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  1. John1:1-In the beginning was the Word,the Word was with God and the Word,was God.
    God's word is so important ,so precious and so valuable to Him because His Word,is Him.
    When I was a teacher,a muslim student once approached me with this question,'Sir,if God knew,a tree wasn't right for man to eat of,why did He, allow it among the trees,in the garden?This question,caught me off-guard,though,I was the school fellowship co-ordinator,I wasn't,just expecting,such a question.It wasn't until years later,I got an understanding of this.
    God didn't put the tree in the garden,as a trap for man to fall,neither,as His possesion,that noone else, should touch.Infact,everything God had,He gave to man.He gave His life,through His breathe,to man,hence,His immortality and nature;He put man in charge of the garden and everything,in it;He communed with man,every evening.Nothing God had,that He didn't give man;all He required of man in return,was honour of Him,in His Words.
    He allow the tree in the garden that even in the face of the worst temptation,man would refuse to eat of it,just because God said,he shouldn't eat of it.
    That would have been an act of worship-exaulting God's words,above all things.
    I don't know what God has put in your heart to do.May be,it's just 'Go',it is still God's word.Just get up and go.Honour Him in His words,for that's your true worship.
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  2. its allways good to honer God in everything we do, " Put your mind on heavinly things, and there shall your heart be also " so yea... awesome thanks!
  3. Thank you, O. Bosede! Writings straight from the spiritual nature bless all who read them!
  4. It is not that I am looking for an enemy on you; but IMO you are quite wrong.
  5. Thanks so much bro. Goinheix,for all your comments but justification comes only from God.
  6. It is intersting that for those brothers telling you how good you are, you are not replaying that justification somes only from God.
  7. If you have a different viewpoint from Olaitan Bosede, then please offer it in the spirit of friendly discussion. The post quoted above seems to have an accusatory tone. I hope that that is not your intent, but that's how it reads to me.

    Telling Olaitan that he is wrong, particularly without pointing out any specifics, is not helpful and is more likely to cause hard feelings than promote understanding. Again, if you have a differing viewpoint, then please share it without making it a personal issue with Olaitan.
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  8. Thanks bro. Rumely,we've not been called to find faults and argue with one another concerning the scripture and revelations given to each man,by the Holy Spirit.I hope Christians worldwide will come to this understanding and come together,as one body in Christ.Then can we be more fruitful.
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  9. Yes we are called to find faults in other brothers and bring them to correction.
  10. But remembering we MAY have a plank in our vision of things.
  11. That was the very first test of mankinds sincerity toward God and His Word; it was the same sincerity tested in Abraham, and it the same for the rest of us.
  12. Thanks Informal,the mystery of John1:1-In the beginning was the Word,the Word was with God and the Word was God;is still so not clear to many.But is a blessing,if a man,is given the grace to understand such great mysteries,coded in scriptures.
  13. I absolutely loved this post! Thank you! God speaks through all of us when we first take time to listen to His voice.

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