How do I know I'm in Christ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Via dolarossa, Jun 20, 2017.

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  2. Hello Limey,

    Praise God! That our salvation is all of the Spirit, the flesh counts for nothing. We are identified with Christ in His death, burial, quickening, resurrection and ascension to God's right hand, by the Spirit: it is His work; no act of the flesh is required to secure it.

    We are entirely His workmanship, and the sacrifice of Christ and His subsequent resurrection, is all sufficient. It is a finished work, and our standing before God sure, 'In Christ', our beloved Saviour, Lord and Head.

    May His Name be praised!

    In Christ Jesus
    Chris (Complete)
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  3. Thank you for your kind words, Bob. And yes indeed. Conviction and leading are the things you keep picking on more and more. It's a wonderful thing to hear the voice of the Living God and know His heart. Nothing like the feeling of having love in your heart towards others, especially those you might have once held resentments and anger towards, but then they got replaced with His heart of love and understanding for them.

    And we'll have eternity to feel that kind of love for one another, and follow those leadings.
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  4. You know you are in Christ when you study and have the word in you because Jesus Christ is the word.

    You know you are in Christ when you are filled with the Holy Spirit because it is the Holy Spirit that gives you ability to abide in Christ.

    You also know you are in Christ by your good deeds like winning souls, giving generously, encouraging others etc.
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