How do you share christ online o.0

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  1. Like how do you..... talk to people online about God and everything with being overbearing. Also how do you start it off,? I have two online friends, on is agnostic the other isn't to sure if she belives in the Lord... and I kninda feel like im failing, bc I barely talk to them about it, bc I kinda already "know" what they're going to say.. and I don't have the answers to everything and I feel like if I can't answer their question right away it'll give them even more reason not to belive in him . Idk its just a bit confusing... how do you do it, what do you suggest I do?
  2. Follow the lead of the Holy Spirit!!!!

    God doesn't want us to talk all the time. In fact, we are supposed to wait (pray) until God prepares them to hear the message.

    We can't lead anyone to Christ. God calls them to Himself sometimes using us as a tool to speak to them.....but sometimes we are suppose to keep quiet.

    So discernment is what you need. Don't look for ways to bring up your faith. Just be a good friend, and watch for God to open the door of opportunity for you to speak.

    And remember, God might want someone else to witness to them, before they will be open to hear your testimony.
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  3. Another thing,...

    Don't be discouraged when people don't seem to accept your witness. You never know, God might have used you to plant a seed, but you may not get to see it grow nor blossom and bear fruit. You may never know how God used you in this person's life until we all gather in Heaven.

    And beware not to fall into the feel-good pits where you learn to say what everyon wants to hear and think it is from God. You may think you are leading 100's, 1000's or even 100,000's to Christ when in reality you are leading them down the road to destruction.

    Becareful what you teach, teachers will be judged much more harshly.

  4. I have never seen much results from witnessing online. But one time in particular there was a man who asked, "How does a person know he is saved?"

    I wasn't thinking about it really.....I was just sharing the Scriptures. I posted a list of Scriptures in logical order to show the process.

    I quickly had other posters began correcting me. I did not debate them - at all. I simply posted Scriptures in respond to their comments.

    The man was silent for about three days, maybe four. Then he came back on, thanked and said what I posted made sense, and told how he fell to his knees and asked forgiveness. He said he felt the power of God pour over him and now he needs to know how to find a church.

    When it goes down that way, it is euphoric!!!!! You can't stop singing and praising God for using you to speak to someone.

    I hop there was some useful information in some of what I have posted. Pray, wait for the Holy Spirit, use the Word of God and pray again regardless of what you think the outcome has been.
  5. Thanks ginger, actually me and my friend talked about God not to long ago... but he kinda scoffed a bit .. and my discerning is terrible x__X and i don't know when i'm being "lead" how does that feel like?
  6. How does it feel?

    That's hard to explain. But there is a difference in the way it feels when God speak and when we fear or desire.

    When people reacted badly to my words, I used to think, "If I just explain it they will understand and everything will be good." But that was my desire. At the same time I could feel something holding me back from speaking, but I resisted because I thought by explaining I would make everyone happy again. They holding back was God saying that person will only get angier because they were not open to listening.

    Other times I would feel a prompting to to speak, but again I would resist because I thought what was in my mind to say would make them angry. Again, I discovered God was telling me "Seak, I have made them ready to hear."

    Now that I can recognize the voice of God, I obey and things turn out well. Sometimes peaople still get mad, but I pray about it, trust God and wouldn't you know, they always seem to come back and say they thought about what I said and agree and they apologize for becoming angry!!!!

    You need to look at the fruits of your speech and silence and think about what you experienced. Was something holding you back, but you went ahead one your own? Was something prompting you but you resisted out of fear?

    Now consider how these "feelings" differed. Next time be aware of those "feelings" say a quick prayer in your head, then follow their lead and see what happens.

    If this works better, I think you can safely say if is the Holy Spirit speaking to you to guide you. At least, that has been my experience.

  7. thanks.. i have lots of learning to do >.e
  8. One step at a time Pancakes and much patience. Depend on the Holy Spirit to lead you and you will be just fine.
  9. maybe you can start of with their problems, whats bothering them in their life

    pray for them, ask God to lead you.
  10. I will :)
  11. Okay so your saying, that it'll "just happen" :) right :)?
  12. I am saying that you need to wait upon the Lord. Be always praying about this....not so much that the perso(s) listens to you and accepts, but that God send someone to him/her, even if it's not you.

    Second, ask God to make clear when you should speak and when you should be still and just listen. Sometimes just listening and asking a question now and then will help the person feel more comfortable. They might take down that wall that prevents them from hearing anything you say because you seem open to listening to their opinions without judgment and your questions make them feel you care about what they have to say.

    Most important is to discern when God is moving you to speak. There is a huge difference between sharing your thoughts and views and speaking when God wants to say something through you to the person.

    Does that make sense? You can't lead anyone to Christ. Christ is not revealed by flesh and blood but by the Spirit of God.

    Your efforts are useless unless God is working through you.

    And yes, it will just happen if you let go of control and let God do the work.

    Maybe think of it like this: Jesus is the author, you are the pencil and the person you witness to is the paper.
    You can write anything on that paper without the Author.

  13. Sometimes. Many times when God uses me to witness I don't even realize at the time that I am witnessing.
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