How Do I Receive The Holy Spirit?

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  1. For those who don't know what Charismatic means. charis is the Greek word for grace. matic was added for action--one who walks in the total grace of the Holy Spirit.

    Without the power of the Holy Spirit, One cannot apply many graces which are promised to the believer.

    Most important in Gal. 5:22 we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Most get excited about the joy and peace fruit.
    They are supernatural and not just happy and calm. Even in the midst of great troubles, Ps.46:1 we can have peace and joy. Ps. 61:1-3 praise chases away a demon spirit of heaviness (depression). This also is the power of his presence to cause demons of heaviness to flee. See how it says the oil of joy? that is the Holy Spirit anointing of Gal.5:22-23.

    One thing not known is that praying in tongues, is also called perfect prayer language. Romans 8: shows that
    we don't always know what to pray for because of our weaknesses. The Holy Spirit helps us to pray perfectly.
    Jude 1:20 Holy Spirit also strengthens our faith to it's higher ability. Our prayers are hindered by sin in our lives----we don't live in sin but if we do. 1Jn.1:9. We face condemnation tactics of the powers of darkness which are overcome by powers of the Holy Spirit.

    The Christians today need to read Rev. 12:. Then they will see that it says after the man child is caught away,
    the serpent comes after the woman. Later in ch.12 he comes after the remnant of her seed. Once you see the woman is protected by God and her seed also, You realize she is righteous yet devil is chasing her. That shows that the devil is able to fight with saints and is not a disappearing factor once one is saved. Only the power of the Holy Spirit within us, can protect. Ps.91:1

    extra--- notice Rom. 14:17 and Jn. 14:17. Jn. says he will be in you and Rom. says what will be in you. righteousness , peace, and joy.---in the Holy Spirit. God bless.
  2. Heh, heh, heh, heh, Michael H, are naive, heh, heh, heh, heh........

    Have a good Sunday in the Lord all, may He richly bless you,

  3. I am not sure what is so funny. Everything I told you was to help and I can back everything with scripture. If you have scripture then it's not so funny because we have to be careful if we are laughing at the Word or the person giving the word. It best be because I am in the Wrong and not because of scripture.

    Anyway not sure what "naive" meant but you have a blessed Sunday also.

  4. There is a difference of the "Gift of Tongues" which is one of the gifts of the Spirit and the "Initial" evidenence of the Holy Ghost baptism which is speaking in tongues. You must first have "The Gift" (baptism of the Holy Ghost) to be eligible to receive the gifts of the Spirit.
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  5. what is this in English? Jesus said YOUR Father will give the Holy Spirit to those that ask. Condition that God be your Father. We also see the Work of the Holy Spirit in a new believers life as spirit is born of Spirit and God's Word also we are born from is Spirit and Life.

    The Holy Spirit would have work by changing the heart, for the Love of God is shed abroad in our heart by the Holy Ghost.

    Would that be separate than being filled with Power on High and evidence of that Power?

    If so, the Evidence of being filled with power and anointing, would produce some type of evidence. Is that right?

    The scripture says the Holy Spirit was with Jesus in the Womb............... He came to earth with a right spirit, not a unclean, unborn again spirit.

    Though the Holy Spirit working with Jesus, He was unable to do any Miracle until Baptized in the Holy Spirit. He walking in saying This day this scripture has been fulfilled. I AM ANOINTED!!
  6. Jesus was not baptised in the Holy Ghost......He was the one who gives the Holy Ghost. He was born of the Holy Ghost.
    God is the Holy Ghost, no need for Him to be baptized in Himself.
    The dove descending from heaven was merely a sign that to who ever it landed on was the one that would baptize in the Holy Ghost.
    The Holy Ghost was Jesus in the womb.
    Speaking in other tongues is the "inital" evidence of Holy Ghost baptism.
  7. I personally believe speaking in tongues Mark 16:15-20, Acts 2, Acts 10, Acts 19, also in Corinthians Paul is asking a question not stating a fact, I think you have that down, I would like for you to show me some scripture of an example when some one who was baptized in the spirit did not speak in tongues.

    You claim to have the anointing, but yet you use the word magic,

    Revelation 22:12-16
    King James Version (KJV)

    12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

    13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

    14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

    15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

    16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

    my personal walk with Christ I see this word as a destructive words no matter what context, should not be used, worldly word.
  8. I think Gene needs to read the posts from myself and others that have pointed out conclusively and without error that there are 2 different types of tongues taught us in the Bible: the GIFT (or in the Greek, the "spiritual") of speaking in tongues (as 1 of the 9 spirituals of the Holy Spirit), and then there is the speaking of tongues that Jesus first spoke of directly in Mark 16:17,18, where HE (the Lord) said that ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL those who BELIEVE would in His name SPEAK IN TONGUES.
    What is not clear about that? When Paul says do all speak in tongues, as Michael H pointed out, he is referencing a CHURCH SERVICE, not the individual Believer. The whole chapter is 100% clear about that. Otherwise the Word would be contradicting Himself, and we know that is not the case.
    So again, 2 different kinds of tongues. The spiritual of the Holy Spirit of speaking in tongues is to deliver a message to the local Body of the Anointed One. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit which Jesus spoke of the week before Pentecost in Acts 2 where He said He would baptize them with the Holy SPirit in Acts 1:4-5 is where you receive POWER to witness and the evidence is the speaking of tongues. It's not a mystery, He's revealed, totally and clearly.
    Jesus said it's for ALL Believers; the one who believe. Those are JESUS' words, not someone's opinion. If HE said it's for ALL those who BELIEVE, then so be it!
  9. And again, it IS in the timing of your asking.
    It is ridiculous to go to God and say, "well, it's in Your timing, whenever You want, You can do it. Apply that to everything else you ask. Whenever you want to get my bills paid, God, it's in Your timing. If You want to wait to heal me from cancer a few years, that's cool...I guess I don't really want to be debt-free right now, I could keep paying the world interest a few decades....I guess I don't really want to be delivered from this's in Your timing....I guess I don't really want supernatural protection from disasters or attacks, whenever You want, it's in Your timing, pre-attack, post-attack, whatever...."

    I mean, that's what gets people NOWHERE. That's what gets Believers to persist in addictions, brokenness, defeat, debt, disaster, death, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, destruction...It is a lie that the Devil has sold the Church.

    If you want to get somewhere in the Kingdom of God, then take Jesus seriously when He says in Mark 11:24 that what THINGS SO EVER, Y-O-U DESIRE (not what God desires, YOU (including the Baptism of the Holy Spirit)), BELIEVE that W-H-E-N YOU pray (not God's timing, YOUR TIMING, when YOU pray) that you have received (taken) what you asked and YOU SHALL HAVE IT.
    Start doing this and thanking God for what you have taken in prayer (because in the Greek, receive means "to take") and you shall start seeing it come to pass. Don't quit. Keep your actions and confession consistent with what you know you took in prayer.

    Not long ago, the Lord showed me that praying this way is like online shopping: you go to the site, you find what you want, take it to the checkout, pay for it, submit it and wait for it to show up in the mail. There's never a doubt that you bought that thing and that you got it and it's only a matter of a short while and it will be in your hands.
    It is no different in coming to the Father in the name of Jesus, standing on His Word, and asking for what you want and with your faith taking it out of His hand and then waiting for the manifestation of it in the physical realm from out of Heaven. It's just that simple. YOU GOT IT!

    Now if you get to supposing it won't work, then you're right - it won't! Jesus said in Mark 11:23 there can't be any doubt for faith to work. Use your faith, it's not broken or lessened - it works, because it's not yours, it's HIS (Gal 2:20 and elsewhere, also 1 John 5:1-5).
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  10. The most universal way to receive the Holy Ghost is to first: Repent, come completely clean with God about every sin and short coming in your life- Don't cut corners, be genuine with God.
    Begin to Praise Jesus with all of your heart, with everything that is within you. When you Praise God this is not only in the heart, but is also an outward expression......Dwell on the goodness of God and open your mouth in Praise such as: Hallalujah......I love you Jesus..Your wonderful Jesus. Put everything that you've got into it. It also helps to have another Spirit-filled born again believer to lay hands on you and help you pray and admonish you in Praise.
  11. Brother David you know the word admonish means to "gently warn"...What is someone gently warning in praise?
  12. Here is the definition:

    : to speak to (someone) in a way that expresses disapproval or criticism
    : to tell or urge (someone) to do something
    Full Definition of ADMONISH
    a: to indicate duties or obligations to
    b: to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner
    : to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to
  13. It's kind of like being a cheerleader
  14. I was just looking in the Webster's 1828 Dictionary (the only relevant dictionary for the English language since it is derived entirely of Scripture ;) ) and it said:
    Displaying 1 result(s) from the 1828 edition:
    ADMON''ISH, v.t. [L. admoneo, ad and moneo, to teach, warn, admonish.]
    1. To warn or notify of a fault; to reprove with mildness.
    Count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother. 2Thess. 3.
    2. To counsel against wrong practices; to caution or advise.
    Admonish one another in psalms and hymns. Col. 3.
    3. To instruct or direct.
    Moses was admonished of God, when he was about to make the tabernacle. Heb. 8.
    4. In ecclesiastical affairs, to reprove a member of the church for a fault, either publicly or privately; the first step of church discipline. It is followed by of, or against; as, to admonish of a fault committed, or against committing a fault. It has a like use in colleges.
  15. I was NOT quoting Scripture when I used the word "admonish" I gave you the modern Webster's dictionary definition.
    No big deal....The point I was making is that it is good to have a Spirit-filled anointed, born again believer to help encourage as the new believer makes contact with the presence of God. Someone to spur you on to put everything you've got into praising Jesus.
  16. Oh no, Brother David, I knew you weren't quoting Scripture, I was just asking what you meant by admonish since it was supposed to be a gentle warning and I didn't get how that applied to praise. That's all. But you're right about having another serious Believer with you to sharpen you and encourage you. It helps big time.
    Understanding the original definitions in English with that 1828 dictionary is really useful. You can find one online if you don't want to buy one. It's the first English dictionary for America and was put together by Noah Webster so that people could understand words in English from the Scriptures.
    Be blessed :)
  17. I appreciate that friend...... but please understand that I was speaking in modern day English about English not about the Bible or necessarily Bible words.
  18. I wasn't rebuking you, Brother David, only offering that 1828 dictionary to you - that you would know what the English words really mean. The modern dictionaries have stripped out most meaning out of words, sort of like bleaching flour and removing the vitamins. Still flour, but it doesn't really do you good.
  19. A great example of learning what words mean comparing the modern with the original is look up the word "covenant". Then look into what a blood covenant is, and realize much more of the fullness of the covenant that you have with God and see Jesus' words through the filter of that understanding. Brings entirely new light to things like, "Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto to you." Those are covenant statements (and they aren't said like it's a hassle, but as one who hears about something coming against you and then stands out on their saying those statements, letting you know that they stand with you and will do anything and everything, GLADLY, to bless you and get you victory over all, in all.).....
    Should read the book "Blood Covenant" by EW Kenyon or the Covenant Made By Blood package by Kenneth Copeland.

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