How I gradually accepted my HIV status.

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  1. Minneh! Hadn't heard from you in a while. Too long. Thanks for sharing this, it was very touching. I enjoyed the glimpses of your family as well as your story.
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  2. Accepting HIV status sucks! God not healing you sucks! I have the greatest admiration for someone who STILL serves The Lord when they have a severe affliction and so too DOES God! Hang in there! remember death has lost its sting! Try not to think about or stress about it. Just be grateful that you, like everyone else are living by the grace of God.

    Testimonies of how God is with us in our suffering are so encouraging, thanks!
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  3. Minneh, That was a very touching story. The courage that comes from God through you is amazing! I pray for you mam for a miraculous healing.
    Teaching the youth about this is extremely important. God Bless you abundantly :)
  4. God bless you Minneh, good to see you.
  5. Hi Minneh, nice to be able to "meet" you.

    While it would seem the Lord has not taken HIV from you He has certainly blessed you with more than I am sure you would have ever expected.

    If we are not in Christ in sickness and in health we have not understood what it is for us to be the "bride" of Christ. It is good that you have also learned that we can serve Him in health or in sickness. May the Lord continue to bless you even more abundantly, and may it be His will to eventually rid you of this affliction, even as He upholds you in it.

    In highest regards to you AND your husband

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