How Can I Build A Relationship With God?

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by kendall, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. I'm 19 years old, and i would like to accept god's love into my life but i'm not sure how. i've been through a lot in my life with bullying and loss, which has resulted in me sometimes not being nice, and i would like to become a better person through faith.
  2. Hi and welcome!!

    Do you blame God for the bullying and loss?

    The questions we need to ask ourselves are, do we approve of what Jesus taught? Do we want to repent of our sins and forgive all those who have sinned against us? Matthew 6:9-13. Do we want to submit to God and put Him on the throne in our lives? Matthew 22:37-40.

    God's love is always there (John 3:16). He is eagerly waiting for us to accept Him (Luke 15:7). It is our free will to reject Him that keeps Him out of our life and His unbiased gift of free will to everyone that empowers bad people to do bad things. We need to come to Him on His terms (Psalm 51:17, James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5) and then accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour (John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10). Making Jesus 'Lord' needs to be properly understood! If God is not ''God'' of our lives then He will not be in our lives. He is either first or He is nowhere.

    Pretty much the same as you would expect from a wife :) (humility, true love from the heart! ability to have no other husbands! ability from love to put you first! ). If I am not faithful to my wife / go out of my way to do those things that I know please her, I don't love her, do I.

    I propose you get on your knees tonight. Repent of all your sins! Thank God for the greatest gift of love He could give to us when He sent Jesus to the cross to pay the price for our sins. Tell God that you are not perfect but that you do love Him and fully approve of what Jesus taught. Pray that He gives you the strength to live a life that pleases Him. Then ask Jesus to come into your life. Submit and humble yourself to Him. Also, thank Him for making you ;).

    When we truly accept Jesus we become a new creation (2 Cor 5:17) and become a part of God's family! God will be able to get involved in our lives! Help and guide us.

    Praying for you!
  3. thank you so much for this :) This has given me something to think about
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  4. Sometimes I do feel that too...why do I feel like its so hard to become a Christian. Should it feel like you're walking on eggshells? Do I need to be like other Christians out there? Sometimes I feel other Christians are perfect.
    I do wanted to grow with my faith...thats why I wanted empowerment from other Christians. My family is Christian but not devout...I read the bible alone, but sometimes I struggle with the contents so I read other references. I wanted to be spirit-filled, but I feel like im not worthy to be called a Christian...
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  5. None of us is worthy of being called a Christian, to be sons and daughters of the living God, join heirs of His promises with Jesus Christ. Which is why Jesus, out of His great love for us, suffered and died for us, so that He could present us with the gift of Life. He did not do this begrudgingly, though He was well aware of the ordeal ahead of Him, but willingly and even joyfully ( Heb. 12:2 ) so that we could be restored in fellowship with the Father. The process was painful, but the result was that all that separated us from Him was done away. We are precious to Him. It's an amazing and unaccountable thing, really, but there it is.

    Some people find this hard to accept. They are unable to simply receive the Gift. They feel that they must somehow earn the gift, so that they will not be "indebted" to Jesus. They aim to prove their worth. But this idea really fails to appreciate the magnitude of the gift - as if it were somehow possible to match its value through their own efforts - and it devalues the Cross, as if it were not necessary since they are able to make themselves worthy through their own efforts.

    Now, the Bible does admonish us to walk in a manner worthy of our calling ( Eph. 4:1 ), but this is in relation to the work already done in Christ and the standing we already have through Him, not as "paying Him back" so that the gift becomes a transaction. Think of when you were a child and got new shoes. You didn't pay for the shoes, they were given to you. Yet, because they were new and shiny, you tried not to scuff them or get them dirty. At least for a week or so until the novelty wore off and they inevitably got scuffed anyway because, after all, you were just a kid.:D. To walk in a manner worthy of your calling is simply to walk so as to keep the dirt and scuff marks off your new life, and to let the light of Christ shine through your life as a clear beacon. It is to revel in the joy of your salvation and avoid anything that might sully that joy.
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  6. Kendall i've been through the same situation like you. The thing I can share is to focus on Jesus. You can increase your personal relationship with the Lord by keeping faith, changing your mentality to rely on Him rather than urself, pray, and probably the best thing to do is try to read the Bible. The Bible can really increase your relationship with Him as you get to know His personality, teachings, love, etc. I know it may not be an instant process and you will probably experience some up and downs but believe me, your faith and love towards Him will grow over the time. Jesus Loves you :)
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  7. Building a relationship with God is no problem unless you feel it is getting that way. Your guideline is the Bible and the Bible isn't the easiest book to understand by any means. The Bible is so very interesting and exciting but you don't realize that from the start. Along the path you will find little nuggets of spiritual gold.
    For starters, I have some recommendations: 1) The King James version of the Bible is the one most commonly used so I suggest your having one. 2) Get yourself a copy of the Revell Bible Dictionary-a must ! It is much more than a Dictionary. 3) There are computer programs that you can use to look up scriptures, commentaries about them, subjects, and much more. 4) Note pads, book markers and bookmarks. Some like to listen to scriptures on tapes or CD's. 5) Another excellent reference source is:
    The reason for the references is subjects: You may want to know about ???. maybe "water" Well, you look it up in the dictionary, your bible, your computer program and your bible may have references or Got Questions. All of these will tell you about water, the scriptures it said it and other related information. More Later

  8. I just want to share this beautiful video by Gary can reflect on the lyrics and music it is a very nice Christian song... :p
  9. Abie:

    Other Christians feel that way about themselves! :D

    If you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you can rightfully call yourself a Christian. That makes you worthy of His Holy Name. But you are not worthy of the gift He offers. No one is. You don't have to worry about being denied in Heaven as long as you do noty deny Him here on Earth. Walking the Way we walk is narrow and difficult and unpopular. Good luck! :)
  10. Me thinks you are somewhat mistaken about what it is to be a Christian. Once you realize that you can not have life everlasting with Jesus if you do not believe in him, that should be the hard part. Once you have asked him to accept you because you believe in him he says he will. He has already forgiven you of your sins. I can assure you that other Christians are not perfect. A true Christian's desire is to please God but when we slip it is like having slammed the door in his face, and we can't wait to open it, hug him and ask forgiveness.
    Growing in our faith is what we do once saved. It never ends. I listed some help aids a couple of posts above.
    It may be difficult to feel spirit filled if you don't learn how. Stop, look, and listen for him. An example: A certain question or subject is on your mind. The Holy Spirit will enter into your train of thought something you need to know. Once you realize it came from the father and not the twit Satan, even if you ignore it, you will realize it was the answer. When you learn to do this your answers will then be more appreciated and useful.
  11. Read your bible every day and meditate / pray about what you read. Start i the NT.
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  12. thanks for the advices, to the elders in here... :) and im quite confused as to really where to start jumping like everywhere... but anyway, ill be starting the NT...
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  13. Yes, start in the NT! but even better with Pauls teaching (Acts).

    Paul is the guy that was in our exact shoes. No physical presence of Jesus or God but with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
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  14. Someone has put together a print out of a list of scriptures to use as a guide for reading the bible. I don't have the information but I expect that you can find it easy enough.
  15. thank you all for the advice, this has really helped
  16. Jesus said to the desciples. I no longer call you a servant, but a friend. You are Gods friend first and formost.
  17. Hi there,

    Growing up, I went through what most people would and do not expect. I was bullied, abused (sexually, emotionally, and somewhat physically). I remember sitting alone in my closet weeping so hard and crying out to God. My prayers were not ever fully answered, but I ended up growing up, moving out of the home, and finding Jesus once more at the age of 23 when I believe I would have died after falling asleep had I not called out His name. Mind you, I never believed Jesus was God or the son of God since I grew up a Jehovah's Witness, where they believe Jesus is merely a "chosen one."

    What happened to me that day was NOT a coincidence. My beliefs changed after that, and I too began seeking God again. It took years to heal from the abuse, and I am still not fully healed, but I am in a much better situation and feel much more at ease than I ever did before. God comforts me in a way I have not experienced in the past.

    Getting to where I am now, which to many established long time believers is probably very elementary, was quite a battle. I struggled with nightmares my entire life and could rarely sleep in the dark. When I first began going to church, even last year, the nightmares became worse as well as some other things in my life. I never realized how difficult the struggle is especially for new believers. You are like an uncooked egg sitting in the middle of the street. At any time, a car or foot can crush you. Satan sees you the same way, which is why it is SO imperative that as you seek God, do your best to resist temptation of the world and if possible, become involved in the church and obtain Christian friends. Trust me; the devil will have less of a pull on you the more you surround yourself with Christ like people and situations.

    Another thing I ask of you is to listen to Christian music only. This may seem difficult, but it truly is not. New, contemporary Christian music is even better than some of the mainstream stuff you hear on the radios now. There are stations like KLOVE (I recommend highly). Please, try for even a week to listen to that station. I guarantee it will help you stay on track.

    In conclusion:
    1) You've already started step one with the desire to come closer to the Lord. Congrats! Don't give up...continue to seek Him!
    2) Go to church weekly, even twice a week if you can. For example, a Wednesday and Sunday service.
    3) If you are ever confused-which you will, as well as have lots of questions, don't be afraid to ask someone in your church.
    4) Join a bible study and/or ministry. A ministry can be with basketball, tennis, pool, dancing, or anything else you are interested in. Try to get more friends that are Christian.
    5) Listen to contemporary Christian music only for at least a week. It will change your life!
    6) Don't listen to Satan during this time. He will challenge your faith (he STILL does this to me), he will tell you that you are not saved, he will make you feel bad every time you sin, he will make you feel as though God does not love you or that you are not worthy of His love. Do not believe him. I have learned that whenever I hear negative thoughts that it can only be from Satan. Stand your ground and pray to God if you hear such voices.

    Oh, and ever so importantly, please, please, only date believers. It will save you a ton of heartbreak in the end.

    Good luck and God bless.
  18. I think what a lot of people have said was awesome :)

    Btw, I was bullied for pretty much my whole school life. It wasn't until I graduated that things got better. It made me into this bitter and angry person. But, one night, I just asked God to heal me. And he's healed me completely :) He wants that for you as well! Just ask and you shall receive <3

    It's a process of healing, or at least it was for me, because there were many emotional scars. But, He took care of them :)
  19. xspinningisfun, thanks for sharing.

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