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  1. Speaking of glass...

    I got water spots on the outsides of my windows at home. Tried everything. Vinegar, ammonia, bleach, soap, water, rags, scrub brushes, etc. It looks clean when I'm done, but when I got back inside and the sun shines on the glass...there they are. Spots.

    Someone recommended CLR, but after reading the precautions, I decided I didn't want that stuff in my house. Baby Jessie comes to visit a lot these days.

  2. A big net curtain or blind will hide them!:D
  3. WW, are they double paned windows?
  4. Suggestions

    Two things that have been the saving grace for our home:

    1. You get it out, you put it away. Even our young children help with clean up.

    2. If it hasn't been used for a year, it probably won't be used so give it away, throw it away, or sell it. This has helped with clutter. Less stuff, less to pick up!!
  5. I definately agree to have the kids help. You cannot believe the amount of friends my kids have that do not lift a finger around their house. Not my kids!!!
  6. yes, I have well water!
  7. these are some great tips!!

    My tip is orginization baskets for all my rooms in my home. we have certain ones in the kitchen for certain snacks, the linen and extra soap and things in the bathroom and in the bedrooms, we have baskets for extra's like blankets or the hundreads of socks that my husband insists on keeping:)
  8. Wonderful advice and a timely thread! Being able to "throw it or give it" is often difficult for some though, so here is something I used to begin to be clutter free: Just put it in a box. You are not getting rid of it....just putting it away. You can get to it again whenever you want. In six months or less, when you haven't gotten back to it, it is very easy to give it up and it is already in boxes to do so. Love to all.
  9. BWAHAHA .. never heard that one before.. Now when I visit my children in years to come I will be checking their bathrooms! LOL

    Love these Mr Clean Erasers! Work WONDERS!

    I use newspaper after I use windex with a paper towel. I have also resulted to using the mr clean erasers first then windex, paper towels and newspaper. Works like a charm.

    agreed! I am in the midst of cleaning too because we have 5 months before lil jr gets here and I need my house to be organized so I can rest with recovery! I have put things in plastic bins that I know I want but don't have time to sort through and put them in my attic. So instead of boxes all over the attic and in closets I have nice organized LABELED plastic bins to keep things from dust and mice and spiders.

    I also do a super clean in the kids room every 6 months. Usually Spring and Fall when I need to get their seasonal clothing out. We go through everything--clothes, toys, books etc.. If something wasn't worn in 6 months or no longer fits it goes in the donation bag. The season thing works for us to keep the extra clutter out that is not used regularly.

    Also, my children have chore lists. They do not get "paid" to clean their rooms, do the dishes, vacuum, clean their bathroom or do their laundry. However, they do get paid to clean up dog droppings and mowing the lawn weekly.

    My daughter came home recently and said that her and her friends were having a conversation about the chores each of them have. My daughter let me know that she is the only one with the most chores.

    My hubby told her that it was that way for him as well. When he was younger his parents had him raking the yard, taking out the trash, cleaning out the garage etc.. while his friends made fun of him because he couldn't spend the day playing. He has recently caught up with alot of these old friends on facebook and have found that they are lazy and not real successful in thier work world.

    We expressed to her that we aren't trying to punish her or make her not have any fun, but to teach her work ethic that she will appreciate in various ways later in life.
  10. Here is the best motivator for children that I have found:

    Make sure they know....
    If I have to pick it up, I might put it away in the trash. :)
  11. LOL Ginger! Love it! Actually have used that before. I have only had to do it once. You know, just as follow through. It actually made me feel terrible LOL -- but I followed through!!! :p

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