How Do You Describe Salvation By Grace?

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Which best describes 'grace' to you

  1. 'unmerited favor'

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  2. a divine influence upon the heart and life

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  3. neither

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  1. Please post only your description of what you believe grace to be. Yes, i recently did a similar questionnaire asking what is 'unmerited favor', but this is a different question(as some people do not describe grace as 'unmerited favor'). As before,please do not link to videos from YouTube or other websites, I am not interested in what the 'preachers' on Youtube say, I want your description of saving grace. Thanks for participating and please be civil towards those who may have a different perspective than you.

    To the Mods; is it possible to block someone from posting if their speech becomes unacceptable? If so, please do so as you see fit!
  2. ??? Grace, as the word itself means, is umerited favor.
    It is the gift, from a Holy God, to a very unholy and undeserving creature, of immortality in a Holy realm.
    It can also be called "the adoption by God of a very wayward child".
    It is only by grace that we can be His children, not by anything we are or do of our own.
  3. G.R.A.C.E. - God's Riches At Christ's Expense

    I believe grace and mercy are opposites

    Grace - Getting something that you do not deserve
    Mercy - Not getting something that you do deserve
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  4. Hmmm very different responses, yet similar too.
    If I were describing salvation by grace, I would have to first establish the need for salvation.
    Then I would talk about being saved from the debt we owe, by God having met that debt for us by the substitution of His Son on our behalf because our debt was/is impossibly large...too large for us to pay.
    I would use the parent/child example of a parent stepping in to make good a debt that their child can not possibly repay.
  5. Absolutely 100%, well put...
  6. Based on your questions I would say that not only is grace "unmerited favor" but at the same time it is also
    "a divine influence upon the heart and life" With out the Lord revealing himself to man, man could not have faith to access grace.
  7. That says it all!

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