Hosting plan upgraded. Any difference?

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hosting plan upgraded. Any difference?

    I've just upgraded our hosting plan. Can you notice any performance difference? Lagtimes?
  2. I had posted elsewhere stating that it was indeed better, but have been forced by the last 5 minutes of frustration to retract that statement.
  3. 8:00 AM this morning and the lag kicked in . I watched the screen for 3 minutes waiting for the page to load. That is a 50% improvement and at least so far the server did not drop the page. Response times seem a little better also . I think we should give this server enough time to get tied up on one of our busy days to give it a final assesment.
  4. Today it is clearly faster for me. I am on dial up, so pages normally load a little slower for me. Normally this forum is real slow and I get timed out messages on pages. Sometimes I get frustrated and just don't even bother to reply to a topic. Today it is noticeably faster. I click it and it comes up-- like being back on cable.
  5. :ph34r


    Oh. I didn't know it was very slow during normal times. Maybe it's because, I have dsl connection at home. I am happy its faster now. It'll be like this till our member base increases twice its size. Probably even lesser. What I have noticed is that that the consumption of our server resources grows exponentially as more members gets added. Also, because CFS is ranked good on Google, Yahoo and MSN, the bots are so eager to keep their search engines updated and so they keep visiting often like regular members. Preventing them can hurt the growth.
  6. Cable rules all the rest drules!
  7. We had to cut back to dial up because of the cost. :) We do miss our cable, though.

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