How do you know when to end a friendship?

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  1. My friend is kind ,sweet and caring no doubt..

    But he worries me..he struggles with depression and what he told me tonight scared me....

    I feel I can't handle...his issue..but I feel like a hypocrite BC I vent so much myself...

    I would just worry if I did leave him bc... Like me he has no real friends ...and is breaking up with his be worry abt his state of mind ..

    And I feel as a friend I should be there for him..
    But idk if I can handle it...i hope I'm making sense :/
  2. are you able to share what is it that he told you that scares you?
  3. Take it all and lay it at the foot of the cross. And be there for him, but keep some limits. If he's talking about anything scary, be honest and straight with him letting him know that it scares you and if he's may have to call an ambulance or what have you.

    I know that venting is what people do, but it does not lead to healthy emotions. And we should never allow ourselves to be ruled by emotions. For the most part they can be very deceptive and usually mixed with everything but faith.

    If your going to talk to him...pray in the spirit beforehand, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring the truth of the Word to your conversation. That way the truth is center stage and the lies of the devil get squashed right away. And you can do it without quoting chapter and verse. It will be beneficial for you and for him...even if he is not a believer

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  4. Hi Pancakes,
    That's a tough place to be. It can at times fill like a ticking bomb inside you as your torn from self sanity and peace to love, caring and integrity towards some one else

    Don't allow your self to self-destruct but don't jump at throwing them away.

    Pray and pray in the spirit and base your prayers on James 1:5
    ( nlt If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.)

    However as James continues to say....You Must Believe no matter what base your prayers and answer on the fact that you know God will give you the answer. Believe He has already done so.

    Now when it comes time to make that choice......Do Not act or think He has not given you the answer Especially if you don't recall Him speaking directly to you. No !

    It is then we must trust God and ask our selves what do I want to do in this situation? If it does not go against Gods word then there is your answer. You will know that you know what is right with in you.

    People make bad choices or doubt God heard or answered because all the bells and whistles did not go off.
    Sad but true.

    Seek God honestly Pancakes.....You will know what to do. Weigh everything that is said to you in here with the word of God and what your Spirit man is saying with in you.

    You will make the correct choice.
    I hope this helps
    Brother FCJ
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  5. Yeah I'm definitely keeping limits.. :/
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