How did you get saved?

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  1. I was grown up in the Christian religion, but I never started to take it seriously until about November. My life was about Pokemon ALL THE TIME, but I did read the Bible everyday. One day, I looked up the word "Christian" into YouTube because that was something I wanted to do for a long time. I found a bunch of videos saying that the end (New World Order, AntiChrist, etc.) was all gonna happen really soon (I know that it is going to happen really soon, but they talked like it was going to happen really soon). One YouTuber scared me into truly accepting Christ. I don't remember the prayer, but it was nothing special. When I was done praying, I felt nothing special. But as time went on, my desire for Christ really grew. I quit playing Pokemon and spent much more time reading the Bible, going on these forums, praying, etc. Christ is really all I do. But I do still play Super Smash Bros. and Mancala. I am waiting for God to tell me what I have to do.
    My problem now is that I really need a paper King James Bible, because my desire to read the Bible decreases when I have to use a Bible app. Sometimes I question whether I am saved or not, because I do not notice when the Holy Spirit speaks to me, if He does. But I read in the Bible yesterday that faith will save us from every situation (the story of Daniel and the lions' den).
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  2. This is so encouraging! Thank you, Juk. It´s so great that you read Bible. I know so many Christians who do not read Bible everyday....
    I was raised in Christian family as well. I think that I started to really think about my relationship with God when I was 20, dating with a non-believer. I broke up with that boy after few months because I decided to follow God. I have been always struggling for faith since then.
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  3. We can pray that God finds you one. A KJV bible.
    Or I could send you one, as got one spare.
    Or try the sallies, they usually have free bibles.
  4. Yes, a Bible is truly important. I find that underlining and highlighting a passage helps anchor it in my thoughts. For some reason I do not find the same satisfaction highlighting in a Bible app. But I have found that as I have become more accustomed to using an App, there are many things that are much easier. I can search much easier. I can bookmark many locations, and I can easily move from the App to any notes I may be taking or following.

    We are very fortunate (blessed) in modern times. At the time Paul (and others) were writing the letters that were to become the New Testament, there were no Bibles like we have. Believers had to share the pieces they did have, often having one copy of one of Paul's letters read before the others in the congregation.

    As far as the Anti-Christ, I accepted the Lord over 45 years ago. Even back then, they were talking about how the Anti-Christ, was just about to come. The Lord waits His own time. When He does come, there will be those that mourn that they did not have enough time to accept Him, that He came too fast.

    Keep your thoughts on the things above. Love the Lord because that is what the Lord wants of you, not because you fear something else.
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  5. I didnt grow up in christian religion /church although I would say my country is majority christian.
    Jesus saved me when I heard and understood the gospel, someone told me, I prayed and recieved his word. I had hunger to read the bible. I was given one but like you felt I needed the KJV as God impressed on me that was the one to read. (I was given an NIV study, by another friend and could not make any sense of it). So God gave me one, I asked at this bible store but they only had ones for sale for $7 and I just asked if they had any old ones they didnt want and they gave me a KJV.
    Then God started revealing to me scriptures as I started to read his Story and I got 'convicted' by Eve. Cos I saw myself making the same mistake Eve did..and then it all made sense.
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  6. As per my previous correspondence with you dear Juk, I'm praying for you.
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  7. I will pray for you. :)
  8. Thank you :)
  9. Great story! :) People say that the KJV is hard to read, but it isn't. I believe that God showed me the Merriam Webster dictionary app on my phone, and it has all the old English words that people would not understand. I believe that the KJV is the only true Word of God because of the KJV Code.
  10. Yeah, I stopped fearing the "End Times" because I realized that the quicker I die, the quicker I get to be with my Savior. So I am not afraid of death anymore. I want the KJV Bible that has the thumb index so I can easily navigate through chapters. It costs $18, and I have the money, but my mom won't let me get it because she bought me an NLT just about two months ago. But I believe that the KJV is the only preserved Word of God in English because of the KJV Code.
  11. I can get one, just without my mom knowing. I have to money.
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    I am not sure how old I was but when I was little, someone gave my older brother a book of bible stories. One day I started reading it. I loved the stories from the Old Testament because it was mostly about battles and the good guys won.
    The New Testament was never so enjoyable because the hero went and got himself killed. As a youngster, I had a simplistic view of story books and always wanted the hero to win.
    One day I was reading the story of Samuel as a child in the tabernacle, the part where the Lord called him 3 times. As I did so, I was suddenly aware that I was not alone. The room was filled with the intense presence of love. I got down on my knees and simply asked, "God, please don't forget me." I also wanted what Samuel had.
    Having had the same experience countless times over the 50 years since that time, I know that it was the Holy Spirit who invaded my bedroom.
    I know now that my life began at that time, however being a typical child, I got on with my life and told nobody because there was nobody to tell. May parents were not church goers and I had no idea of what it all meant.
    Of course, God never forgets.
    When I was 11, my parents took us to church for the first time. It was a typical Anglican church and I do not recall ever hearing the gospel there. In fact the only thing I recall on that subject is the vicar explaining why the death of Jesus was more important than any other death.
    He explained that it was significant because the death of Jesus was done by crucifixion, which was the most cruel form of execution that man had ever invented!
    At that point I rejected everything further the man spoke. Being a boy I had read enough war stories to know that the Nazis tortured their prisoners with the intention of keeping them alive for weeks of suffering, rather than dying after a few hours like Jesus did.
    The cross was still hidden from me.
    Somewhere about the age of 15, I was gathered with a group of other kids at a bus stop near the church. I was always an outsider and was on the edge of the group when I heard someone ask a question.
    "OK then, who goes to heaven and who goes to hell."
    I have no idea what had led up to that question, but everyone suddenly turned around and looked at one person, Tony, who was the altar boy and a little older than the rest. Tony, being nearer the vicar, who was nearer God, he would know!
    "That's easy", he said, "good people go to heaven, and bad people go to hell."
    As I had turned around to watch the exchange, something happened to me. It was as if a blanket of truth descended from above, and I heard these words deep within me.
    "He is wrong, because everybody is bad, I am bad, but God has made the way."
    Additionally as I had rotated my head, my eyes had panned over the church building and these words came on me, "and I don't live in that building, I live in your heart!"
    The voice of God embedded itself deep in side me. That was my second encounter with the Holy Spirit. I just accepted it and again told nobody.

    In these words, I heard the most basic spiritual truth that can be told.
    We don't get to heaven on our own merit, but on the work of God. ie. God is salvation. =Yeshua. Jesus
    That God makes his dwelling place in the hearts of men. ie. God with us. =Emmanuel.

    I had still never heard the gospel preached as such. At the age of 15 we moved house and stopped going to church. I started work and these things faded.
    Up till my mid 20s I became obsessed with rock climbing and mountaineering. My mates who were teachers had 5 weeks off each summer and disappeared to the Alps for the season's climbing. For two years, in order to join them I had had to hand my notice in from my engineering job, and then try and find another job when I got back to the UK. This was not always easy so I decided to become a teacher also, just for the holidays!
    At the teacher training college, I kept getting knobbled by the "God squad" trying to convert all the newcomers. I always enjoyed a good argument, but was more interested in the bar than in Christianity, and certainly not after hearing the nonsense preached at the Anglican church. Also I was quite content that I did not need salvation because I knew deep within myself that God dwelt within me. Yes I was deeply arrogant.
    Nevertheless, after a while, I realised that the God they were talking about was the one I already knew. I had never met that before.
    Their approach was different to what I had ever heard, but I was sufficiently convinced to go through their process and "become a Christian".
    I was shortly baptised in the Holy Spirit, baptised in water, speaking in tongues etc.
    A lot has happened since then.
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  13. I really want experiences like these.
  14. I'm gonna answer the question "How did you get saved?".

    We are saved when we place our faith in Jesus Christ for the salvation of our souls. We are saved because God loved us from eternity and sent his own son to die in our place. We are saved because the Holy Spirit enlightened us to the Truth. We are saved because of God. It took no effort of ours. God did it, he alone is our salvation.

    Anyone who has that faith has been born of God, and God lives in them.
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  15. True. But how did you get saved, in the same context of the other posters here?
  16. I had never heard the Gospel and no one ever explained anything Biblical to me. One day for various reasons I opened up a Bible and read the words of Jesus. That moment I knew the Bible was the word of God and I put my faith in Jesus Christ as my savior. It really was a simple as that, and my life changed drastically as a result.
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  17. Don't get too caught up in just the KJV, it's good, but so are many other versions. I agree that there are bad ones, but the KJV is for sure not the end all be all. ;)

    I was saved at 7, I was talking with my dad in the truck, and I remember crying because I knew I was going to go to hell if I died. Next sunday I got baptised, and by God's grace, I'm where I'm at today!
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    be in prayer about getting this without your mom's permission. If she said no, don't go against her. Pray and ask God to soften her heart. Then just wait patiently till God gives you the go ahead.
    Blessings little man
  19. I'm going to get it through my dad.
  20. I have been convinced that the KJV is the only preserved Word of God because of the KJV code.

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