How Do I Handle Persecution?

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  1. How Do I Handle Persecution?

    Being persecuted by the world is one thing but its another when the people persecuting you are the christians who attend your church that you look up to. Ever since ive started going to my current church of about 3 years ive been accused of many things from the congregation and i dont think i can handle it anymore, these people are supposed to be there for me and help me to not get into things that are bad for me, not create the things for me to get into. I am sick of being judged by them, im not perfect but im trying everyday to be more and more better. i wish they could just accept me for who i am. so in conclusion i would like to ask you how should i handle the persecution that im getting from the staff and friends of mine at my church?
  2. Personaly I reccomend getting alone with God . Prayer can give us eyes to see and a heart of understanding. If it is His will find another church. If it is His will stay there and love those people in His Name. Also it is imperative that you forgive thm lest you develpoe a root of bitterness in your soul. Whenever I find myself in such a position I always ask God to let me see them thru His eyes. Usually what I began to see afterwards are not vicious attackers but wounded people in great bondage. This makes it easier to forgive them and release them.
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    Proverbs 29:25
  6. i would say do your own walk with God,spiritually they should know better,lots of people think they are christians but are controlled by satan,little words are best.
  7. I love Proverbs 3:5-6. I need to be reminded. especially in times of persecution, that I need to rely on his understanding not my own!
  8. a lot of the times

    God is showing us things about ourselves in others. I don't know what they are accusing you of but the devil is the accuser of the brother. It sound like these people are caught up in religion. We are not under the law. We are under Grace.
    there is no condemnation to those that love the lord. We are to focus on God not sin what ever you focus on is what you are drawn to . just like who ever you hang out with you will find your self acting like them. Spend time with the Lord. it is what God says about you in the end not man. He makes no decisions God is in control if you let Him be.
    Pray for where God wants you to be be lead by the spirit.
    God Bless
  9. Grit your teeth and bare it stay grounded in the word, praise God when things seem impossible speak the word and keep your head high. Tell the enemy he has already lost because with God we can never lose. Thats what I did when all hell broke out on my job and let me tell you. God fought my battle and I got the Victory!:israel:
  10. There is only one thing you can do, unless God intervenes for you. Switch Churches. I have a friend who was in the same predicament. For over 3 years, she was misstreated at her own church. She was unhappy all of the time because of it. The sad thing is that she still hasn't switched and is still unhappy.

    Get out from under that church. Find a church where the members don't just try to ACT like Christians, but instead are like Christ.
  11. trust jesus.
  12. I pray for the mislead chruch-goers around the world.
  13. For those cannot love someone different than themselves they are but babes in Christ. Unfortuneately some never get past infancy.
  14. Leave the church. :)Find another one where the Love of God is being shown. Not where a bunch of Pharisees are running around.
  15. BINGO!:D

  16. Before we all jump to conclusions here, I believe we need some more detail. You say you have attended this church for three years now? That is great! It's good to become involved with a church family. You say you have been "accused" of many things by the congregation. Be specific if you can so that we can offer the best advice. Are these accusations true? Is it an accusation or a helping hand? Often times when we are mired in our own troubles, we see the offers of help around us as offensive attacks on us. I'm not saying this is the case here, but I do pray you search your soul for truth in anything they may say to you. Are they mean about it? Condescending? What bad things are they "creating" for you to get into? Are they truly judging you? As in, are they saying "we are concerned because we see this behavior" or are they saying "you are going to hell because you are.....". There is a huge difference between the two. First ask yourself, are these people saying things to me because they love me and want to see me as a better person, or are they truly casting you into the pit of Hell? When you can answer these questions, as a pastor I would love to give you insight. I just need some more information. Bless you.
  17. Usually anger, then sympathy. I usually try and argue my point, about Jesus, God, creation of the world, or whatever has started the conversation. Usually this goes well, unless the person is stubborn to the word, or is mocking me instead of trying to prove their points. Thats usually followed by anger, then followed by sympathy.
  18. don,t get offended by the evil spirit controlling there words.they have no idea just muppets on a evil string.
  19. Your situation sounds horrible. Have you prayed for them? If they don't start treating you right I would speak to the pastor about it. He may have a solution. If he doesn't, pray for direction. I'm just curious about what is keeping you there.

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