How do I know if it's God bringing us together?!

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  1. How do I know if it's God bringing us together?!

    I wanted to get some advice from Christians on this one thing. When a man and a woman meet, how do you know if it's God that's bringing the two people together??

    Before I go on with this: I've never experienced love before. I'm 19 and to me that feels old to never have experienced love. I long for a family already, marriage, and someone to love me. I keep praying about it, but I'm not even sure when God's talking to me!!

    I've met a guy who I am very attracted to. We seemed to 'click' instantly. He's extremely nice. Christian. After I met I also found out that I know his mother from a completely different situation, which was a great conversation starter. He's very funny.

    I'm trying not to mix my personal experiences with what God wants, but how am I supposed to know if God brought us together for a reason? I'm extremely iffy about making the first move, and if I don't know if it's a God thing, then I'm definitely not gonna! I might see him this month, and I've tried praying about it but so far have not gotten an answer.

    Any suggestions? I know this is a tough one so if no one responds I won't be offended.:)
  2. Don't worry that at 19 you haven't experienced love. Most 19's haven't even though they might think they have. I remember being 19 and crushing on guys, and while it's fun to imagine the whole love, marriage, baby carriage thing with a guy one is crushing on, it is usually a mistake to pursue it at 19. There are way too many 25 year old's who have little kids and are divorced all because they thought they had met their life's mate at 19.

    I emphasized usually, because there are those times when one does meet one's life mate at 19. If this is one of those things, then God will open all the doors and he will be just as eager to pursue you.

    I really struggled with this one myself. I tend to be kind of a take charge sort of person, so I was always trying to pursue love and "make it happen". The result was that I went through a lot of Kleenex, as first this crush then that one moved on to someone else. Usually one of my friends. I've been a bridesmaid at more than one wedding in which the groom was a former crush of mind, (although by the time the wedding rolled around I was well and truly over the crush and nothing but happy for my friends.)

    When God finally did bring the love of my life around, everything just fell into place. I had spent years second guessing and even obsessing whether "this one" was "The one". When God brought Steve into my life, there was no second guessing, no worrying, we just enjoyed our relationship as we moved from dating to engagement to marriage. We will be married for 10 years in February.
  3. Wait it out~
    When it's meant to be it'll happen.

  4. I dont think we really can say absolutely for sure we 'know' when it's God.
    It is only with hindsight we can see His hand.
    I think just keep an open heart, trust that if it is meant to be it will happen.
    I also honestly wouldnt worry too much as to not having been in love at 19, I am trying to persuade my children that they dont need that experience only to have their hearts broken, and that it is better to wait until , like you, it seems that God has bought that special person.
    Test it out, ask Him, but dont get hung up on it all just yet.
  5. First I would like to say this: it can be hard to hear anything over a wildy beating heart.
    Take your time and go slow.
    Time and prayer will reveal much.
  6. Keep your eyes and ears open. God will tell you in His own ways. There's going to be signs going on around you all the time, be on the lookout for them.:)
  7. Agreed. With any decision this big you need to be prayerful and careful. People dating or courting are usually very romanticly envolved and showing only their best behaviour. Given enough time one gets to see more of the whole package.
  8. first

    Don't get caught up in the idea of love. some times we see the things in a person we want to see and not the things that are really there. It is very important to be equally yoked. do not rush any thing. write down what you want and expect in a man. The first thing on the list should be. He has to love you as Christ loved the church. How did Christ do that? He died for her . what does that mean? find out
    don't be vague in the list either. don't compromise either you deserve the best God wants you to have the best
    with 50% of all marriges ending up in divorce you have to be sure. when you get married it is said let no man take apart what God has Joined together. I don't believe God has joined most marriages that is why they don't last. and marriage is work everyday by both. remember 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/2 so if you are not whole ground in God and the other person is not whole and grounded in God 1x1=1 what do you want 1/2 or 1 whole marriage.
    this is serious stuff.
    God Bless;)
  9. Trust God

    Hi there!

    I was 19 when I got married. I graduated from high school, had met my boyfriend in my junior year of high school, went to college for one year, I was going to be special education teacher, I quit college to get married.

    I had the dream of having kids, staying home baking cookies, and having the house with the white picket fence.

    Well reality hit right away. I was a waitress for 5 years, got a part time job at the local hospital, worked 2 jobs.

    I had 3 children, was married for 14 years and ended up divorced. I have been a single mom for 13 years now. Wow that number looks big when I look at it.. During alot of those 13 years, I went the wrong path.

    Now FINALLY at age 45 I get it. The Lord is the Mr Right for me.
    He wants me to have a victorious life.

    What I really want to say, is Trust in God, go to college now if this is your desire, seek where the Lord wants you to be. Continue to learn each day how awesome the Lord is and he will show you your path.

    My passion within is to help young women realize what victorious lives they can have with Jesus in their heart at a young age. I have alot to learn in my own faith and how to share that with others. But who better to go forth and share his word .. a women herself who quit college, got married, got divorced, went a wrong path, had been involved in a relationship with an alchohic , survived that, been in a relationship where the other person had porn issue, and finally after realizing that the Lord is my love and my life. .. has been able to get healthier, go back to college, have a day to day walk with the Lord, and so much more.

    Just wait.. wait on the Lord.

  10. I see him tomorrow!!!

    I do want to get married. But I'm not gonna till I'm outta college. And if I find that I want to quit and become married, I'm gonna look back at what you guys said.:)
  11. Gonna quickly answer your first question, as written, though perhaps not the way you intended it.

    How do I know if it's God bringing us together?!
    The answer is simple. If by coming together, you draw closer to God, then you are on the right path. This applies to all things, and not just relationships. It is one of those things where you can judge by the fruits.
  12. Sorry for going off-topic here, but this all reminds me of one of the sermons I heard from Bayless Conely (or however you spell his name).

    He was talking about being moved by the Spirit to talk to someone regarding Jesus and God. Then he broke off there for bit and said, some people would question do you know it was God or the Spirit speaking to your heart?


    He said the devil will never move you to talk about Jesus and God to someone, so don't resist when something (or Something) moves you to speak about our Saviour.


    Anyway, this is what this reminded me of today and I thought I'd throw that into the dish. Thanks.:)
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