How Do You Read Your Bible?

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  1. Does anyone follow a yearly reading plan or any other reading plan? Do you jus open the Bible up daily and read whatever is on the page it opened to? How many chapters do you read daily?

    In February 2013 I really sat down and decided to read through the entire Bible for the first time. I had tried before but I never made it very far. I looked over a bunch of reading plans but in the end I just started at Genesis and read straight through.

    Since I'm unemployed, I read much more than I used to. I try to read at least 2 chapters a day when my wife is off, and on her work days I try to read at least 20 although sometimes it ends up being 15.I'm also trying to reread every book as I go so that I can make sure I understand everything fully. This is my fourth time through the Bible! I'm reading the NASB for the first time though each book and the NLT for the second time so that I don't get bored.

    What do you guys do?
  2. I am going through a one year Bible reading plan.. I bought an one year Bible itself :) It is NLT version.. In addition, I do a personal Bible study on one of the books.. I use ESV for that.. Right now I am studying 1 Timothy
  3. I've never used a one year bible but that's what my mother in law uses. I have trouble staying with the dates on reading plans as it it. It stresses me out for whatever reason.

    Do you find that the NLT is a reliable translation?
  4. I have a chronological study bible in the NLT. Its difficult to look up something quick since it's not canonical, but that's not what I use it for. I use it for studying. It has notes for when the translation differs from the KJV, I find that helpful. I like the NLT for reading because it's easy to read. I look up verses in other translations as I read. I'm currently reading the book of the Acts of the Apostles and Isaiah. I skip around a lot. It being chronological according to when the books were written gives me a new perspective.
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  5. I read through the entire Bible when I was about 18 or 19 years old. I believe it was the NKJV. I need to do it again. I keep trying to read it aloud with my husband but I forget sometimes and then want to start over.
  6. I'd like to read the bible in chronological order at some point. I may try to do that this year now that you reminded me.

    Sweet Pea, do you do devotionals? If you have a smart phone you can download YouVersion's Bible app any it sends you reminders daily. It also has short reading schedules like reading through the the Gospels in a month to help you develop a daily reading habit.
  7. I have a lot of down time at work so I normally listen to/read the Bible there. I also have an Excel spreadsheet with various workbooks to separate categories (i.e. love, sin, encouragement, end times, spiritual warfare, etc) for verses that really hit home for me. So far it's worked out well. I do the same thing at home. I'm finding it easier to listen to than actually read. Although, I just bought a new KJV of the Bible, plus I have a NIV and an apologetic study Bible.
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    I really like audio bibles. I can get through the Bible twice as fast because I can listen when I drive as well.

    For study notes I use my phone. I have a few bible apps that allow me to take notes and have them attached to an account so I can't lose them. I don't write in any of my bibles.

    There is nothing wrong with writing in your bible. I just don't do it because my main bible was kind of expensive and none of my other ones have enough room because they're all personal sized or paperbacks.
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  9. I don't know how reliable it is.. I don't think it is very reliable like ESV or KJV.. But it is an easy read! :) That's why I use ESV for deeper Bible studies..
  10. I just don't hear people bash the NLT like they do the NIV, so I figured it must be better. Not that people don't bash good things too.

    I suppose maybe it's more doctrine correct in people's eyes? I'm really not sure since I don't know much about that stuff. I barely even know what you guys are talking about on more complicated threads.
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    What is a book marker...?
  12. I know what she means. I do this with RPGs all the time. I start and then don't play for a few days and feel the need to start over. I guess I'm afraid I won't remember where I am in the story.
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    Yup! Happens to me also...I even forget to put book markers...
  14. The NLT is not as well known as NIV because it has not been around as long, nor used as widespread as NIV.
    I first used KJV then got an NIV because our church used it so much, and now I have just started using an NLT study bible. I have found to understand some words or verses, it helps to have the 3 different versions to compare and also a Strongs concordance of the KJV to look up words to get a better understanding. By comparing you occasionally pick up on some of the nuances of the original words and the concepts they have been used with in other parts of the bible.
    I tend to read based on a subject I want to know more about. Sometimes I read to look up something a preacher has used in a sermon. I write music and I look for inspiration from the bible.
  15. Speaking of Strongs concordance, does anyone use E Sword to study? I just recently downloaded it and fell in love
  16. A harmony of the gospels is a good study tool.
  17. Alright, I have updated my reading plan. I start work next week so I wanted to have a smaller set amount of reading.

    If I started over the plan would be set up like this:
    Bookmark in Genesis, Job, Isaiah, and Matthew.
    Read two chapters from each Old Testament bookmark.
    Read three chapters in the New Testament bookmark.
    This makes a total of nine chapters a day.

    This puts you at reading the Old Testament twice a year and the New Testament four times a year. I figure that's probably good enough. I would prefer to read the whole Bible three times a year, but that increases the chapters per day to about 13 (if I remember correctly) and I'm afraid I wouldn't me able to keep up with it.

    The other benefit of this plan is that it's continuous. After I finish a bookmark (example: when I get to Job with the bookmark that started in Genesis) I can just start over with that bookmark. I don't have to wait to finish anything else like I would if I was trying to read the whole Bible three times through each year.
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  18. Well, I have this small book called the spirit calling...its a devetional type book..
    It has a scripture for that day as well as a theme for the month and below
    The book ,chapter and verse to read : )

    Sometimes, my brother asks the HS what to read and He tells Him ...and explains it afterward..

    I think both ways are great ,as long as youre reading the word : )
  19. Oh what job are you starting ? :)

    I was thinking of working over the summer too = }
  20. I've always been afraid to read bits of the Bible at a time. I'm afraid I won't read all of it like I want that way. My grandfather does that and seems to enjoy it though.

    I'm old so this may be permanent. I got a job at Home Depot.

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