How come unbelievers seem to enjoy their life more than believers?

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  1. Or at least me.

    All the kids in my school look like they enjoy their life a lot. The best time in my life that I remember was sixth grade, before I was saved, though i was a "Christian", when I was making YouTube videos, making raps, playing Yugioh, and playing Pokemon. Now, my life is dull and bland, because I gave up just about everything that I liked doing. In fact, I'm pretty sure I gave up everything.

    The Bible tells us to be joyful, but that doesn't make me joyful. And some people might tell me that the joy is there waiting for me, and I have to do is "take" the joy. Sorry, that's not how it works.

    Do you guys enjoy your lives? Do you enjoy it more than when you were not saved?
  2. Hello my friend
    But this life is all an unbeliever has so they might as well enjoy it.
    For a Christian God has a higher purpose in mind and truth be known having fun down here does not always accomplish His purpose.
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  3. To sinners, sin is fun. But remember, that is all they have in life. When they die, the fun stops.

    Christians, on the other hand, know what real fun is, have fun and will for eternity.

    Happiness is temporal and depends on circumstances, but joy is beyond circumstantial. In Christ, we have His joy and it permeates all of life's experiences. Even when I am going through a trial...and I am always...I maintain my joy in the Lord!
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  4. The key word is seem.
    Trust me, running after the things of the world, you may think that you are enjoying yourself, but you're only doing damage. The void gets bigger, yet, what you considered fun and enjoyment yesterday does not fill it any more, so you run after the next thing.
    Ultimately you end up doing all sorts of heavy drugs, that at least takes you mind of it while being high.
    But the void is still there after you wake up.
    Not that much fun and enjoyment really is it.
    Then there is the side thing that no one sees, the hurt and destruction left to others along the way. The planning and scheming in your conflicting mind to get the next worldly fix.
    No, that kind of enjoyment, means nothing.
    In honesty, we as Christians have to participate, like you said, you enjoy soccer, there are other enjoyable good things to be part of also. We just need to keep remembering that the glory of all we do is to the Glory of God. Who knows, you may even impact some around you.
    If you feel you need to get involved with more than soccer, do so. But steer away from darkness, and keep to the light. Glorify God always and keep His principles foremost in your actions and words. You can't go wrong.
    Many people have described how they reached another level of joy and completeness doing something like soup kitchen or collecting and handing out blankets in winter.
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  5. Arrie nailed it on the head. I spent years doing what probably looked like fun on the outside. But on the inside I was trying to fill a void. Drinking, partying, doing whatever felt good at the time. I finally discovered that only Jesus can fill that void. Now I know joy, and that void is gone. I'll take this over partying any day. Like you seem to be experiencing now, there were times I would like back at my old ways with a sense of longing and missing it. But I learned eventually that there is nothing to miss, that I'm much happier now.

    BTW, it's also not uncommon to look back at childhood memories (for you, sixth grade) with fondness and nostalgia, and long for those "good ole days".
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  6. I dont see the attraction of pokemon to be honest. Isnt that japanese for demons? Or am i thinking digimon. Mon meaning short for 'monster' or 'demon'.
  7. Yes I enjoy my new life.
    The joy of the Lord is my salvation. Before I knew Him i had moments of happiness but it never lasted.
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  8. Jesus said, dont look back, remember Lots wife.
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  9. Juk Hello,
    If a person is truly working on their relationship with the Father their life will be full of joy and happiness and excitement. When the world looks like it is having more fun or more peace and so forth then the problem is and always will be on us or our end.

    How many times have you been told to make your videos and have fun ? Have you at least prayed and asked God to show you where you are missing it or causing your own problems ?
    Juk it is good to give up things for God but not all things need to be given up. Example if you made questionable videos before - ok stop with those kind and make some that are uplifting and encouraging and fun and so forth.

    Play some video games just not any that you feel the Holy Spirit convicting you of or you have this unsettled feeling in you about it.

    Joy brother is up to you and your choice. No one can do this for you and no amount of prayers will get you this joy. Joy comes from spending time with the Father and His word. Joy comes from getting His word deep into our beings where we are just full of His joy in us. Praising and worshiping God will help as well. OBTW Juk I am sorry to say this but it is a choice that we make.

    If it seems joy is so hard to come by then check your attitude towards things. If our thinking and speaking does notline up with the way the word says it should then we cause our selves more problems then it is worth.

    These are the things that i have learned in my own life Juk.
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  10. ROTL - those care free days where worry meant will mom or dad know I was riding wheelies again down the middle of the street. lol
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  11. It is good to mention that I can't play video games regularly because when I play video games or do anything not related to God I end up feeling like I am surrounded by darkness and I usually end up quitting the game and just sitting there and then read the Bible, unless what I am doing is really fun. I also don't feel right being happy or positive.
  12. Pokemon stands for pocket monsters, and if you have played it since you were seven, you would really love it. But now I can't even play it anymore because it sucks to me now.
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  13. I don't enjoy soccer. My mom made me play it. I wanted to do wrestling but there was no place for it. But I see your point.
  14. You need to take that to God in prayer, Juk. He wants you to be happy. Being a Christian does not mean that you cannot be happy, it should be quite the opposite. Keep in mind that at 13, you are going through a transition right now. Pokemon (and other things that you used to enjoy) might "suck" for you now, because you outgrew it. 13 is the age where you start moving from those childhood things to other more mature hobbies. Don't focus on the things that used to make you happy. Even as adults, we go through phases where something we used to enjoy doesn't give us enjoyment any longer. For example, I used to really enjoy playing chess, now it just doesn't appeal to me and I haven't played it in a long time. I don't regret that I don't enjoy it anymore, I just do other things.
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  15. It's because when I am happy, I start to act stupid every time, and then I get angry at myself and repent for my stupidity, though I would repent of the specific thing I did. But the root cause is always being happy. It just doesn't work for me.
  16. Juk, you read the Bible. You know that this is not what God wants. The root cause is not from being happy. The root cause is how you act on the emotion, or on what gives you happiness. You are making excuses, you have been told this before here. Like I said, you need to take this to God, and to find things that make you happy without being sinful.

    Lord Jesus, You are the God of all, every good and perfect gift comes to us from Your hand.

    I ask that you would bless Juk right now. That You would fill his house with Your peace, and blanket him with Your Presence. Give him wisdom to make the right decisions in every situation. Let him find joy in every day, even in the smallest things. Let your spirit rest on Juk and bless everything he does. According to Your word, surround him with Your favor as with a shield. Fill him with Your Holy Spirit, and empower him to walk in the fullness of his destiny. I pray in Jesus mighty name, Amen!
  17. I always liked this song, karen carpenter sang it. It makes me think of Jesus. I dont think any pleasures in this world can compare to knowing my Lord and saviour.

  18. Then Brother it is time to take authroity over that devil and kick him out. That feeling is not of God. God does not use darkness. Who is it Juk that would have you not haveing fun in life?
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  19. It's only myself.
  20. Nope brother that is not true. It is the devil who wants you to have no fun or be happy. All those feelings you get start from the devil and are sent your way. It is us who can either refuse them or except them. Make a choice Juk and kick those wrong feelings out.
    Have a blessed day
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