How Do You Deal with Temptation?

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by writestuff, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. How Do You Deal with Temptation?


    I wondered if I could get some advice from you all on handling temptation. I am a freelance writer working on an article for a weekly Christian magazine on this subject. I would be so grateful to hear what works for people as they deal with temptation in their day-to-day lives.

    Please tell me:

    • What temptation do you come up against most regularly?
    • How do you handle it?
    • Any other thoughts you have on the subject
    Feel free to weigh in. Your comments do not necessarily have to be used in the article. I will ask your permission before using your comments.

    Thanks in advance for helping this writer (and her readers) with your input.

  2. Suicide would be a temptation I face daily. I just try to put my trust in Jesus and take it day by day.
  3. Hey Jeremy,

    Sorry to hear such heavy thoughts on your mind. Do you pray a lot about it? I will certainly pray for you.

    I know I was the one asking for advice, not you, but wanted say - Make sure you're talking to someone about this. If you don't currently know of someone, I can help you with that.

  4. I've attempted suicide once, and I lived. I've survived a drug overdose and alcohol poisoning (yeah, I was really reckless before I came back to the Lord) so I guess there might be a purpose for little pathetic me. But, I don't want sympathy. I live day to day and I pray constantly. I know the good Lord will see me through.
  5. Jeremy, you break my heart~
    Don't talk like that!
    I am here for you always but most importantly, God is always here for you~
    Things ARE going to get better but in ways you cannot foresee~:heart: P.S. I think it is a very good Idea that you find a Christian counselor to help you through this!
  6. writestuff,
    I pray alot.
    The Bible tells us that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak~
    Without the intervention of God we cannot always easily dismiss temptation. If we could, it would not be temptation, then~
    I believe all Christians face it in different degrees at different times in our lives.
    Knowledge and awareness is very helpful, in that, the more we ignore satan the more he wants to get our attention!
    Blessings to you~
  7. Dear writestuff, I choose to be very frank in formidable insist of my material, wherefore I will write without disclosure, with possibility of learning of myself and being motivated by my real decision of not procrastinating the spirit endeavor, rather calm confidence of supportive assurance ..

    My only true and evident possibility for fault is only one single cause and just one cause only of intent in action, rather besides that I am totally free from sin, again but I am a new fond Christian for I lack experience in realness of spirit, so reproof will have to manage accordingly and I am convinced I have ability to prevail this one doubtful measure of nerve insisting .. Recently I cared to do away with all Internet access while as a new member of this forum because of my disconcerning with Internet pornography, rather I hate pornography with what I am, I despise the deed of such molestation, rather it is of past interest when I was not aware of spiritual realness and so I am left with just one single possibility of doubt, that does not mean I am an addict, no, however I do very well in not being subject to pornography at the end of all conclusive interests, but rather I have come to protest within my soul in my solitude, of how disconcerning it is to be of a strange esteem like doing so which I will feel dissatisfied, and I am my only true witness on earthly bounds, rather this battle of mine in favor of what I prefer as relevant animate in proper realism, rather I really really wish to familiarize to good sense instead of non sense reprobate, I am disgusted totally only that whatever victimizing I have done to myself in lack of true correspondence I protest but the attraction is very strong in carnal humor that leaves me heart broken in real definition, rather my only real interest to not provoke such explicit defiance is to forget the existence of unwell intentioned images within my likeness, or to think of non garbage distinction as my true and only option, rather favoring satisfaction in pure and non the lesser ..

    Many days I can be sinless, but in the effective's end there is pressure to contest what is most ill for me to relate onto, that when I have succeeded the moment's tempting I have thrown my guts in effect to being hard headed in favor of the pure and not a single yay for nay did I acknowledge, rather I preoccupy to improve of this and as I write this in whole I am very distasted by the concerning detail within context, rather I find rest in the appropriate and shall not be distinguishing mishap for the sake of bad volunteer for self implicate measures ..

    I really want to step on this issue provoke and kill my adversary intend right now, in real tone as of I have had enough of being bullied on my own at wayside, I am uncomfortable with the ill adviced deed, it is not even a friendly past time for it to be enjoyable, rather scrutiny of self proposed misconduct is something I really do not want to handle any more within, rather I in my liking really wish not to play any sort of game that will be of distrust for me to not participate onto life like I aught to ..

    Right now I feel I can go sinless for about many days on a row, but when after in time the contest to liberty appears to square off I really hope to be stronger than in last occasion, and I am to trust my maker in absolute charge, if God is to aid me God can, but God's timing is uncut perfection, that I may learn what I aught to learn ahead of time in all reference intended ..

    I am sick of paying deed to the unclean discomfort, rather if I do not so again by my power in God from now on in Jesus name, it is notice the spirit of the lord is not a thing of vain .. Rather I disprove of animate to improper scum loving, I am angry in a prudent sort of way ..

    It is awkward to relief to present oneself with the evident truth of serious disconcerning relate, rather whatever makes means to be worthwhile such is to have enough credibility to approving means of all and every favorable haste non the lesser is good enough at all ..
  8. Good for you, Jesse!
    And yes, there is much power in the name of Jesus!
    You will find much strength in God~
  9. Writestuff,

    Personally, lustful thoughts and impure images are my biggest temptations. I've experienced God's hand mightily in the last 6 months and have learned A LOT about avoiding temptation. This scripture has meant more to me than all others:

    Romans 8
    To me, daily prayer and Bible study ensure that we're keeping our minds on what the Spirit desires. Over time, God can heal our minds, thoughts, and desires if we conform to His will. But, it's like losing doesn't all happen at once. I think of it like the picture Marty carried around in Back to the Future. Remember how it slowly faded over time? God can do the same thing with impure thoughts in our mind, helping us to be less susceptible to temptation. Small acts of obedience are rewarded and can really snowball to some amazing results.

    On a more practical level, aAvoiding temptation seems like something that happens in an instant, when in fact it's something we should be ready to face all the time. Knowing that my eyes wander, I'm careful to be mindful of where I spend my time and what temptations might occur. When we suddenly "fall" into temptation, it's usually because we didn't have a plan ahead of time.

    For example, if I'm watching TV and a particularly racy scene or commercial comes on, I already have my thumb on the "Channel" button to immediately zap it. I know it can be there, so I'm prepared ahead of time. Most of the time, each of us know where our major temptations will be, and having a plan of action helps us keep our guard.

    Over time, the Holy Spirit can really lead us. In my life, I almost seem to know about temptations without even seeing them, almost like a "Spider Sense" that Spiderman has...a tingly feeling telling me NOT to look one way or another. It's a funny thing, but certainly of God.

    I hope this helps!
  10. How one's conduct should persevere the right, rather nothing in one's significance can be dependable that oppose ensurable expectations to being in well confirmation of interest .. One is responsible, to ignore the caution that unproves indecent corruption is sad to have lost the control of taking care to respond to life in approval context of authorization, and recommendable regard ..


    I am making an obvious concern to be released onto all corners for encouragement of notable worth ..

    To resolve is what matters ..

    Be encouraged right, give your hopes to Jesus ..
  11. Jeremy, this is a sad fact but a true one. I wonce was tempted by suice daily too, as a new christian back in the late 80's. I did take a drug overdose and ended up in hospital and too my horror was still alive when I woke up!! I am glad now though..

    It is a subject that some christians dont understand as they think how could a christain think such things??? BUT as you know,some do, and a great deal of understanding is needed.

    Now in my walk I face different tempations, I have two children 3 and 7. As a single mum I find time out a rare thing. To be able to sit for an hour and read the bible is such a luxury. Depression has always been something that wants to jump on me and rob me of my peace and joy. The temptaion I face is do I let it ! It takes guts to actually stand and decide that I will not be depressed today!!!! That the giver of life is always there to replentish the living water deep within.

    Often I think of Paul, he was given a thorn in the flesh, 2 cor 12v7 , by a messanger of satan. We do not know what this was, but we can tell it was something that hindered Pauls walk with God.
    God will never let us become tempted beyond our control, so when I think about how to deal with my temptations, I remember that I too am a disciple as Paul was. We too will face daily temptations or "thorns" . Accepting this and then turning my trust to the Lord, Knowing that HE is my source and my strength... That gives me hope and really helps me overcome.

    A mistake I have been guilty of is to deny the fact that I struggle. We need to be transparent and open about our failings. For it is only through Christ that we are righteous!

    Jeremy, the Lord will see you through! you are honest and open and in HIS wonderful hands.
  12. I made a reply before you serenade, it is amazing Jeremy is honest and open and in HIS wonderful hands ..

    In loving devout to someone in particular with evident struggle brought to my similarity,
  13. Thanks for your responses

    Dear Jeremy, Violet, Jesse, Bassmasa and Seranade:

    Thanks so much for your replies. Sharing our experiences is important because it reminds us that temptation is common to us all. It's also important to remember that it's not a sin to be tempted and that we have Help to call on when we are tempted.

    When tempted, no one should say, "God is tempting me." For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone. (James 1:13)

    And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

    Thanks again for your input!
  14. Dear Laura,

    May God be with you.
    • What temptation do you come up against most regularly? - Patience issues, quick temper, saying things under my breath when I'm angry.
    • How do you handle it? - I pray. I'll ask for help from Jesus, Mary, my guardian angel, St, Therese (who perfected taking even the littlest things from scrubbing the floor to accepting little snubs and offering them up to the greater glory of God)
    • Any other thoughts you have on the subject - It was once told to me that being a saint has absolutely nothing to do with perfection. It has to do with the perseverance that if and when you fall, you get right back up again to persevere once more.
    God bless you!
  15. Hello Writestuff

    Sadly, temptation is my specialty. That is why I find myself on this forum.

    We used to sing a Hymn.. "Yield not to temptation for temptation for temptation is sin,... look forever to Jesus he will carry you through."

    It seems that sadly this is more true for some than for others. Personally, I know I could not walk down the street in a straight line were it not for Jesus.
  16. Magendie there is not one man, woman or child that could accomplish that without Jesus!
  17. Here are my thoughts.

    We all deal with temptation. But we can all work through it. I have a sin I struggle with, and the sad fact is I do it nearly every day.

    When Tempted I pray, or I do something fun to keep my mind off of it.
  18. I find when I try to deal w/ temptation on my own - well it pretty much doesn't work! The only thing that really does work for me is praying and believing that the Spirit of Christ who has already overcome that temptation is alive and dwelling in me. He is the one who does it all - not me. I just have to trust Him.

    PS - to writestuff - Don't forget who you really are now in Christ - a child of God!
  19. That is called walking by faith brainrf and that is were we find victory.
  20. I am sure this has been mentioned already but I want to mention it in case it hasnt. Jesus didnt tell us to "deal" with temptation he told us to "flee" from it!:jesus-sign:

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