How do you Love reading Bible

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  1. How do you Love reading Bible

    Hi forums,

    If anyone would share his/her experience on how to enjoy reading Bible and loving it, I'd be very thankful. And as we know praying in the morning is Jesus' example, but here exactly lies my greatest problem: I just cannot afford waking up in the morning. So how do you usually cope with this kind of thing.. :blush:

    Thank you and God bless.
  2. I think you love it when you feel God's intimate presence when studying it and a joy resonant of many worship singing experiences spoken about today . it's really unique . ask God to give your heart a hunger for knowing Him through His word .
  3. There are many dry spots in the Bible. But there are many interesting things in the Bible. I switch it up. I'm reading three books right now. Well, right now, it's a bit unorganized because i finished like 2-3 books of the Bible. But I'm reading Exodus (which can be dry in some spots), Matthew, and I just finished 1 Peter, and working on 2 Peter.

    I love learning about the grace of God and how as Christians, we struggle, but yet our ultimate goal is Jesus.
  4. The best way to enjoy reading the Bible is to take away the mediocrity we tend to sometimes get when reading it. Instead, look at it as God's intimate word for us, our way of relating to Him everyday and finding a way to grow closer to the Lord.

    The Bible is full of a beauty that is both literal, symbolical, fantastical, humorous, is the story of the lives of many people who all did amazing things for God. Even the things which we might consider horrible or depressing had some meaning, something to teach us. The Bible is full of lessons, is full of wisdom and guidance.

    You can read the Bible any day, any time, any way. You don't have to just read it in the mornings. Maybe the evenings before going to bed or during lunch break or whenever you have some quiet time. I mean, heck, if you want to read it upside down while flying on a floating saucer, by all means - do it! :D Though, you might get dizzy and faint with all the blood rushing to your head, ha ha.

  5. Thanks for the replies. God's intimate words and presence are of course great reasons to consider reading the Bible, yes, but do I just leave out the "dry spots" and switch to the interesting points anytime I read it.. I know this is quite uneasy to explain, but still, I need someone to willingly tell me how to probably get "addicted" to the Word, so much so that you can't even miss a single day without reading it. Wow, that would be great..
  6. The easiest way to get addicted to something is to start doing it regularly. When it becomes habit (not just routine), you do it without even thinking. It's your method of operation. I like to read twice a day. A devotional is delivered weekdays to my email inbox which helps me focus on particular aspects of the word in lessons that are already thought out. I usually check that on the train en route to work because I have a few minutes. It's cool to have your Bible in transit if you can, and it'll occupy some otherwise dead time and get you ready to start your day. At night I come here to the forums, wind down, then pray and play what I call "Bible Roulette". I pray and ask God to open my eyes and ears to the Word and to guide me to what He wants me to know. Then I literally open the Bible and read whatever the Spirit leads me to. Sometimes I read a long time before I feel like I catch what the Spirit is saying; sometimes it's right there on the first page. Sometimes I even end up reading the same passage(s) repeatedly. That must be when God feels like that lesson is important. But once this reading becomes habit, something I do almost without thinking, it's easier to go to the next level and start enjoying the novelty of my "Bible Roulette". I look forward to hearing what the Spirit has to say to me about life. Hope this helps you. Give it a try and let me know how it works!
  7. Good point. I like this. Thanks for sharing!
  8. The trick to reading the genealogies is meditating on the stories associated with the names of all the begatted ones .
  9. the trick to understanding the law and the prophets in the context .. why is God being so mean? .. is that all that was said in the law happens in the period of Judges, flows into the age of the Kings and even into captivity . everything that happens in the law period is a consequence of previous generations mess ups . for example the philistines made a peace treaty with Isaac said that expressed mutual treatment . it seems God honoured that agreement even though the philistines forgot about it after the days of Isaac .

    The New Covenant is based on a different premise than the law . and this is why sometimes there is this perceptory syndrome of Good cop, Bad cop with one covenant to the other . Until Jesus died on the cross everything was based on consequence . but after He died contrary to consequence . this opened up a new way in which God could fully express His love to everyone without boundaries . and changed radically how God expressed His love to all the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve .

    that's what i've found helpful in reading it . and loving it . hope that helps . love bless .
  10. I like to read the bible from the beginning to the end. If you read about 15 pages a day, you can read it 3x a year. I mostly read in he quiet of the morning but I bring a pocket bible with me and sometimes find one of God's quiet places and read during lunch.
  11. And isn't it cool that no matter how many times you read it you can find something new even in the old stuff you read all the time?
  12. Yes, that is very true. The Bible is not just a 'book' that you read from beginning to end. It is more what I would call a study, something you go back to over-and-over again, regardless of how many times you have read it. You can read it from beginning to end, backwards, forwards, or just by going to certain points/scriptures to find what you need.

  13. I thank God for this forum. :israel: Thanks for the ideas, they are really useful to me.
  14. Sometimes i look up a word in a concordance and read all the cross references ..... its amazing how things jump out that you wouldn't have noticed in simply reading it through.
  15. I'm trying to read it all through at the moment. I'm not really going from beginning to end though, kinda dotting around a bit. I'm also only reading about 3 or 4 pages a day...

    I really love it when I make links between two verses, and something just clicks.

    Also, I love the Psalms, and I have my personal favourites, like 139, which I read over and over again, because they speak to me really powerfully.
  16. I listen to what the Spirit is saying and He gives me verses. As I read others come to mind. Its always about a certain subject and all the passages flow together so good.

    If I have extra time I will read passages that I enjoy or that I have not read in awhile. I used different versions for studying and Bible study that are very accurate, than I do for enjoyment.
  17. Yes, it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! I've read the Bible through many times, but sometimes when I read it I read something that makes me say to myself, "Wow! I didn't know that was in there!"

    So, Yes, It is VERY [​IMG]
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  19. The Lord is constantly illuminating us and giving fresh revelation
  20. There are many different ways we can read the Bible.. but I would suggest to anyone to get a good study Bible so it can help you understand and connect scriptures.

    Of course, we all need the Holy Spirit to teach us the true meanings of scripture too.

    I have different ways of reading the Bible.. it can be either a flick around and see what catches my eye.. or I could be interested in a certain topic (This is where the study bible comes in handy).. I am also currently reading a chapter or two everyday of a NT... many people want to read the whole Bible, so if by just picking out a book of the bible and setting yourself just to read one or two chapters a day, this then saves you from getting bogged down by it.

    There are also lots of free study resources around on the net.. so look for some of them too to help expand your level of study. :)

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