purpose. If we, in being disciples of Christ, are being God's person in the place He's put us by following His mandate to "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mat 22:39), who can say what God will use to draw people to Himself, as it is "God who causes the growth"?
  5. As for me I scatter seeds too, and when God prompts me to speak I just say what he wants me to say out of different ways. sometimes directly, esp when someone is seeking and asking, like one time at a church that had free lunch for international students and one girl was asking about Jesus and keen to read the Bible and asking lots of questions.

    Other times I give bibles away, like someone is grieving and at that time I had a bible so just gave to them. Or a scripture verse.
    I've delivered tracts, and then of course told ppl bit of my testimony esp ppl that went through what I went through. Or just encouraged others to read the Bible, cos that's how God showed me who He really was. Just little things. Other times I've had to be persistent because of demons constantly giving out lies and had to counter that with the truth. But those same people have a hunger for God and genuinely want to have faith.

    Bible reading and home groups also ways to disciple, plus quiet times etc. I don't hover over ppl like I've never had a Paul -Timothy thing but I've just taught what I've learned and when they get to the next part of their walk someone else comes along. But then women learn in different ways then men I suppose its more..ladies bible study is good, and just being friends/sisters with people.

    Some churches do make out like a big campaign thing but I don't go in for those..I've been harassed by church evangelists before and it's not nice. One even asked me for money to help spread the gospel. ???
  6. Yea know I've had the privilege to live in 7 different countries and visit 46. Never was there a doubt that I wasn't a local citizen no matter how much I tried to blend in. I was just plainly, an American. I didn't have stickers, or signs, or anything that made me stick out except the shoes I wore and the clothes on my back. I was a testimony for America. This is what the evangelist is - a bringer of good tidings. When you spend time in the Spirit glorying God, you will radiate the love of God just as Moses did when he came down the mountain. It's the glory of God that will bring them to you and you will bring them to Jesus. The issue with the church today started with TV. I loved the message, but it devolved into "1, 2, 3, pray after me. NEXT!" just like an assembly line. That's not evangelism. All it does is give stillborn children.

    Live in God's presence and obey HIS prompting and you'll be fine. :D
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  7. Yes, I believe this is the best way. Pray for the Lord to bring someone to you, and then the Holy Spirit will also give you the words of life to speak.
    Personal testimonies to answered prayer, miracles and healings are also very powerful. In fact it is how one demonstrates just how
    real and true Jesus and the gospel are.
  8. Our entire lives should ooze the reality of the love of God and the presence of Jesus...that is the reason Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us, so that we could be a walking, talking, breathing testament to Him.
  9. Witnessing is always important.
    When I was 13, I was taught to witness the faith to others. They defined this as going out into the public square (or wherever) and telling non-believers about Christ, what He has done for them, and how they must respond in order to receive salvation.

    ...And witnessing went no further than that.

    What was not told to me was that witnessing begins at home. Sharing Christ with others isn't limited to words -- and in fact, may not even begin with words at all. I wasn't told that witnessing, in fact, may have nothing to do with speaking, especially when evaluating each person's gifts.

    It's possible that Bach's music was his greatest source of witnessing to others than when he spoke candidly with a few people. His music certainly reached more people.

    So if witnessing means spreading the gospel, it is ALWAYS important and we're all called to do this. How it is done really does vary. An old friend's father is out at University of Maryland right now evangelizing the students through Open Air Ministries. However, my sister is at her home taking care of her 1-year-old daughter. Both are being witnesses of the gospel, but in very different ways. Personally, I enjoyed speaking with believers and non-believers alike at pubs, at events, at hang-outs, etc and hoping to follow up the conversation, hoping each conversation is a "to be continued..."

    But I especially hope to be a witness to my wife, as my wife has many times been a witness to me.

    I hope this is a clear response.
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  10. A testimony for america??? Huh?
    Thats not evangelism.
    America is NOT jesus.

    In fact, we have a huge problem with american evangelists imposing their cultures and values on ppl through tv. Televangelists. Nobody I know ever got saved through tv. Sure their is or was those crusades but yeah they never actually saved anybody I know one lady who thought she was saved through this billy graham tv thing. All it did was make her want to go to church. I think some make you want to give money and feel good about yoruselves cos you gave money to them. her faith was not really in Jesus. I can say that cos she said some things to me that were not of Christ, but when she was dying of cancer, that was the test. She had to make good her profession and believe with her heart. Cos people can go up and say a lot of things due to pressure tactics of preachers and then be in church and do all activities but not really do them with heart. I do beleive she was saved in the end, but I think she had to forgive some people to be truly forgiven. She was the pastors wife.
  11. I think about the girl who told me the gospel and all the other times i was told or may have been told but it didnt take.
    The difference was she used scripture and prayed beforehand, and also had a powerful testimony. She also encouraged me to pray and seek God for myself.

    Those church evangelists handing out spiritual law books at uni although well meaning did NOT tell me the true gospel. i thought in order to become a christian I was to go to church. but I knew in my heart I wasnt really one cos I just decided by saying yes. they even bribed me with chocolate fish. I had no idea how to pray nobody ever taught me, and they did not give me a bible just expected me to join in at church. At church it seemed it was just a ruse to get more members. It was all talk and no spirit. The seed was on stony ground.

    I know now that with the parable of the sower you cannot expect a harvest if the soil is no good or the timing is wrong. A repentent heart, a true repentant heart is needed for the gospel to take, and that can only come about through conviction of the holy spirit. When that girl told me the gospel, i knew I had offended a Holy God by not believing in his son and not believing that He was God almighty and I was his creation.
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  12. God speaks through His people who minister the gospel by means of television! God is using all media to reach the lost! People are saved every day by the obedience of people who use television, radio, or the internet or by preaching on the streets, handing out tracts.

    The work is of the Holy Spirit through His obedient servants. Don't go around selling God short.
  13. What we do not want to do is "force" Christianity on anyone, plus forcing is only our own doing, which never yields the right results. We are always on-line, and in service for the Lord to do his work through us. It is more of just like breathing normally when walking in the Spirit. We don't have to look for opportunities to share the Gospel, they just come to us through our normal life living. Letting Christ live through you is the greatest testimony you could ever have, which is read by all men.
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  14. I believe what Abdicate meant was that he was hoping to share his testimony of Christ through an American perspective since he was sharing outside of his own context.

    Could I be wrong, Abdicate?
  15. Reading through some comments, I'm not seeing much reason for argument as everyone here is offering complimentary responses to one another. No one is contradicting anyone else.

    If you find disagreement, feel at ease to share it (within the confines of the forum rules), but please try to avoid argument if no reason for argument is even found.
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    I would disagree as I am sure there has been thousands, if not millions have been saved through the technology of TV. Now we have the "internet" which I consider even more powerful than TV. As one person said, "Lord, only speak the word and my servant shall be healed". We do not have to be in anyone presence for salvation to come. It is the Words we speak which carry the power (faith) to bring salvation to a person.
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  17. I would say Abdicate was simply saying we don't need to tell people we are Christians, our life should show it without speaking a word.

    Mat 5:14 "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
  18. That would certainly make more sense than what I thought he said. And he'd be right as well.
  19. oh sorry for the confusion.
    Americans stand out here cos of their accents and boisterous way of talking. I know not all americans are christians, far from it.
  20. No I'm just saying that- It's just I don't know anybody saved through tv, I'm not discounting that there are probably some but I myself don't know anybody. Most of the stuff shown on tv is crap to be frank or promoting some kind of religion rather than true faith and gospel.

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