How Do I Offer Encouragement To A Non Believer?

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  1. Hello-
    A friend of mine has been having bad headaches for a while. He is an older gentleman. The pain may not be serious but I would hate to think he or anyone could pass away unsaved.

    I would like to find some gentle words of encouragement to add to my emails to him. Perhaps some verses that will spark a curiosity to begin seeking the Lord for strength. Hopefully the verses would not cause him to feel judged or "preached to"....if that is okay.

    Thank you
  2. Perhaps a Psalm would be appropriate? To my non-Christian friends who I am leading to the Lord, I often ask if I could pray for them and they never turn me down. it is an encouragement to them because they know how real my faith is, and how important my relationship to God is, and in illness or in a tough situation, they wouldn't turn down any help, and even the help of God, whom they have not placed their trust in yet, is welcome.
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  3. First, binding the powers of darkness over his life would be a good place to start. You are going to be the only face of God he is going to see.
    Living the life of God, and letting Christ that is in you to control your thoughts and words will not go unnoticed by him.
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    Hmmm perhaps John 3:16 could be a good start
    For God so loved the world that HE gave His only begotten Son, that who ever believes in Him shall be saved
  5. Hi Ken. Psalm 8 has some nice verses in it that might meet the guidelines you listed. Right on, I would be praying for the gentlemen that God would call the gentlemen unto Himself, and asking God to use you in any role He might have you play in the gentlemen becoming saved, and asking God to give you the right words and actions.

    Maybe you could get some dialog going about the Bible, like find out if he's ever read it or showed any interest in it and maybe that would lead into further discussion. I can understand not wanting to 'unload the truck' on someone as Chuck Swindoll might word it. Ultimately the person has to come to grips with his/her need for a Savior.
  6. Hi-
    Thank you for the suggestions. I have to say that I assume he is a non believer by his words and some behaviors. He is a nice person who is facing hard times and he may be a bit angry at the world in certain ways. Asking permission to pray seems like a great first step. It should allow him to open a door. I email him so I would like to include some non threatening scripture in the email.
  7. In my email I include a signature of one of my favourite verses under my name, so that no matter who receives an email, whether for business or to someone who knows the Lord or to someone who doesn't, they will all receive that verse of hope. It isn't an "in your face" kind of witness, but rather it is a gentle statement of one's source of hope and faith.

    Perhaps you can do the same?
  8. Yes that is a wonderful Idea. I have to look through psalms and verses to find something that will work. Most of what I see are beautiful but may be more geared for a believer rather than someone who may be cynical towards religion. It will take some digging. John 3:16 looks like a good entry point.
  9. Do you have a personally favourite verse? That would tell the receiver more about you and what is important to you. I can give you an in with some people, even tacitly. It is possible that what touches your heart in it may touch someone else's just the same.
  10. So much fine information. I do love John 3:16 because it sums up a large part of salvation and why I am a Christian. Come to think of it, the way we carry ourselves can be a big calling card...or a turn off.
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  11. That's just great...all good!
  12. Old men are wise. There is a reason he is old and not saved. It may be best to visit and just talk to him...waiting for the Holy Spirit to see / open a door. Go see how bad his headache is or find some reason to visit him. Preaching with scriptures in letters seems rude / bible punchy / minimum effort. God came to earth for us. Not some half hearted attempt at caring.
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  13. Very true. I assume he is not saved by observation. You are right that people probably do not respond well to direct "preaching"
    I am trying to be a good example and hopefully pic his curiosity. He is feeling better BTW thank you all.
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