Horseradish Nirvana

Discussion in 'Recipes and Cooking' started by adonaicole, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Horseradish Nirvana

    If you're one of those people who don't like spicy foods, just keep moving, nothing to see here...ha, ha...

    There is a local pub that makes the hottest, most wonderful horseradish sauce (you can buy it in the grocery store). I put in on a homemade burger last night and it was so good that I had to stop and dry my eyes and blow my nose half way through, truly an emotional experience. :smiley90:
  2. Lol Don! :D

  3. Oh, I need to know what kind of horseradish sauce is that!!!!!! I had a homemade hamburger tonight with horseradish sauce and it did nothing to me. It was good but it could have definitely been hotter!!!!
  4. i loves horseradish,it,s been emotional,lol.
  5. They make the best horseradish ever, clears your sinuses and makes you cry like a little girl (no offense to little girls). They only sell it in local grocery stores but maybe if you email them or call them they could sell you some. I think they have a website Pacific Crest Pub.
  6. Hey Don, isn't wasabi(sp) made from horseyradish?? if so..that stuff is the cat's meow, heheheeee...opens up sinuses you don't even know you have:)
  7. wasabi is Japanese horseradish. definitely demands respect!! Hey adonaicole I live in Bremerton not too far from you. Pacific Crest Pub. EH? I'll check it if I can find it. sounds dang good. RidefortheSon makes a killer horse sauce also from scratch. i'm waitin for him to send me some from Kansas.

    Chili out.
  8. I love the stuff and it is great on roast beef ... In fact I cannot eat roast beef without it . And yes it shor do clear da sinuses. :smiley170:
  9. I will know when I get a bad allergy attack what to put on my next burger...yum!

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