How God Gave Me A Wife.

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  1. Many years ago I belonged to a small church with a large youth group.
    Naturally a lot of the young people married one another except me. But I simply could not find a girl who fitted my artistic nerd goth loner persona.
    I wanted to be a monk, however women held more desire. One day I stood on the banks of a river and found a white stone and said to God from that time on I would no longer desire to be a monk but He must give me a wife, and I threw the stone into the river.
    About 4 years passed.
    On a random day I caught a random train, I actually missed the train I was going to catch,
    I also sat in the middle of the train rather than the front where I normally sit.
    About half an hour later after a about 9 stations an attractive woman got on the train and despite other seats being available, it was about 10AM, she sat down next to me.
    Then she opened her bible.
    My heart beat like a drum as each station passed till finally I asked:
    "are you a Christian?"
    We met on the train in Feb and were married in August and still married after 27 years.
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  2. Aww I am so happy God gave you a wife! I am waiting till I am older for him to give me one. :)
  3. Be prepared... my wife is from Spain and she was my HS pen-pal. We wrote for 8 years. I went to visit her so I could stop writing (we hadn't written in over a year) and thought she'd gotten on with her life. After meeting her, 3 days later I asked her to marry me. She's still a Spaniard and we've been married 23 years now. So you never know.
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  4. :eek: That would be a great plot for a Hollywood movie.
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  5. LOL Thanks :)
  6. I was given a wife, then two daughters.

    Then they were taken back.

    I will never see them again.
  7. Sorry dude :( I can't imagine.
  8. It has been years now. It cannot be helped.

    I have to just let My King do as he wills.
  9. That was something pretty awesome. I bet it was hard to be patient for four years, and that time came for you. I am happy for you! By the way, I like your Batman profile picture. I'm a big fan of batman, even while I'm getting older, I have a dream to be in that costume. Well, Halloween is coming soon.
  10. How I met my wife? I had an arranged marriage.. You guys might think I am crazy! But that's the way things work in eastern countries.. My parents searched for my wife :giggle:

    My dad is still unsaved.. He is a hindu.. I was so afraid to tell him that they have to marry me a Christian girl.. After lot of prayer, I finally got the courage! And he was like "okay, whatever!" :D But he lost interest and he did not interfere anymore with bride searching. My mom got into action.. It was almost 8 or 9 months.. Then finally I decided to come back to US.. Got a project and travel was also confirmed.. Just few weeks away. Then the broker called my mom.. Ya, we have marriage brokers!! And said there is this girl.. I don't know why.. My wife had given her worst looking photo! And still I liked it :D May be Lord did not want anyone else to say okay :) Then we went to her house.. My mom talked with her.. I saw her once.. And next was engagement.. Talked with her for 5 mins.. Then I came back to US.. Used to talk over phone everyday.. Then got married.. And finally we fell in love with each other :) everyone in our Church says, we are the closest couple they have ever seen.. We ourselves feel like we have been married for some 20 years :D To God be all the glory!
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  11. I would get a costume too, if only I had the abs and muscles to go with it.
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  12. sounds good. those arranged marriages can work.
  13. Wow. Amazing!
  14. Brother I'm sorry. But don't say you'll never see them again.... you don't know that.
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  15. Scriptures says I will not see my wife and daughters again. They will be changed and not who I knew them as.

    They will be angels of light, you ONLY have them while they are here.

    So I say to all who read this. Treat your spouse like a treasure. Because in death you will lose him/her.
    Treat your children the same. They are precious, never take them for granted.
  16. Where in scripture does it say we will become angels? I know we will be resurrected with new bodies, but we will live on a New Earth.

    If your family had the Lord Jesus, take heart. You might see them one day.
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  17. The King said that there is not marriage in The Resurrection, all are as angels of light
  18. The King also said we currently see through a glass darkly. In heaven we won't. Most will notice / appreciate their earthly wives and kids more in heaven.

    Just further thought. Marriage is for protection, sex, intimacy and a feeling of self worth to someone. All these boxes except for sex will be ticked in heaven. So we will know and have a good relationship with our spouse and kids in heaven! We will also choose whom we want to hang around. I see us all being loving / turn the left cheek kind of friends, but not all 100% close friends. Example...I will choose to spend more time in heaven with my earthly wife then some others.

    What are your thoughts? Will there be annoying people in heaven? :giggle:
  19. In death, marriage is released.

    Till death do us part is not just a pleasantry. It is scriptural.

    Marriage is ONLY for the children of this world said The King.

    When we get there we will see them, bit they will no longer be what they were here.

    So cherish them while you are here. You will not get a second chance.
  20. It's a life... Everyone move on and nobody is perfect. Just do what you think it's right thing to do for your and theirs life. In heaven, no one know what exactly it would be like. Once you're saved, it's a treasure to live in the Heaven and it is possibility to meet your partner and continue love in the heaven. If you think death will do apart, that is a devil's work. God will always rejoicing in with us, forever.

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