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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by smellycat, Oct 15, 2007.

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    it is wrong jeff.:jesus-sign:
  2. Smellycat,
    you know I love you, right?
    Please stop with fighting against the cat scriptures?
    There are many things on here I do not agree with but I won't argue about them, fight them or keep my disapproval at focus on them.
    Just ignore them, please?
    That is God's place to decide what is right and wrong within each of us.
    If we ALL thought it was wrong then that would be another issue.
    Please, just learn to overlook them and stay away from them.

    Much love to you, Violet
  3. SC, if Jesus can use a donkey to give Him a ride, why not use cats to spread the Word? Cat Scriptures is a unique ministry and so many Christians are blessed by it. :) Of course, Jesus's name has to be uplifted in the end.
  4. I adore my cats and whenever I hold a newborn kitten I am amazed at God's creation. They are most precious and God loves all His creatures. Even the worthless little sparrow, remember?
  5. hottest threads

    and most viewed threads is about cats,scary place we live.
  6. Sorry SC, I merged your thread with this previous one. We've had this discussion before. Please avoid this topic now. Bringing up the topic is causing more harm than good.
  7. :badidea:

    You know, I wonder... Could it be that the reason why you see evil in everything is because it's in you?! Personally, I think you went too far! This man has done nothing but bless all of us with his ministry and all you can come up with is that is wrong? You need to stop looking at everybody else and start looking at yourself for a change! You know, take the tree trunk out of your own eye before you worry about your brother's tooth pick!:stop:


  8. Scary is as scary does...... He He I can talk in riddles. actually I am the official cat lady . I love my cats and I love those cat scriptures too. They are a blessing and that is a wonderful ministry that Gargantuis has .


  9. And all the people said...... Amen:amen::amen::amen::amen::amen:
  10. Perhaps if you viewed it less often, and didn't attack it, this would not be the case. I never used to pay much attention to it before.
  11. golden cow comes to mind.
  12. Sorry my friend, I don't think anyone is worshipping the cats in the place of God. Nobody is worshipping the pictures.
  13. i don,t think they had a golden cow neither.

  14. What are you talking about? They made a golden calf and worshipped it. This is pictures of cats with Bible verses. It's funny, its witty, it's lighthearted.
  15. Got 3 cats and 1 Jsck Russell dog... I don't worship my cats... THe Cat scriptures are not only heartwarming, and cute (like a kitten) but most important they come with a true Christian Word...

    SOme people who would reject plain Bible verses, would recieve (in their hearts ) these delightful post with a laugh or giggle, and then ponder the text...

    I know Jesus ...He does not reject them...

    Keep posting my friend:dance:

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