How do you love yourself?

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  1. Ive been pondering this question lately.....

    and Idk know how to fill that space...
  2. By God's love for you. Read the Songs of Solomon - the Bride of Christ is the woman, we all are, and the Beloved is Jesus. See yourself there.
  3. My answer is we don't try to love ourselves, but instead we focus on loving God.

    Now in the case of being in a place where guilt, self image, or social status comes into play, we must turn to scripture.

    I know for me, guilt is a big thing that I deal with, I sometimes find myself feeling unworthy to even talk to God, that I'm not worth it because of whatever sin I did in the past. But really what that I am saying is that what God did isn't enough, and my sins are bigger than God. That in and of itself is a lie from hell. In 2nd Corinthians 5:17, Paul writes that we are a new creation and that the old is done away with. If you are a new creation in Christ, you are free.

    Self image is a tricky one, and the world bombards things with making you look like a wonderful human being that is a beautiful mess. But no matter what they say, we know that how wretched we really are. So we need to accept that. Not embrace it, not feed it, but simply humble ourselves and acknowledge our failures and shortcomings. After that, we can lift them to the Lord, as we should lift all things to Him. He is in control of our lives, and again, we are a new creation. If you honestly don't like the person you are, you need to look and see where you are falling, and with dilligence and perseverance, take the necessary steps with the Lord. Sanctification is a process that requires a breaking point. But you must understand that God loves you, and his love is more real and intense than anything in this world, and God alone is all you need

    In social status/looks all I can really say is look at everything in light of eternity. Is what you're wearing, the money you make, or anything you own going to matter in 100 years. No, but your faith, and your walk with Jesus will.

    In sum, I hate to share the blanket statement of focus on Jesus, but that's what we must do, if we do, we find peace in the storm. If we do not, we will find storms in the peace
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  4. By giving your life to Jesus.
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  5. Its okay that you shared the same thing... its just even when I did focus on Him idk... I still didn't feel much love for even now as a Christian I struggle w/ it... I don't see how loving God will transfer love to myself (not saying it can't happen..) I just don't understand how it will..

    I know physically, to love yourself, you keep up your appearance, you strive (academically ;if youre in school, you get a job ...) you do these things because you know you're worth it..and you deserve it...

    But emotionally, when you feel less than/low..... the only thing I can think of are positive affirmations....but I wonder if affirmations are enough to fix an emotional mess know?
  6. When I was 16 I walked out in front of a car.....on purpose. Upon my failed attempt to escape this world, I had a few experiences that slowly began to give me some sort of inner structure to build upon. I had been gutted by years of abuse and had to find a way to rebuild that inner structure we all need to get through a day.
    First, I had to find a way to be my own best friend.
    Second, I had to learn to laugh at myself.
    Third, I had to learn to reject and walk away from destuctive people and caustic relationships.
    Fourth, I had to accept the hand dealt me and find a way to continue day by day.
    Fifth, and this is crucial, cling to the Rock(CHRIST) with everything you have and never, never let go.
    None of these are in order of importance but rather how I just wrote them down. Doing these things and others kept me from taking my own life.
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  7. Looking after yourself or loving yourself is like looking after the Holy Spirit who dwells in you.
    Your body is His temple.
    Now he wouldnt like it if you kept neglecting it or abusing it would He?
  8. Submitting one's self to God and loving Him above all things is a good way to show a just form of self-love.
  9. One of the hardest things for christians is honestly and truly believing that God really loves you.
    That's the litmus test.
    Without that truth residing deep down inside, no Christian can possibly love himself.
    Thankfully, God's love has nothing whatsoever to do with our behaviour, otherwise we would always be trying to earn His love.

    Preachers, evangelists, good and godly christians, all constantly remind us of God's love for us, but how real and honest are those words in their own hearts?
    I am not talking about you telling God you love him, because we regularly tell God that in songs and hymns. Will you let God into your inner man, and let him love you unconditionally?

    Just how easily can you speak to God as his own little child, without feeling awkward, wrong, sinful, not good enough, etc. Is God really your heavenly daddy, or is he a distant father that you don't really know and are frightened of offending?

    Here is the test.-
    Try addressing God personally, just telling him any or all of the following or variants of them.
    "I know that you love me Lord."
    "You are my daddy and I receive all your love for me."
    "Thanks you Lord for loving me through all the bad things I do."
    "Thank you Lord that your love for me is more than I can possibly imagine."

    This is a test, do it till it has meaning and freedom as most people are so religious about God that they find it far too difficult. God is a person, he is not a religion! You have been hidden in God's son, therefore God loves you just like He loves Jesus.
    Jesus called him Abba, daddy! What is God to you?
    If you struggle with any of this, then you are not confident in who God is to you, and who you are before God.
    His love has nothing to do with how good you are, so what's stopping you taking every bit of what God has for you. Only then will you have true peace inside, and be able to love yourself as God loves you.
  10. Matthew 16:24-25 Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.

    This in in reference to what we must do as followers of Jesus, and as followers of Jesus, the holy spirit produces our christian character. Which is Galatians 5:22-23. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control.

    In this, we can be assured that when we first lose ourselves, including our fleshly desires, our personal self image, and our pride.

    The focus isn't to love ourselves but on the same hand, it isn't to dwell on the characteristics that make us human. Focusing on either will interfere with your walk with God. Instead, we must focus on loving him, and the love he has for us, a love so deep that he allowed His son to die on a cross. When we accept that, we will find peace.
  11. To be honest I don't love myself in any admirable sort of way. The only way I love myself is by taking care of myself. There are times I sincerely hate myself. What pushes me through is God's love for me. Loving yourself won't really do you any good, it will just make you selfish like the world.
  12. I tried to follow Him, I went after god hard.. I made myself look like a fool(took the bus and train to church ..sometimes in the cold or rain..while others got rides ..this wasnt all the time though)), feel stupid, allowed myself to be belittled to tears by someone who was supposed to guide me, I gave money...
    (all I had where I was abt to be put out)

    This doesn't cover all what Jesus did for me and never will...

    but Im just saying.. when I did all that ..I didn't feel a self esteem shift...
  13. Self esteem is a personal choice.
  14. Not if you suffered childhood abuse, then the choice was made for you.
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  15. agreed...
  16. Nope. That's an excuse. The only thing we have control of are our choices.
  17. You obviously have no idea what your talking about.
  18. Tell me why you feel that way.
  19. Childhood abuse rips at the very spirit of a child. Not going to be easily repaired with one-liners. Victims of abuse will spend a lifetime dealing with the memories.
  20. Some choose to have a fruitful life and have good self esteem , others choose to live like a victim and wallow in self pity.

    How you feel is a choice. Maybe not an easy one but still it's a choice.

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