Hope springs eternal. Thank you Mr. Netanyahu

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  1. [​IMG] The other day was a truly historic occasion. In times of crisis real leaders inspire and tell us hard truths. A leader is someone whose integrity and character enable him to speak hard truths, call others to do things they would rather avoid and stand firm in face of overwhelming opposition and lies. A historic hall filled with men and women who bear responsibility for their Nation and a leader they respected met for a session of facts and truth. Those who were absent will rue the day they failed to stand. Sadly, no noticed they were not there. The President’s bloodless and listless remarks were poorly noted compared to the sense of hope and firmness that the Prime Minister’s words stirred the hearts of all attending. Many have expressed the wish that “Bibi” was our President.

    An Iran clique seems to be dominating the White House and it mystifies all of us. Iran’s professed intentions to eliminate the United States, Israel and all who do not submit to their Mahdist goals are consistent and have not changed. The Administration conjectures that in a decade that will all be past history and a more lovable and secular Iran will become the United States’ surrogate in the Middle East as we enjoy our Obama Care, food stamps and leisure time brought about by the real job numbers as the work force declines. As successful millionaires leave the country and the tax base plummets the current trends towards a new United

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  2. Something very "end times" interesting is happening in Iran.
    On one hand, Obama is effectively allowing the Iranians to build a Nuke under the guise of this recent treaty that is going to be in effect soon.
    On the other hand the Russians have just given an "Iron Dome" technology to protect Iran's nuke building process from an Israeli air strike.
    So, Netanyahu is being pushed up against a no win scenario very very quickly.
    I suspect, that the Israeli Fighter Pilots are on "stand by" and will stay there.

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