How Do You Test the Speaking in Tongues

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  1. I attended a baptist church for several years, I was invited to pentecostal churches and I've been attending non-denominational churches for years (only two, the other one when I was in another continent) so I'm not well-acquainted about speaking in tongues and testing the speaking in tongues. I, and perhaps many others, would like to know the how-to's of testing the speaking in tongues - fake, demonic spirits and the true gift of speaking in tongues. Does someone have experience using 1 John 4:1-3?
  2. The reference from 1 John is regarding someone speaking a word of prophecy, but can also be used by believers to identify the spirit of antichrist at work in the world..for instance there are certain non Christian religions that claim that Jesus is a prophet of God but not the Son of God come in the flesh.
    And the scripture reference can be used to verify that an angelic visit and message is godly or that of an angel of light.

    All you are required to test is the interpretation of the tongues. Such tongues and interpretation that operates in the public arena. A believer is not required to test the tongues of the private prayer unto God that another believer may do.

    The testing of the interpretation is by knowing the scriptures in rightly discerning their use. For instance, one who interprets a tongue or gives unassisted prophecy could give their private interpretation on a Biblical topic and then slap on the "thus says the Lord" in an attempt to validate what they said. So a believer has to watch out for things like that.

    It's possible that such a thing occurred so the believer's of Corinth wrote to the Apostle Paul to get an answer from him on the matter, and portions of his epistle addressed it. The issue was whether or not women are to be silent in the church. (the topic is very controversial between churches of different denominations).

    Those who speak in tongues, who believe in Jesus and are saved, and experience the same as what happened on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and other references in Acts.. will not have demonic spirits or demonic tongues.. it is a scriptural impossibility according to what Jesus said in Luke 11:11-13.
  3. I think everyone can agree with that, but just because someone claims to " believe in Jesus, [be] saved, and experience the same as what happened on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2" doesn't mean that is tghe reality of the situation.

    Your response didn't answer the question: What are the how-to's of testing the speaking in tongues - fake, demonic spirits and the true gift of speaking in tongues?
  4. The obvious signs are contradicting Scriptures, but many false preachers can accurate quote Scriptures. Also, if you can't understand what the person is saying, then you can't know if they are agreeing with the Word of God or just babbling or disagreeing or cussing in a foreign language.....

    Also, if the person speaking can't understand the meaning of the words, which is often the claim, then the only one that might know is the one interpreting. And he may be deceiving himself and simply quoting things he knows others will accept. (People do this all the time without tongues playing a role in the situation)
  5. Testing the interpretation of the tongues is inevitable as the interpreter uses the language of the hearers. But babbling like a baby can be discerned as fake which, unfortunately, every Christian can tell whether s/he has the gift of tongues or not. The private prayer which, indeed, nobody can hear except the one doing tongues cannot be tested in front of others.
  6. Yes. Or did you mean to be saying something else?
  7. [edited] How is someone supposed to be able to judge someone else's baptism of the Holy Spirit?

    Oh, this is the "general discussion" forum and I assumed that things were more relaxed in here.. there must be some standard answers on how-to that I'm not aware of, perhaps I should state that I am merely a student of the Bible and therefore do not hold the credentials of a pastor of a church who would likely have that list.
  9. Tongues IS between you and the Holy Spirit n nobody else. NO body can decipher what you are saying. EACH of us who has the ability to speak in tongues has his/her OWN language unique to GOD.There is not a spoken language on earth that compares to the Holy language. I speak when in deep prayer to God. Don't let the chili's fool ya :) It is only my gimmick. A side from that yes I am with God.
    I said my 2 chili's. God Bless you all.
    Chili out. Happy Easter :)
  10. I don't think anyone has issues with how people privately speak to God. I can't speak for the OP, but there is a public element to this , also. That's the one I am speaking to. (also, when the whole congregation is saying their private prayers to God, outloud, that is forbidden in the Bible) That is why this question is valid and important. When someone is making a claim of having messages from God, there are always tests to help us discern. I think the OP is asking how the church determines when these gifts are real?

    I've been to a great church with wonderful people desiring to serve God and preaching the Gospel of Christ. But I know some of those who the church has declared prophets are only diluding themselves.

    So what is the test that will help people from thinking they or someone else has a gift that they don't actually have?
  11. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am trying to search the Scriptures....I am a Bible only Christian. I also hope this conversation gets people thinking about the need for discernment as far to often I see people jumping to conclusions without discerning the Word.

    Is there anywhere in Scriptures that states speaking in tongues is anything other than a language or dialect used by a particular people distinct from that of other nations?
    Is there anywhere that specifically states tongues can be an unknown language that only God can understand?

    Actually, I don't understand why God would create a physical language for us to speak in the spiritual realm....

    All the same, I would like help finding the verses.
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  12. This quote was taken from another thread so I am not siting the member who said it:
    Satan is by no means trying to destroy the practice of tongues or being slain in the spirit in christian churches. These gifts are far to easy to twist and use to serve his own purposes.

    Indeed, he can use these activities to deceive and make christians look foolish to the world.

    This is why discernment is so vital! The Bible warns us, especially about speaking in tongues that it is for unbelievers, not for believers and that if an unbeliever walks into the church and hears this, he will think we are crazy!!!! (1 Cor 14:22-23)
  13. I can certainly agree to all of this. My first reaction of hearing these "tongues" was in fact, are these people crazy? In my opinion, I think it's rude as well to interrupt the church with these "urges".
    Unbelievers come to church because they are looking for something and when they hear that, they won't want to come back and think of Christians as crazy, like some or most already do.

    I do think that everyone has the gift of Discernment to a degree.
  14. Hi there! :) I know there are genuine Christians who do tongues in private and all I can say is that it's between them and God. I can't make a discernment about it and, instead, I look at how they live their walk with God.

    I have to go... will check this thread in a bit.:)
  15. I absolutely agree with you Gemma! That is what I was saying about the church in an earlier post. They are all wonderful people who desire greatly to serve God. Oi do not for a moment doubt their sincerity, nor their love of God.

    Yet, not all the gifts they perceive are real. And that is a true shame.

    But concerning private prayer, it's really irrelevant what others think. God knows what's in your heart, even without words. :)
  16. Ginger.. there was a glitch in your post so I fixed it as best that I knew how so I could reply.

    I don't understand how your answer connects with why we should have the thought that any Christian who speaks in tongues might not be the reality of the situation... that it might be fake or demonic.

    As I understand the verse in Acts, Peter knew they had the genuine thing because he knew that God is no respecter of persons., what God gave to them, he gives to anyone who believes.

    Do you know of anyone on the forum that would have the answer to the question that you say I didn't answer? I for one would like to know what the answer is if I am wrong or I didn't give enough. We are all in a learning process. If you believe that I didn't answer it, I just wonder how you know that I didn't.

    I also agree that testing an interpretation is very important, anyone who can rightly divide or discern the scriptures can judge the message when it's spoken in articulate speech.
    I also believe that one who speaks in tongues in a ministerial gift should have those who are designated to judge it who also functions in ministry gift.. like the discerning of spirits. The average person in the pew wouldn't have that ability because such is only given by the Holy Spirit at his will, not at the will of any individual Christian. 1 Corinthians 12:11.
    So you are right when you say that tongues are difficult to prove or disprove, only those who have the gift can do so.

  17. Hi JReid,

    I didn't want you to get offended if others might have not seen any straight answers from you. When I posted, "..I, and perhaps many others, would like to know the how-to's of testing the speaking in tongues - fake, demonic spirits and the true gift of speaking in tongues.", I am looking for answers that will help me and others test a certain gift that is regarded as supernatural among Christians. When you said, "..All you are required to test is the interpretation of the tongues..", it rendered the verse in 1 John 4.1-4 useless when it comes to testing the spirits. Later on, you posted, "..there must be some standard answers on how-to that I'm not aware of, perhaps I should state that I am merely a student of the Bible and therefore do not hold the credentials of a pastor of a church who would likely have that list...". That would be a lot more helpful to me and others.

  18. The only true way you can tell is by having someone who has gift of discernment listen to you and determine if it is genuine. If someone stands up in Church and says somthing in a tounge and someone translates, it should be some kind of prophetic word or message to the church, but whatever it is, this word should then be tested, which is something the leadership should do after the event, as in pray over it and get conformation. In my experience this is a rare event that happens just a few times a year in my church. When I see these churches where countless people all stand up and shout things out in tongue, then I have to take that with a pinch of salt, seems like they are another Corinth! People just getting over come with emotion maybe and just standing up and doing it for whatever reason, but certainly not by God telling them to. Most people speak personal prayer language in tongues, its just a tiny number of people who have prophetic speaking in tongues which can be delivered to others.

    I first found out that I could actully speak in tongues as prayer language several years ago during a weekend seminar our church hosted, where a prominent figure in the church came along to give us a talk on "Baptism of The Holy Spirit" which also covered Spiritual gifts, which included speaking in tongues. Basically he told us that anyone who had been baptized in Holy Spirit, could ask for and receive talking in toungues as a personal prayer language, however there are many barriers which can prevent you from recieving this, or even being Baptised in Spirit to start with.

    Although I accepted Christ in my early teens, I went all my life still waiting for a Baptism of Holy Spirit, however it wasnt until this seminar when I went to front to have prayer with others, God then showed me in a few second vision, the hall literally dissapeared and I was taken back to a point in my late teens when I was away at church weekened and took communion for first time, then I remember it clear as day, I had this sensation come over me , everything kind of went bright and distant like I was looking on from outside, like being under a waterfall, I had said this to people but they did not know what it was so i completely forgot about it, however it was now clear this was my Baptism of Holy Spirit.

    I shared this next day with the speaker, who will remain anonymous for now, So he said can you speak in tongues? have you tried? No I replied, so he said, just try, and I am like , how, what, so he said again just speak, so I did seemed a bit strange at first, but it came out like a flow without me even really trying or thinking about it, he listened to me while praying something to himself, then a few moments later told me it was the genuine thing and not a false spirit or something I was faking etc. Since then I have enjoyed praying and even singing in this manner.
  19. Because the Bible tells me so. :confused: Why would you assume everyone who makes a claim, not only believes it himself, but does in fact have that gift?

    That IMO is foolish because it ignores the strong warnings given in Scriptures.

    :D Okay, I'm not sure I understand what you just said.....

    First, I didn't say what you stated was wrong. I don't thimk (I'll have to go back and look) What I did say was that your comments didn't answer the OP.

    Well, aside from that fact that I have the gift of discerning spirits, you are not quite complete in your interpretation of this verse. God has promised to keep His elect from deception, therefore, we all who are saved can discern, if we heed His warnings.

    Discerning and proving are two different things.

    I have discerned on many occassion people who truly believe something miraculous is happebing to them, when in fact it is nothing more than their wild imaginations and fanciful desires. But, I can't prove it. So I remain silent in most cases.
  20. But, how do you know the person who claims to have the gift of discernment really does?

    That's a very beautiful story A. Thanks for sharing it.

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