How has God preserved His Word?

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  1. The written word of God is like a sketching compared to a photo, a photo compared to a video, a video compared a movie, and a movie compared to perceived life, to life in God's eyes, and then you still can't measure how much you learn about God because it's so infinitely small compared to God. With that, can God preserve the power of His word? You bet, but it's not about the letters or words but its meaning. Every step you learn, you find yet another step. A staircase that never ends.
  2. Scripture tells us God's word is incorruptible seed the ever living word of God.

    It has always been. Nothing is done without His Word.

    Debating over how God Preserved His word is like debating where did God come from, who made God etc.

    Is it not much simpler to take God's word for what it is? :)
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  3. Having established in other posts upon the subject that it can be translated either HEAVEN or HEAVENS . It is no use you or anybody else simply continuing and asserting the same error .
    Nor do you address the fact that using HEAVENS in Gen 1:1 makes no sense at all when you consider that verse two onwards is only speakign about the EARTH .
    Nor as a matter of courtesy do address the question of what is used when HEAVEN is mentioned later on in verse 6-8 of chapter 1 and any other verses in scripture that HEAVEN is used.

    That men have translated it as HEAVENS does not prove that they should have done .

    in Christ
  5. Samo gerald...
  6. A reluctance by many professing christians to double check their 'certainties' based upon the foundation of their own reasoning (or anothers) is the primary cause of so much confusion in the church each going their own way ;but strangely all going in the same direction and doing what is right in their own eyes .

    The wonderful thing about the truth is that it remains so long after lies have turned to dust.
    But lies are more often than not believed first .Yet time proves the lie of it.
    Even as the truth is more often than not;not believed first yet time also proves the truth of it.

    I directed your attention to another post some time back on this subject that proves the truth of what I say .You do not feel the need to go and check .
    I fear that many in the church today are of the same mind .having believed the lie have become blind to the truth. Leaning more upon your own undestanding of Greek and Hebrew than upon the Lord who "leads us into all truth"

    in Christ
  7. Perhaps this topic has gone as far as it can. Seems to be causing strife some what.
    Enjoy the day the Lord had given us.
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  8. I have seen plenty of evidence that the Bibles that we have today was the same one they used since the first century onwards. If you read the Apostolic Fathers or Anti Nicene Fathers consisting of the first Christian writers from the end of the first century to mid forth century. They all quote from the same books that we have in our Bibles today. By the end of the first century they were quoting from the books of the New Testament. These writing prove that our Bible was theirs and that it has not changed in 2000 years. They are a must read for any serious Bible student because many to day try to discredit the Bible and its teachings about Jesus Christ, by claiming that the church has changed the Bible to suit Christian doctrine. The Anti Nicene writings prove that Christian doctrine has been the same from the beginning and that the books of the New Testament are from the very first century. Many cults such as Islam, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses claim that scripture has been rewritten to suit Christian doctrine. But there is no documented evidence to prove that. In fact it is the other way around. There is not doubt that our Bibles today are reliable.
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