how do you get rid of the web search malware from your computer?

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  1. especially if the pop up of the start menu updated comes up every time you logged on?
  2. smug answer: Use Linux:p
    serious answer: have you tried running restore to an earlier date?
    If you have not been setting restore points, then you might look at deleting all the malware files you can identify. You will need to run a good registry cleaner as well before you reboot!!
    CCCleaner is free and it works well.
    hope this helps
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  3. OK....

    so if I have not set a restoring point, you mean I should first, clean my registry, and then simply reboot?

    and is any registry cleaner would do, I have Norton 360 on my computer and it has a registry cleaning function.

  4. To be honest, I'd use cccleaner to get rid of n360 too.
    If N360 is worth the disk space it occupies, how come you have malware problems?
    Before you set a restore point, you need to make sure that your system is in good health,..else why would you want to restore malware at some future time?
    Clean out all malware, clean the registry use ccCleaner not n360, then create a restore point.
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