Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by violet, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Honeybare

    There seems to be a problem but we're looking into it.
    I tried to PM you and it wouldn't work!
    I hope you see this!

    Love, Violet
  2. Me too

    Same here honeybare I Pm'd you as well but it would not go through. Thanks for you pm though. gratefulgrace
  3. newbie

    Thanx, Violet and Grateful. It's good to back in fellowship again. I think I can be PM'd now. Had a message from higher-up. Bonnie
  4. God or Jeff? ;)
  5. Welcome honeybare...:israel:
  6. Hi honeybare and welcome to CFS.
  7. Hello HB,
    and welcome to CFS I hope you find the site and members a blessing as I have. If you need anything let me or another staff member know.
  8. Hello, Honeybare!

  9. Hi Honeybare Welcome:welcome::welcome:


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