How do you shout ?

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  1. How do you shout ?

    Seriously, I don't know how to shout.

    After all the years of bullying ect, emotions have built up inside of me and never been let out.
    I want to break that, let all the emotion out and be free to raise / project my voice, and shout.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do ?

  2. When you are alone, turn your music up and sing as loud as you can!!!
    That's a start! :)

  3. I've tried doing that, especially in the car, I just can't seem to do it....I don't know if its a fear, but if it is, its the strongest and biggest fear i have ever experienced.
  4. I have two cousins who can't shout~
    It is just their nature, personality and who they are!
    You CAN shout to the LORD from your heart, always!!!!

  5. I am going to have to force myself out of it lol.
    Thanks for your replies Kimmie :)
  6. You're welcome, honey......keep praying about it.
    Ask The LORD to really move on you!!! :)

  7. Just my own opnion mind you, but I think the Holy Spirit touches each of us differently. Some tear up and cry like little ones, some Amen, some nod, some shout, my late grandfather used to get very excited from the pulpit and would walk a bench.

    Myself, I've never shouted, but I've definitely felt the spirit, I often tear up and get that massive lump in my throat.
  8. Good scriptures, John!!!

  9. Seriously B2LY..... My self I never wanted to shout cause I lived in a very quiet atmosphere at home. My mother never shouted at us and my dad dies when I was young.

    To make a long story short ... I married a man who shouted and exercised his anger to the point that it made me fearful cause it was like walking on eggshells all the time. Suffice to say ... that learning patern turned me into a shouter as that is how I responded in order to get his attention. But each time I did it I had such a guilt complex after until it became second nature. So for me I don't think you really want to learn how to shout unless it is that song " Shout to the Lord'"

    Now, I am the person that God made me and feel so calm , less agitated and peaceful.( Divorced)... So to me unless you have a motive for shouting and I don't know why one would want to do that. Just my opinion.
  10. As John has said all flesh reacts differently to God's touch. To shout for shoutings sake is of little value unless you feel you need to get free of something. God hears the quietest heart as clearly as the loudest shout so it is generally best to react as He moves you. If you shout do it as unto the Lord and it will be aceptable.
  11. If I recall, he mentioned earlier on it had to do with praise and worship in church~
  12. I understand . I believe the principles stated are sound.
  13. It is more to do with praise and worship, I don't really react to Gods touch, sometimes my legs feel like jelly, but thats all I have experienced.
  14. Don't worry more will come as you relax and learn to enjoy Him.
  15. I hope so, I feel like a loner lol. :D
  16. You are not alone.
    I was sitting in church one day and a good brother is walking behind me and shouts " just call me a Jesus Freak, Hallelujah"!
    It was great. If you want to flow in the anointing hang out with anointed folks.
    My cousin went to the Baptist seminary but was dating a Charesmatic girl. He was walking across the courtyard from his dorm to use a coke machine when the Holy Spirit fell on him. He started speaking in tongues, ran back to his room and out a pillow over his head!!:eek::p:)

  17. Oh sorry , I misunderstood. I wasn't thinking on the same wave length. When you said shout , I was thinking shouting in the other form. The power of words.

    Praise to the Lord doesn't mean we have to shout. It is also an expression of love to the Lord that when He touches you you just can't help but praise Him but I wouldn't call it shouting. I would call it praise.

    When I am at home sometimes listening to Christian music some music will just move me to tears and praise and I just have to stop and raise my hands and praise my Lord for all that He means to me.

    I guess where you mean shout is where some people in the church shout loud amens or Hallalujahs when the pastor is preaching.
  18. I was going to suggest dropping a hammer on your foot, but that doesn't seem like such good advice, upon reflection. I find it hard to shout when others are around, due to self-consciousness, but when I'm alone, look out!

    I don't know if this will help or not, but I'd suggest going someplace where you can be alone and just start praising God in whatever voice feels comfortable to you. Express those pent up emotions to God. Get used to hearing your own voice. As you express these emotions to God I think in time you may find yourself becoming freeer (freer? free-er? whatever!) in your volume and inflection.
  19. Not many are as intraverted by nature as me. I force myself daily to be outgoing or I would be a hermit.
    When it comes to worship I look up towards the heavens and forget everyone else their. As I began to pour my love out my Father responds in kind and I soon loose track of everything but Him. This is the place I am free to express my heart in worship, the place where we find meet. This is the place where God touches me and I Him.
  20. There's nothing wrong with you if you don't ever shout. There's nothing wrong with you if you shout all the time. Each personality is different. For a very long time I felt as though I had to shout to the Lord to be heard. Well, it took me a while to realize that I don't have to shout for God to hear me. He hears the very quiet cries of my heart just as well as the very loud praises of my soul.

    Some pastors get very expressive and emotional when preaching a sermon. I know of a pastor who feels as though she is not getting the point across if the congregation isn't expressive with amens and hallelujahs while she preaches. It use to bother her, but I had the opportunity to point out to her that non-expressive congregations does NOT mean she is not preaching good. It just means that not everyone responds the same.

    I use to shout all the time, but now I don't because when I am quiet I feel a more personal touch from God. I feel a more intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit. No one else needs to know what's going on in my personal relationship with God.

    Don't get me wrong though . . . I don't plan to never shout again. When I do shout I want it to be just as intimate and personal as the quiet moments I experience.

    It's okay to shout. It's okay not to shout.

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