How Do You Let God Take Control?

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  1. This may be a simple solution for some, but for others, including myself, it's actually pretty difficult. I really WANT and NEED God to take control of my life, to show me what choices he recommends me to take, what choices I shouldn't take, or should I least wait on. I want to follow his way that would be best for me/him. I know there is free will and that he gives his recommendations to everyone, some choose to go against what he said is best for them. I don't want to be like that.

    I have been saved, I have asked God/Jesus to come into my heart and to guide my life. I have thanked him for everything he's done so far and asked him to show me what I should do to help continue my life. It's been 6 years since I have literally done nothing in my life, it's just been the same exact thing of nothing for 6 years. A complete waste of life and time, I KNOW that's not what he wants for me, and it sure isn't what I want for myself.

    I need to overcome my fear of learning to drive. I need to actually get motivation. For so long I've been in this "I don't care" mood. I do actually care but the negative emotions are so strong I don't actually care about doing even simple things like helping my mom with the dishes or cleaning my room or even bathing (I do bath, but not as often as I should, I just don't care even though I do, confusing I know). I need a job so eventually I can have my own life with a girlfriend and a wife (not at the same time of course, lol), and kids. I know I'm looking into the future but if my present doesn't change, neither will my future, at least not positively.
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  2. Thomas, I can sense your heart in your words. It sounds like me 37 years ago as I had the same desires. I wanted the Lord to guide me into in every thing, but I did not know how to do that. I have since changed my desire to not want the the Lord to guide me, but to actually take over my life completely, as I do not trust my self in doing anything right. Jesus even had the same desire when he said, "I can of my own self do nothing" John 5:30 You are knocking to know what he has for you, and I can guarantee you he will show exactly what he has planned for you from the beginning. The Lord told me many years ago that if I wanted to see the future all you have to do is look back to the beginning, because it was in the beginning when God finished all his work. He has already prepared a Kingdom for you, he has already given you all things that pertain to life and Godliness, and we get these things through the knowledge of God and by believing them. God has wrapped all these things up in a form of promises. But to experience them requires you to come before him to get them. This is why it tells us to "come boldly to the throne room of grace that you may receive mercy to help in a time of need." I know you already know the way.
  3. This is actually a good question because it really is easier said than done. In fact, many of us tend to let Him take control of 95% and we choose we can handle 5% on our own.

    This is something I've struggled with and still do today as we all do.

    I've found my trust in God has grown through extensive prayer. Putting time devoted to prayer each say -- an hour of uninterrupted prayer. I've found it to really enrich my faith and changes the way I respond to each struggle.
  4. Look this dying to self, being weak in self..and walking in the grace and power of God? Is a matter of believing the gospel, the GOSPEL is the power of God ! If a person is half under law "flesh" and half under grace "spirit" they will ALWAYS be double minded. Renew the mind by the "word of grace" "word of righteousness"...the perfect law of liberty... Die to the law and all confidence in the flesh, and trust in the grace of God alone! Then you will understand the mystery of godliness!
  5. I can understand your trouble, Thomas, and all I can say to you about it is that you must step out and walk in your faith. Jesus promises to be with us in everything we do and everywhere we go---because He dwells in us, but we need to take those steps and not sit back waiting for Him to somehow "take over".

    Here are a few words I have kept from a pastor friend of mine whom I admire, and I pray that they help you in some way:


    Now, you know our culture says, "Base everything you do on how you feel." In other words, if you feel like doing it, do it – If you don't feel like doing it, don't do it. That is a guaranteed formula for immaturity, because immature people build their lives on feelings rather than on commitments.

    What happens when you live your life based on how you feel? You end up being manipulated by moods. You flip-flop around because you feel different from day to day. One of the marks of maturity is when you live your life by commitments rather than by feelings.

    The truth is, I don't always feel like doing what's right. Do you? I don't always feel like being nice to my wife. I don't always feel like spending time with my kids. I don't always feel like praying and reading God’s Word. But the issue is not what do we feel, but do we do the right thing?

    Let me give you a definition of success: "Successful people do what most people don't feel like doing." That's it – That's how you become a success.

    Successful people simply develop habits that unsuccessful people don't feel like developing. Like using their time wisely, being persistent, and sharpening their skills and things like that. You don't become a master musician by practicing only when you feel like it. Master musicians practice in spite of their feelings. Super salesmen don't make calls just when they're in the mood – "Oh, I don't feel like I'm in the mood today. I think I'll stay home and watch Montel."

    And godly men and godly women don't get that way just by feeling it. Instead they develop some habits in their lives, some disciplines like having a daily time with God, and they do it whether they feel like it or not. And that pleases God.

    "You mean even if I don't feel like doing it, spending time with God, pleases Him?" Yes! Why? Because you're doing it in faith and faith, which pleases God, is believing when you don't see it, and obeying when you don't understand it, and giving when you don't have it, and persisting when you don't feel like it. That's what it means to have faith. Faith is being persistent. It's refusing to give up, no matter how tired you get.

    So how do you get that kind of persistence? Well, consider this verse, “By faith (Moses) left Egypt , not fearing the king's anger; he persevered because he saw him who is invisible.” – Hebrews 11:27 What made him persistent? It's that last phrase; He saw Him who's invisible.

    You might write this down: We can only accomplish the impossible when we see the invisible. If you keep your eyes on God, He'll give you the power to keep on keeping on."
  6. The power of imagination in God and His kingdom based on the word of God.

    Romans 7:25 (KJV)
    I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

    2 Corinthians 10:4-6 (KJV)
    (For the weapons of our warfare [are] not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; ) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

    Philippians 4:8 (KJV)
    Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.

    Proverbs 23:7a
    For as he thinketh in his heart, so [is] he...

    The battle field is indeed all in your mind! All sin comes from a thought, then a choice. Do you run on autopilot or do you control your ship and surrender it to the Holy Spirit?
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  7. Brother, my view of Christianity is not about man doing anything for God, because he does not need our help for anything. We are the ones who need help. Christianity is about God doing for man what man could not possibly do on his own. Even doing righteousness works which we can not do. The true rest we find for our souls only comes when we stop working and let God take control in all that we think, say and do. He that has entered into his rest has stopped from his own works even as God did from his.
    Hebrews 4:10
  8. What we do FOR God of course isn't for His benefit since what can we do to benefit him? Just as He doesn't want us to worship Him because He needs it, but because we do, because He cares about us.

    I agree, what can he benefit from us?
  9. These are actually some really good responses.
  10. What do you expect God to do for you? Do you expect him to make your hands lift up and your feet to take steps?

    If you do then that is why the last 6 years of your life have been fruitless. It just doesn't work this way. You have to get up and push on through things. I'm sure you have heard the saying "God helps those who help themselves"? That may not be out of the Bible but it's something to consider.

    Where does it say in the Bible that you should sit around doing nothing while being overcome with fear?

    Sorry if I sounded harsh. God bless.
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  11. This is a great question! I am pretty sure everyone would face this question.. Not necessarily once.. But repeated again and again as we go through with this life.. Even I had the same question.. we always speak about trusting God and giving over things to Him.. But how do we practically do it? We still worry about situations.. We still worry about future.. How are we to practically give over everything into His hand? The Holy Spirit clearly gave me this verse.. I will never forget..

    "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

    When we constantly seek his Kingdom and His righteousness, we don't have to worry about other things falling in place.. Lord will automatically take care of them.. We don't have to take a particular case (may be finding some girl to marry) and worry if we are trusting God.. If we are walking in Spirit and truth, then we can be 100% confident that Lord is taking care of it for us..
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  12. Glad to hear you are saved, and have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart. Keep praying, read the Bible and fellowship with other Christians. On the other hand, God can not 'make' you happy, nor will He do those things that you must do for yourself. I would also consider that some of your problem may be a medical issue - go see a doctor and get a complete physical, blood test/urine etc. My wife discovered her diabetes after suffering with low energy, among other issues. ;)
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  13. I swear OP its as if you are living my life, like you ripped a page from my journal and just posted it here. :)

    Im in the same boat, im anxious and fearful of driving... ive been saved 3-4 years and despite asking God in my life help and take control..he ignores me..

    So i understand,and its easy to get discouraged. ..I've been for a long while.
    All I can say is keep trying.
  14. I swear, you are like the male version of me . Just keep your head up and keep moving. :)
  15. The first part is asking God in prayer. You have done that. The second part is for you to take action. God is not going to push you out of bed. You have to do that part. God WILL help guide you along the way if you put in the effort.

    Having God take control of your life does not mean that you are going to be like some robot.

    You know what to do. Trust God and go out there and do it.
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  16. I was hoping that he could at least help me change my feelings. Right now, I really don't care, at all, about anything. Yet at the same time, I do, or I wouldn't want to change and I wouldn't have even bothered to make this thread. I don't want to just not care, but when you feel that way, it's extremely difficult to do anything. I guess you can say that it's extreme depression, but to me, it feels different than just depression. I agree with what you're saying though, but it shouldn't be 10 times more diffcult for me to do dishes than the next person. I'm not physically handicapped, but if someone seen me, they would probably think I am with how much difficulty I have to get up the feelings enough to do anything.
  17. Exactly, though I wouldn't say God is ignoring you, I call it 'silent'. Although, he does stuff for us every single day, and we don't even notice it. I'm confident that we will both get through this eventually.
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  18. I just want to give God my life, I know with him guiding my life, my life will turn out much better than just me alone.
  19. A lot of times the only cure for this type of feeling is to force yourself to do things no matter how bad you feel. You may find that you feel better after you accomplish something.

    I know this feeling you have and it sucks. There may be something physical making you feel bad so a visit to the doctor may be something you want to consider.

    Keep us up to date on how you are doing. We care about you and will continue to pray that you are delivered from it.

    God bless.

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