How does God speak to you?

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  1. I love how God's ways are always higher than ours. God usually gets my attention thru flashing words and visions. And sometimes, if I can't be sure He will repeat it many times until I get the message. What about you? :)
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  2. God speaks to me through His Word....and through the Holy Spirit :)
    Sometimes through other things, but its usually something i see and then He speaks through the Holy Spirit about what it is that i am seeing.

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  3. Dreams...

    Can u explain those flashing words, seems interesting
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  4. I feel it deep down, like a voice maybe.
    If I step out of line I definitely feel the rod of correction on a deeper, spiritual level.

    Visions would be interesting though.
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  5. Through reading the Word of God. sometimes (often actually) the Holy spirit will bring verses to my attention either by giving me understanding / revelation of what those verses mean for me [like I'm not doing this, and I should be]. Or I am grieved by the Spirit and I know I am failing at performing at what is expected from me - I should know better and do better.
    But the best is when our Pentecostal Assembly operates the voice gifts [in accordance with 1Corinthians 14] and through the Holy Spirit God speaks directly to His people the saints. Jesus and our Father both speak to us and give admonition and correction.
    And quite often encouragement to withstand the coming tribulations upon this world.
    We are always edified and comforted to continue our walk and to hold onto our salvation as a great reward for enduring through to the end.
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  6. So many ways: sometimes it's an extraordinary series of 'coincidences', sometimes it's a YouTube video or Google search, most of the times it's the written Word.
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  7. Yes, I sometimes feel this 'restlessness' and eagerness to do something godly and I just know it's God talking to me.

    I had a couple of dreams too but they weren't very significant.
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  8. He whispers to me and shows me possible situations etc.
    He's always in my head.
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  9. Agreed to all the above. For me it's like Dad leaning on me and watching me like a Hawk. Coaching me to better my self. You can do it son or don't do that son
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  10. God speaks to me through His word, through His people, through worship, through my spirit and mind, through Creation, and one wonderful day, He spoke to me audibly!
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  11. :giggle: That sounds like God.
  12. Indeed. (y)
  13. I've always had visions ever since I can remember, as a little kid there was a man that stood at the end of my bed every night and I knew he was there to watch over me and I wouldn't go to sleep until I saw him, he seemed like a stern father and I wasn't sure of him at first coz my physical dad is very kind, but I knew he was protecting me, there was also a man that would come on the TV when I was a kid, (I used to call him Peter Pan), when my parents were watching the news and he would tell me about life on earth, how people can be mean and to never feel I wasn't good enough/unworthy/good for nothing and he made me promise I'd never change. Most often in the mornings, in the period between waking and sleeping, in the twighlight time and when I meditate daily, I see visions about different things, from needing to clean the floors to a symbolic representation of my relationship with someone, sometimes I'm shown what seems to be a show real/play back of an encounter with a person from their perspective and when I see I've made them smile it makes me want to make more people smile. I've always astral traveled/left my body and many days this is what wakes me up, it can vary from looking through spiritual eyes while my real eyes are closed and seeing what seems to be another reality, every few months, maybe twice a year I see an eye, it looks like a human eye and it always looks backwards, not ahead, it changes to a different eye when I see it, once it was my eye and it seemed to be me looking at myself and a lot of trouble happened during that time frame when it was my eye, which I learned from. I've always seen the eye, never understood it though, it was the first thing I ever saw when I first left my body. I also hear words spoken sometimes, though not often, accompanying the visions. I don't get gut feelings or feel led by spirit to look at something, I more stumble through things and do my best. I think it would be kind of cool to feel led by spirit like so many others speak of, I read about it all the time and always wondered what people felt when it happened, how they knew it was spirit. Thanks for asking the question I've always wanted too ask but never had the courage to ask and am so interested and fascinated at how people know, I never knew who it was until recently, I just knew it was right, if that makes sense and I've always followed spirit over people, almost blindly, I never questioned it, only myself and I've been bullied and laughed at for being a puppet on strings.
  14. Astral projection or astral travel is demonic in origin. Children will have experiences with visitors or voices, but that is usually not Jesus, but a demonic presence, and they appear first as benevolent in order to deceive the innocent, gullible children, but they serve to deceive the child early so they will not receive the gospel truth without argument or without some sort of spiritual barrier that the demon has erected by its interference. THIS is why we are to raise our children from birth (even in utero) in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!

    Unless your visitor says He is Jesus or points DIRECTLY to Jesus Christ, you have been deceived by a demonic force. I will pray for you that God will show you the truth of these things...unmistakeably.
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  15. Thank you for your heartfelt concerns, I've never heard of this before.
    I have seen Jesus twice, he told me to say I was a Jew and I've been taken by Jesus Christ.
  16. Hhhhmmm, this is all very suss (suspect).
    Read the Bible especially the Gospel of John and Acts of the Apostles... compare all your experiences against the TRUTH of the word of God.
    Be careful for the enemy is full of deceit and trickery [look at the Joseph Smith and the Mormons].
    For Satan himself can appear as an angel of light or as a minister of righteousness...
    The Scriptures refer to TWO witnesses being in the world to testify of Christ Jesus - they are the Word (both Old and New Testaments) and the Holy Spirit.
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    Thank you for the advice, just for clarification, are you saying it is suspect that it was Jesus that said this to me and possibly a devil? I truly can appreciate your concern and understand where you are coming from in your thinking. The first time I saw Jesus he was standing in front of me, he was as real as you and me, he looked more physical, or flesh, than spirit, he was about 10 inches from the floor, with a crown of thorns, wearing white and he had a brilliant white halo around him. I have had a mark on my left foot since I saw him. It was about 15 years ago. The second time was just over a year ago and it was an out of body experience, I just woke up in the clouds, and there were clouds that were spinning around like vortex and he came out of them and held my head in his hand and said 'please do not to listen to the bad people' and then I was back in my body and decided to have a shower and in the shower I saw him again and he told me to say that I am a Jew and I have been taken by Jesus Christ, that I am a Jew and I have seen Jesus Christ, to read revelation chapter two and said 'you are witnessing prophesy'. I'm not sure if this explanation helps, but I hope so. I'm still getting my head around the old and New Testament, it's a lot to read, (I decided to read the old as well) but I'm doing my best and I know I'll never understand the bible in the same way that people do that have the knowledge, wisdom and study behind them and am always grateful for insights and cautions.
  18. Have you received Jesus Christ personally as your Saviour, and have you made Him Lord of your life? Have you submitted to baptism in the Holy Spirit? Do you commune with Him, and read and study the word of God? I ask these things just to perhaps let you see that one cannot rely on experiences, but must put them in their place in life and get down to the business of walking daily with God, growing into spiritual maturity day by day, so that one becomes a useful instrument of Jesus' compassion and love toward the lost and dying around us.
  19. I speak to God in prayer and He speaks to me through His written Word. It is the only thing that we can be sure of.
    Dreams and visions and thoughts can be and have been used by the enemy to influence all people.

    Dreams and visions are NOT to be understood as coming from God. Today we have the written Word of God and it is inspired and has the ability to speak to us.
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  20. I think the shower was a water baptism (I'm not sure what baptism actually means) and I think about him a lot, I look at flowers, birds, trees, nature, the universe and wonder how he thought it all up and so many different beautiful varieties, often I just ponder the beauty in life and how perfect it is and talk to him in my head asking all the questions that pop in to my mind and always say thank you when good things happen and know that the not so good things aren't gods fault, they are mine, I'm often just grateful for what I have even though it's not a lot, so I sure do [emoji5]️. I know God/Jesus is the only true reality and I really really appreciate your heart felt concern and will always be aware that there are some 'not so good' spirits too, always, and wonderful people like you helping others [emoji93]
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