How About That Whole Pope Resignation Thing?

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  1. @ alexmccoy: so if I am understanding this correctly, it is your assertion that the 'saints' who can interpret the 'mysteries of God' must be of the Hebrew/ Israelite bloodline including those of the "lost tribes", correct?

    Can you explain and provide scripture for the "lost tribes"? thanks....
  2. Alex McCoy: Why not open a thread on your ideas on the Lost Tribes concept? That way you can air your views and let this thread stay on track...a win-win proposal, eh?
  3. Your point being???
    The Levites either burnt the sacrifices or ate them but that is not what the Psalmist is on about.
  4. Was just reading a news item about a scandal involving the founder of Legionaries of Christ. I hope we can see a case of a new broom sweeping clean. These scandal hurt more than just the roman church
  5. Simple....I see the human side of the sacrifice (the sinners offering) as being part of the Covenant God made with man.
    Sadly over time, the Jews saw the thing as holy, not the change of heart.
    The rituals of a priesthood who failed to teach the symbolic meaning (Christ's death) encouraged the literalistic attitudes (the selling of sacrifices, the marketplace around the Temple as opposed to a sinner "sacrificing" from his own livelihood, his stock) were part of what incensed the Lord to clear the Temple.
  6. Rusty, yes that sounds good. Was never my intent to cause the topic to go off-track rather to add information to help guide so I'm not sure where it went left. I'm not interested in opening that thread at this time. I'll continue to watch this thread and like Dirtyrottensinner I'm:

    as it relates to scriptures. Opinions and theological ideas I'm leaving alone. Brothers and sisters, have a blessed one.
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  7. I understand: however around here "what people think" seem to me to be opinions and theological ideas. Just saying.
  8. Well you are in good company then Rusty.
    But I see what you were getting at....thanks for the clarification.
    But I would question if......but no leave the thread on ood idea.
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  9. We so much for papal name conspiracies, Nostradamus and Malachy....:ROFLMAO::LOL:

    It's just plain Pope Francis....from Argentina.

  10. I wonder who is going to honest enough to admit that all of the banter about conspiratorial pope counting and name implication just is so much hot air.

    I wonder who is detached form their opinions to admit that all the spin about this pope in "ancient writings" could be just spin?
  11. His collar looks a few sizes too big. Will this change after he visits the local tailer?

    For a scary moment, I thought he was wearing a wedding ring.......wrong hand :oops:
  12. Tailer? He don't have a tail![​IMG]They check for that before you can become a Jesuit!​
  13. Who are the two minders?
  14. Representatives of the Lost Tribes....or 33degree Masons...depends on what direction your "Conspir-O-Meter" is pointing.
  15. It is just stuck on comfy. Jesus said of His return that nobody knows when He will pop in again. No papal warning will be given.
  16. I can't get too comfy...I get sleepy then, Calvin[​IMG]...we are told to Watch and the parable of the Wise Virgins is a warning not to become complacent.

    But I understand and agree that all the hype surrounding end-times agendas gets too much. This obsession over papal names and their order and blah blah has no biblical roots at all for me.
  17. You mean I should check the Eastern horizon each morning?
    Actually it could make for an interesting thread. On the one hand watch for the coming bride groom, on the other hand,
    He is coming like a thief in the night with the speed of a bolt of lightning. Lucky for us we only have two hands;)

    I just heard that the new Vatican Head of State is a Jesuit...Could be a good thing....they are supposed to be the cream of catholic intellect.
  18. Might make a good thread....Lead on!

    Been watching CNN and Australian Broadcasting's coverage...I hope change will come as they expect.

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