How Do You Find Christian Sites

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  1. How Do You Find Christian Sites

    When you are looking for Christian sites on the internet, what means do you use to find them?
    Referal from friends?
    Links from another site?
    Listings in a Christian directory?
    Search engine? If so, what search terms do you use?
    Anything else?


  2. usually by going to sporting forums.but this ones good.:)
  3. Google.

    What else is there?:D

  4. A little of each, but I always check it out myself to see what the Holy Spirit says. Some of the sites have some good stuff and some not so good stuff. I take what lines up with Scripture and leave the other stuff alone.

    Here’s a few of my favorites. The first two are for women mostly, but they have some good stuff for everyone.
  5. Hey Lynn. Have you ever tried YLCF. You might like it. Here's a link. Young Ladies Christian Fellowship
  6. Macro, what search terms do you use?

    (Basically, I'm looking for ways to get my sites found by more people. I figure knowing where, and for what, people look is a good starting point.)



    PS. Thanks Housesitter, I'll certainly check out CFS.
  7. Hi Mellow.

    I appreciate the thought, but I'm on the "heaven side" of 50, so I don't think I qualify for a "young" anything [grin].

    However, I will take a look at YLCF.


  8. With our site we simply used meta tag words that accurately reflected the page content. All our pages contain Christian info of some sort so our first tag word is always Christian followed by other relevant words for example one of our pages has the following:

    Christian, house sitting, housesitting, house sitters, house sitter, housesitters, pets, pet sitters, homeowners, housesit, pet care, home security, pet sitting, find house sitter, become house sitter, house sitting opportunities, house care, house minding, housecarers, house sitting services, FAQ

    It worked and we quickly climbed up the ranking in Google. (still a way to go).

    The next thing was getting good and relevant links back to our site.

    Finally we find it important to keep our site updated and our site map updated with Google.

    I hope this is some help

    PS Another thought when you find a good Christian site look at their source code and see what tags they are using. Not to copy them but to see what type of words they used..
  9. Oh, I should of asked. Disregard it.
  10. I usually do search engines, and if a Christian site I already like has a number of links I will use those as well.
  11. I googled "Christian forums sit" And found this :p
  12. I use google :)

    It always find the most useful links!

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