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  1. How do I mention just the person I a post and not quote their whole post? Like if someone wanted to quote DanaCovert68?
  2. To highlight part of a text and quote only what you want is normally a plugin for forum Software that needs to be added by Administrator (Web Master).

    For now you have to manually edit out what you don't want after you quote the whole post. You might suggest installing the plugin.
  3. What is the name of the plugin? I want to have it installed though.
  4. I am not sure what forum software this is, but most do have plugins that allow the quote select. I installed it on my forum as I rather not edit the parts I don't want quoted.

    If it's forum software that comes hosted for you and everything done for you then those might not have the extensive plugin options.

    Installing plugins can break things at times and it's sort of a hassle as the DB needs backed up and whole forum to be safe. It's something you could post for suggestions.
  5. What's the name of the software you added to your forum or whatever?

    This Mod gives you a new button called "Selected" which just quotes the part you selected with mouse. It's for Simple Machine forum software.

    I also have a chat room and shout box on my forum both were extra plugins to choose from. You can check my forum out here.

    My button is called "Quote Selected" when you go to reply to someone. Some forums you select the text and a button pops up asking if you want to perform quote select. It depends on the forum software and plugins available.

  7. I am wanting to mention a persons name like this: @MichaelH, or whoever I want to mention. When I was on an old forum, it allowed you to do that, and it would put it in blue or something like that meaning that it is mentioning that person. Get what I am saying?
  8. This forum puts it in a heading. There are many different kinds of forum software with different plugins. It would be impossible to make one forum software act like another one without writing the plugin yourself or even if the forum software would support it.

    On my forum, this is what Quote select looks like. It's the only options I have as there is only one plugin. All sites are different.

  9. Like @MichaelH said, it depends on what forum you are on. In our case that feature is part of the core product. We didn't require a plugin. Anyway, it is something the webmaster of the forum needs to add not the member.
  10. Then on this forum, the core feature just needs activated then? Quote select is very handy and you don't have to edit super large post trying to respond to just some points in the post. I am surprised it's not a core feature on all forum packages though.

  11. I'm sorry I was talking about @username user tag feature being part of our core software. We don't have a quote select feature yet for our software. What I usually do is, quote the entire post and delete what I don't want. Of course it is not very convenient to do that.
  12. The @Jeff was what I wanted to do.
  13. Okay if you have your own forum, you need to check with the forum owners community whether someone has made a plugin / add-on for user tag feature. Or if you going to build one, check whether it is built into the core product.

    If you are only a member of another forum and you want this feature, then you will have suggest it to the admin of that forum.
  14. Yeah me too. But Jeff, while we're on the topic of useless trappings, can you explain in words of 1/2 syllable what the point of tags is?
    I can't see any earthly (or heavenly) use for them. Someone tagged me....were we playing chasings?? I didn't know. I clicked on the tag thing and it brought up my profile...could have done the same by clicking on my avatar. Now is that rocket science or what??
  15. Tags are used to encourage activity on forums. Normally used to mention other members on each post. It's the same concept of having like buttons, Medal upgrades for the number of post, awards and such. It makes the user feel that they are working toward goals and not just reading pages with the option to post. Makes it feel like there is more there and a gimmick if you will, but one that works.

    Shout boxes, and chat rooms also keep user interest.

  16. That's what I was talking about too, @Jeff. I wanted to do the @username as well. Thanks for finally clearing this up for me.
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    @calvin, if I want to bring something to your attention, I can just tag you in my post and you will receive a notification. It's easier than posting something and then inviting you to participate in it via a private conversation or something. ;) For eg: if someone posted somewhere that they need some technical help, you can just reply to them and tag me there and I won't miss it.

    Tagging posts a profile link and triggers a notification to the user whereas a profile link is just a link.
  18. Ohhh OK, so it is forced conscription??? I can be made to follow a thread even if I chose not to??:D
    So, seriously, if Jack and I were conducting a forum discussion, if either one of us tags you, you can come see what is being discussed and either join in or not as you please?
    OK, thanks for the explanation.:)
  19. Good this got sorted.......... now about that Quote select......... ummmm.
  20. Yes. :D But you don't technically make him follow the thread because he only gets one notification per tag. The thread may go on forever.

    Also if you want to thank or appreciate someone in public, it's a good idea to tag him in instead of just mentioning his name.

    We will have to wait for it as it currently unavailable for our forum software. I'll keep it in my mind for list of things to look for.

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