How Do You Like Your Pancakes?

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  1. How do you like your pancakes?

    "With kinky hair." 22 June
    "On a carousel that wont stop. Round,and round I go." 19 June
    "A presence of joy ( Through Jesus theFather dwells in you,and in His presence there is nothing to fear.)" 19 May
    With a Poptart. 5 May
    Studying for finals. 5 March
    In the storm. 27 August
  2. With sausage.
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  3. Greetings;
    One egg is sufficient in the batter . Pineapples chunks added. Use to like blueberries, but they brought to mind,woods and bears.
    So Hawaiian images won my heart to pineapple chunks.

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  4. Huh? What or who are you talking about?
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  5. Our Pancakes! Of course! :D
  6. oooooh you are talking about the member. You know I read this a few times. I couldn't figure out what it was about, so I just posted in response to breakfast.
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  7. LOL. I see I see I see. Well, I think she's cool. In regards to breakfast, pancakes with chocolate chips, with eggs and sausage! Yeah!
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  8. Of course! It can go either way for the individual. Thank you!

    I like my breakfast pancakes simple, with butter and real Wisconsin or Maine maple syrup.

    I like my human Pancakes just the way she is...sweeter than pie!
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  9. Aw, you're talking about meh..
    You're gonna give me a heart attack with all that sweetness.

    But as for the breakfast food, I'd actually prefer an omelette..
    As for me..I like myself when im inspired and full of ideas .
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  10., I thought you were talking about food at first too lol
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  11. If I had to choose...I would like them fluffy, tons of butter, some whipped cream, strawberries (real ones not those fake ones covered in that red-nasty goo) and Aunt Jamima - Butter Rich syrup. Mmmmm!
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  12. Me too.
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  13. I hope pancakes doesn't change her name to 'salsa' or 'steak' and starts the same thread. There may be more long, drawn out descriptions as to how I like those and not the person. Yikes.
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  14. I'm sorry! i think I am wreaking havoc everywhere! 8( :)
  15. Lol Brian x D ...
  16. The person strikes me as honest, empathetic, and sincere in her faith; a good presence on the forum.

    The breakfast food I'll second everything said so far and add three more favorites:

    1.) poured over bacon on the griddle
    2.)topped with a whip made from 1 part peanut butter and two parts "cool whip" and sliced bananas
    3.)topped with strawberries (fresh or even the syrupy ones Brian doesn't like :) ) and caramelized "sweetened condensed milk"
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  17. As thanks David G.. thats really nice to say...
  18. You're making me hungry.
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  19. this popped up on my screen makes it look like sentient pancakes are thanking me for serving ideas. Not a situation I expected to be in today...or ever.

    Would it be too personal to ask how on earth you came up with the alias "pancakes" ? I think it's pretty great, I'm just curious :)
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  20. Lol idk..I just tried anything..bc you know how on some sites, the username you want is already taken so you have to come up with a cooky lame one?

    My first choice would have been , This lullaby... its the title of a book by one of my favorite authors, Sarah dessen.( thats my user name o n Yahoo answers)

    Or a common name of flowers,birds,moths and butterflies since Im fond of those.

    I tried to use, Shasta Daisy ( flower name), but that was taken,
    But Im using Red Lacewing ( common name of butterfly) on another site..
    And some I just make up, like: Peach fluff, Diamond dove, Angel Aquarium...

    Idk, in my spare time I like jotting down cool. Usernames
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