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    two sundays we were late for Church so I had accumulated two offerings, but I decided to not keep it for myself,
    but when I put the money in I thought "well God how are you going to bless me in return",
    not that we should think that way but hey, we all want to see God do something in our lives in a practical way.
    Come Monday I had the car serviced at the dealer,
    oh Sir we checked your car, you need new tyres... and.....1000 dollars to fix an engine leak and we want the car for 8 hours. What?.
    God, that's not good news, hey Lord are you listening.
    So I took the car to a tyre place for the new tyres and asked them about the leak.
    They said, we have a special on three tyres and the fourth tyre for only $10. thank you.
    its not a timing cover leak its an engine mount leak, $360 and one hour.
    hey that's more like it.
    but the wife always says get three quotes so I took the car to another small garage and asked them
    about the leak, I wasn't going to but a thought said it will only take five or ten minutes of your time.
    They did for 200 bucks and it was ready in about 15 minutes.
    thank you Lord.
    I got an itch for a new bookshelf, went to the shop to buy a couple of small ones I could fit in the car,
    we only have a sedan. sold out.
    So I walked around looking at all the furniture shops,
    and there in a shop hidden to one side was a broken book case/ hutch, four draws four glass doors four wood doors, in two sections and missing a back piece and a couple bits and a bit wobbly.
    AS IS reduced to sell, broken,
    normal price 999 dollars, reduced price 799 dollars, broken price 199 dollars,
    a bargain, sure its broken but for an 800 dollar discount i'll fix it myself.
    So its currently in the living room on its side with the wood glue drying, think i'll
    buy some dark stain and make it more black with gold handles.
    Blessing?, sure its broken, sure I had to spend fifty bucks on it,
    but there is no way I would ever spend a thousand on a chest of drawers.
    So God does Bless in unexpected ways.
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  2. Every day! :)
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  3. Awesome praise report! All Glory be to God! Thanks for sharing this, it gave me a smile
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  4. Amen!! Great report!

    James 1:17 (KJV)
    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. ​
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