Honor Thy Father And Mother

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  1. How do you honor your parents? What specifically do each of you do?
  2. Both are dead.

    There is no more honour I can give them.
  3. They have both passed on but I never lied to them, and never cheated or stole anything - those were the three things I promised to them I would do from childhood and I was true to my word.
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  4. A question which makes me think. Now whatever say does not mean I do them as well. These are things which I strive for.

    - Be obedient as long as their instructions do not contradict Word of God
    -I try to separate their individuality from their position. For example, my Father not being the best in something does not change his position as father. Does not matter if he did not do certain things, he is still my father. And deserves the respect and obedience from me.
    -Respect them in front of others, from the bottom of my heart.
    -Show honor in action and not just in words.
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  5. I think visiting their graves, having memorial for them on their birthdays and anniversary, etc. etc. is a great way to honor them even after they've passed away.
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  6. They have no graves to visit. I don't even celebrate my own birthday let alone anyone elses.
  7. I understand.

    It was an example. It could mean carrying on a tradition of theirs, making a contribution to somewhere in their name, or just continuing to do something they taught you long ago because you love them.
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  8. My father has passed on, but my mother still lives with me (in her own apartment).
    I do the usual "good son" things.. i.e check on her daily, run errands, get groceries, fix things, etc.
    I pray for my father daily.
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  9. There are few ways I can honor them, as they are both gone. But I believe that honoring my first husband's mother, whom I love dearly, honors them, and honoring my present husband's father honors them. These are the only two stil alive, and it is easy to honor them because of who they are.

    I do believe that we can still honor parents who are gone -- even abusive ones. After all, they were the ones through whom G-d gave us life. We can also honor them for letting us live.
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  10. I think you really nailed it. I couldn't have said it better myself.
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  11. I was born shortly after my father died.

    My mother died in childbirth.

    I was raised by foster parents that did not treat me well.

    I never knew them, only of them. So I have no idea of what I could do in their honour except to live my life as best I can.

    That I do for My King.
  12. I think that's a great way to honor them.
  13. If your father has passed away why do you pray for him?
  14. My mother won't talk to me, so she just gets as much respect as I can force myself to give her. My father gets about the same amount of respect.
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  15. At least you're trying, I know how you feel. You have to respect yourself also, sometimes it isn't possible to be around your parent(s).
  16. I can't do much atm except let my mom know how much I appreciate and love her and how much she means to me.
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  17. Yep. I always hate this question because others seem to have a good relationship with their parents and I have nothing. My mother and maternal grandmother have disowned me and my father would never go against my mother. He talks to me but he lies and feeds her information, which I assume is the only reason he talks to me. It's wonderful. My parents, who always said they'd love me, disowned me because I wouldn't leave my fiance(who is now my wife).
  18. It is tradition in both the RCC and Orthodox churches to pray for the dead.
    In 2 Timothy 1 Paul prays for Onesiphorus who had died.
    Maccabees also supports the practice.

    My father could use all the help he can get, most of his life he was not a religious man and only turned
    towards God after his health failed him.
  19. Well, that stinks. Parents need to advise their children but not be a nusiance if the choice is not what they like.
    My first serious girlfriend was Mexican (and quite dark skinned), I got no end of nonsense about that from my parents
    (though my father joked he wanted first night rights, which I did not find funny AT ALL).
    She dumped me for a Mexican boy.

    So, just to spite my parents, I married an Indian girl 10 years later (though she was not quite so dark skinned).
  20. I haven't read up to 2 Timothy 1 yet, but I don't think praying for the dead does anything. Once they're dead they are either in heaven or hell.

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