How Do You Determine A False Prophet?

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  1. I would assume saying things contrary to scripture would expose someone as a false prophet, but what else?
  2. I'd say testing them against Scripture is the best defense that we have. Where we cannot test against Scripture, like topics that Scripture doesn't address, we must rely on the Holy Spirit to be the guide. I personally am not so comfortable with the second option because I haven't honed my listening skills yet and most of the time I feel like I don't receive an answer. Perhaps that will get better with time.
  3. I don't listen to anyone who calls him/herself a prophet. I find that a very heady proclamation to make about oneself. The pride it must involve to do that! Kind of reminds me of Messianic leaders who take on the title of "Rabbi" when they don't have even half of the necessary education.
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  4. I love this answer, thanks. I agree, none of them has an ounce of humility. They have all the answers and no questions and you have to be suspicious of that.
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  5. Amen. A true prophet is confirmed by his words and need not call himself a prophet.
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  6. Beware of any teaching that doesn't lead to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit always leads to Jesus, any "prophet" should lead to Him as well.

    But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative—that is, the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you. ‭John‬ ‭14‬:‭26‬
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  7. Taking money for their services could probably hurt their credibility a bit; on the other hand, they do need to finance their gatherings and events.

    Attention to detail is important, liars only speak in generalities.

    Being in accordance with the scriptures is, however, the most important factor.
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  8. 1. Gone fishing hit the nail on the head. ''any teaching that doesn't lead to Jesus Christ''.
    2. When the preacher drives a Ferrari and everyone else a Toyota.
    3. When the preacher calls himself a prophet. As Tezrili mentioned. The last prophet was Malachi.
    4. When the preacher has abnormal behavior. Smiles too much / always dressed like a salesman / only makes positive statements.
    5. When the message sounds too pleasing to the flesh 2 Tim 4:3.

    Then of course we all know that false prophecy 101 = half truths, twisting and omitting scripture. People who know scripture well know how to twist it and make us seem like the false prophet / doubt ourselves :giggle:.
  9. Seriously, KingJ. Seriously, okay? Throughout my last 30+ years, I have been accused by leaders of smiling too much, looking too happy. This is frustrating to me. I don't understand. Since you brought it up (sorry!!) what is wrong with being happy? Or possibly it's finding humor in things? With smiling? I ask anyone here in all seriousness. Please be honest, because any answer less than an honest one is not worth typing -- okay?
  10. easy

    are they walking the walk?

    also watch out for Christians who are manipulative.....
  11. Tezrili being happy (y). Tezrili being happy often (y). Tezrili smiling often (y). Tezrili preaching from scripture to an audience and smiling after every phrase / too much (n).

    Our lips are created by God in a neutral position. Not all scripture makes us laugh / smile. If it does = false teaching.
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  12. Remember a few things:

    God uses the foolishness of to confound the wise of this world.
    The disciples were 'uneducated'.
    "Prophecy" can be the gift of preaching.
    Jesus fought elitism in the Church'
    God uses the humble-not the proud.

    Try the spirit: using discernment from the Holy Spirit and the Word of God...
  13. Issue with that is we get bogged down in which scripture and how valid it is to the teaching that is being falsely given.
    Then we have the issue of translations into English that were not correctly done. So we assume the words mean the same in their
    original form which is not always the case.

    So Sola Scriptura is not a panacea. We have to go beyond that to trusting The Holy Spirit that was given to us.
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  14. The only issue I have with people making claims based on what they think the Holy Spirit is telling them is that everyone seems to get different messages. If I can prove that someone is teaching falsely through Scripture then I'd prefer to do it that way so others are more likely to believe.
  15. People express happiness in different ways. I'm happy 99% of the time. I'm not always smiling, but I'm pretty darn happy :)
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  16. If someone claims to be a prophet, then I would start being careful at that time itself.. Instead of judging them, I would test the spirit against Word of God and look at the fruits they bear..

    When someone prophesies certain things for me these days, I take it as a word of encouragement.. Because I have personally known genuine preachers who prophesy.. They think anything that comes to their mind and heart at the time of prayer is a prophesy..
  17. One of the preachers who criticized me for being happy told me he knew me "like a book," then declared things over me that were so off it was humorous. He thought himself so wise he never doubted his false declarations. These prophet-types have a dismal record with me, in my experience.

    However, unassuming types, including my recent talks with my sister, have shown me truths that were relevant and usable. Hmmmm.
  18. Talking about false prophets, something to lighten up the day and bring a smile :D

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  19. The formula that The Holy Spirit gave me is the one that The King uses.

    Someone does X or says X.

    I check with the scriptures. IF they do not line up. Problem, move onto the next test.
    What does the Spirit place faith into what X is? If no faith is placed there, then move on to the final test.
    Does X violate the Two Great Commands? Even if X violates one, it automatically violates the other.

    If X fails ALL of these, then we have major false teaching or bad fruit.
    If it busts two of three, it is not something that you would want to dare to side with.
    If it violates the first test, do more research.

    This is how the spirit moved inside of me for these issues.

    So far have not found anything that cannot stand up against the process.

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